January 30, 1994 – Morning Sacrifice

Sus House, Boston – w/Yoneq

I John 2:3 We were introduced to Him but now we are coming to know Him. We are aquatinted with Him but now we are coming to intimately know Him. There are so many things that hold us back from experiencing that relationship. For example, if we aren’t loving our brothers and sisters it holds us back from having the power of the spirit. Human nature could hold us back but also guilt, things not given up, could prevent us from progressively and intimately knowing Him. It is the same word "know" in Phillipians 3:10. If we have truly come to know Him we will share in His resurrection. Daniel 12:2-3 It is in the same category as the first resurrection. Some will enter into glory and some will enter into age lasting shame. We want to be those who put away everything that prevents us from having that abundant life. * Ephesians 3:12 Remember we have freedom of speech. We can ask Him why we are so dull, so passive, so He can start revealing to us what keeps us from having abundant life so we can be free, liberated from everything that holds us back. We want to be liberated so we can continue to be His disciple. This is a progressive thing, it is a progression in our lifetime coming to know Him. It is like being on a waiting period, we get to know each other to see if we are to be married.

What holds us back? When we don’t judge ourselves it holds us back and we go to the breaking of bread with cotton stuffed in our ears. What holds us back? The day will come when the Holy Spirit will be upon us like Joel talks about. Joel is an end time book. Each and every person knows what they are doing in their life that keeps them from having joy and all the fruits of the spirit. We need to speak with Him and discuss what is holding us back. Ask, "Why don’t I have the fruits of the spirit in my life?" Ephesians 3:12 so we have that right, freedom of speech. We show Him you are interested in asking Him why you are not progressing. Talk with Him about these things. He will reveal the answers to you if you really want to know them. There are some people who really don’t care and don’t want to know. Sharing in the resurrection means in the next age. He needs us and we need Him. We are held back by one of two things – what we are doing and what we are not doing. We could be held back by looking longer than you should, words you didn’t judge that come out of your mind, words that are not fit for a disciple. Hebrews 4:12 A double edged sword that is able to divide between bone and marrow. We must know where the dividing line is. We are living in reality and we are going to meet our Master one day.

The Holy Spirit dwells in us and the power of the spirit is upon us according to how we ask for that power. The Holy Spirit is a power that will only light on clean things like a dove, not touching unclean things. A dove and not another type of bird. The Holy Spirit is a person who dwells in us. There is the Holy Spirit and His power, one is a person and the other is an it. When we speak of the holy spirit as an it, it is the power of the holy spirit coming upon us. We can pray for the power of the holy spirit to come upon us but if we have unconfessed sins He will reserve His power until you are cleansed. WAIT and don’t do anything until the Holy spirit comes upon you.

You can’t be sent out without judging your moral failures and thoughts, taking them under control. This is self control. II Corinthians 10:5-6 indicates something (like Revelation 20:1,2 or Hebrews 10:13) will happen after we take our thoughts captive. If our thoughts aren’t judged it holds everything back. We must judge every act of disobedience. Once your obedience is complete pretense will be done away with. We will not do anything in pretense, no presumptuous notions. We must find out what it means to have your obedience completed. There will be no need for Him to delay after every act of disobedience is punished. There are a lot of unsolved mysteries in the word. We haven’t arrived yet.

Phillipians 3 We are progressively coming to know Him. Phillipians 3:15 There were people in the body that were perfect in their attitudes and their judgments. You can water it down if you want to but we are still to be perfect in our attitude. If we are truly confessing our sins and judging them words won’t come out of our mouth to betray us. If we are loving and tolerating things in our life that we shouldn’t it will become obvious because works of the flesh are obvious. It will come out by how you are loving our Master. Are you loving the world or the things of the world? It could be Rush Limbaugh. You cold love him and what he promotes. He tears down authority so if you listen to him you become like him. (I Peter 2:13,17 Nero?) A little bit of poison in the food makes the food poison. We need to be careful what we take in or you will be like the ones you are listening to. Be careful, you need to be able to extract the precious from the vile or you will defile the body. We need to be careful. Satan allows people to be right to a certain extent. Be careful we aren’t taken in by the deception of the world, these things hold us back and destroys the Body. Whatever you take in from the world you better be anointed or you will be defiled by it and defile others.

