First Day Teaching, Sus, 23 April 1989


In 1 Jn 4:7 John was talking to his beloved children: Let us love one another for love is from God (because love comes from divine nature) and everyone who loves is born of God (one who loves is born of divine nature) and knows God (knows divine nature).

2 Peter 1:4 is saying that we have partaken of divine nature. Divine nature has come to make a home in human nature, in the human spirit.

This love that springs from God separates billions from those who actually know God and are born of God. It separates christians from disciples. Christians know about this love in their mind - a doctrine - but they cannot do it.

"God is love." Love is god. Love is our God. We have a love God. Love is the essence of God. Our God is love. "He who does not love does not know God."

What is the nature of love? What is the nature of God? What is the essence of divine nature? LOVE

If we love, we have passed out of death. (There is no death in love) If we do not love, we are christians and have never been converted; thus we brought our natural selves into the community.

Love is God. God is Love… We could stay on this forever and still there will be people who will not be able to love. If you do not know how to love, you do not know God. If you know God, you know what love is. It is communicated to your heart and spirit.

The old commandment, love your neighbor as yourself, is a commandment for the world. The people who will be in the nations will have tried to do this. There will not be rich people who hoarded their wealth, not helping the needy, in the nations. If their motive was hoarding, there is nothing of God in them. If we love our neighbor as ourself, we are worthy of the nations.

Who is worthy of the holy city. Those who live according to the new commandment. We must love one another as He loved us. Jn 13:34 We must not violate the old commandment, but go beyond it and love according to the new commandment. Christianity knows this, but, again, it is just doctrine.

Let us establish what love is. How did YAHSHUA love us? He laid down His life for us. That, too, is doctrine if you only know it. Knowing it does not mean that we have passed out of death. If we never get around to being peacemakers to the fullest extent that our Master meant in Matt 5, we will not be sons. Wherever our Master goes, he brings peace - mercy. He judges fairly with mercy. MERCY CREATES PEACE. If we judge others without mercy, we will not be judged mercifully. That is doctrine if you only know it. We are not saved by knowing it but by doing it.

A peacemaker is busy at making peace. That is what he has on his mind all the time. It is just like how you cannot keep someone with a gift from using it. He cannot help but do it because there is the driving force of the Holy Spirit compelling him to do it. We must do it according to the faith we have received. We must realize that we are not just living in the body working; there is a spiritual ministry going on. It is love. That is what God is.

We have a God who is love; a source, a Father who is love; a Savior who is love; a Spirit who is love. All are one - LOVE.

In the garden, when man went astray from Him, what did LOVE do? What did God do? Adam and Eve's fig leaves which they had used to make a covering for themselves would not have lasted more than a few days, so LOVE, our Father, went and killed and animal; an innocent animal had to die in order to use its skin to cover them. This was an act of love to help them. When they went away from Him, our Father BELIEVED that He could bring man back to Him. He didn't say "all is lost". Our Father BELIEVED that through love, He could bring man back to Him. He knew that His love was so great that through that love, those who would respond to love, would believe. They might respond to nothing else, but they would respond to love.

Some people were so far away from Him and then love was communicated to them and it brought them back. Through love God can save the outcasts of Israel. He believed love would reach mankind and that He could make a new creature out of the fallen one, by love. Our God believed that once a man knew of His love for them, he could capture them in their heart and they would be His forever. This love would enable Him to seal each one who responded to His love with His Holy Spirit. [Even though right now, we sometimes don't judge properly], the Holy Spirit does not ever make a mistake because He knows which heart responded to Him. And once He has sealed someone (Eph1:13) there is nothing they could do to change it. Even if we grieve Him (Eph 4:30) because of the feebleness of our minds, the Holy Spirit does not stop loving us.

YAHSHUA came to introduce the