If we subject our youth to outside music bombarding them, how can they help but not be defiled? We must have discretion which jobs we take. We must be discriminating, we might not have cottage industries for five years or more. II Corinthians 11:15 It’s an obvious thing, Satan’s servants are right, they stand right and look right. Their judgment will be according to their power and acceptance, how they are received in the world and how the world listens to them. I John 4:5; John 15:19; 17:14; Romans 12:1

When we life up our hands it means lifting up our soul, our will, intellect and emotions. We life up our bodies, the container of our whole being, all aspects – mental, physical, social and emotional. "We are giving these things up to You, the Healer. I can’t heal myself so I give them up to You." This is to Yahshua, the Lawyer, the Advocate. "You saved me and freed me from all the sins that the law of Moses couldn’t." Psalm 116:1 We must be the light to the world, we must surpass the Pharisees. We can’t fool around any longer. The United States is not the city on the hill. What about the other nations? They have to be the city on the hill also in perfect peace. So you see the impossibility.

We hold up hands in total surrender to the power greater than us. While your hands are held up in surrender you are not ready to draw your gun, or pull an arrow out of your sling. We have no resistance.

We have renounced hidden things. Hidden things could keep the good news from being received by another person. If the gospel is hidden after we have spoken then that person is perishing. John 7:18 No deception or falsehood. If you want to know what no deception or falsehood means it is clarified in II Corinthians 4:2-3.

Each one of us can bring people over the wall by the way we speak to them. We can talk them into "moving into the community." What we need to do is convert them. II Corinthians 5:11,14 If a person comes over the wall the Holy spirit cannot live in them. The ecclesiastical system started, it is how the first church fell away. It started in the second century. They were still preaching the gospel but they weren’t truly saving people even if they were being added to their number. Acts 2:47 The only place one can be saved is the place where all in that place are being saved – healed, cured, restored back to His purpose and image. Through the relationship Adam lost that is now regained. Satan can "save" anyone. He could bring in thousands. The ecclesiastical system can’t live in community anymore, they are not a light to the world. Without a light to the world people have a right to be deceived. The true Edah has the fat removed and we are in true fellowship. We are the seed of Abraham and how a person treats us determines their entrance into everlasting nations. Genesis 12:2-3 Matthew 25:34-40 There is a great responsibility upon the sons of Abraham but if we are the fallen seed of Abraham, doing things in shame, walking around holding Yahshua up to public shame then we haven’t come to the revelation of who we are. How people treat us will determine how they will be treated in the next age.

Spoken to Boston Community

Matthew 25:34 A great responsibility falls upon us to not use deception like the world does. We must be very careful how we react and portray a holier than thou attitude toward the actions of unbelievers around us. I Corinthians 5:9-13 If we are going to work in the surroundings around unbelievers we have to be salt in how we react, and not getting made at them for how they are. Just think what our youth go through when we send them out into the world to support us. This is a dangerous thing, our youth are an endangered species. We need to really pray for them, that they will be protected from all pollution and defilement. Before they go out we should pray His prayer for them. We need to be protected from all evil. This is what holds us back. You can see it in them, sometimes they come back and they don’t feel like praising our Master. His job is to protect but we a dull a lot of the time and we don’t see the danger. This shows our lack of judgment, not crying out for His protection for His Kingdom. If your child is circumcised then that means you are raising him up to be circumcised in his heart.

So we can reach out to these people we work around, seeing if they do things that disqualifies them from the nations like spitting on the floor. What kind of crew head are you if you go to these jobs with the filth and don’t provide your men with a means to wash their hands. When they spit on the floor they degrade the image of god in them, or when you don’t wash your hands after using the bathroom. This is why we train our children to wash their hands. Genesis 9 goes from murder to spitting on the sidewalk. We need to compensate and make allowance when we have these adverse working conditions. If you send your youth out to work in these conditions you better pray for them, they money they earned has and is going a long way in establishing the twelve tribes.

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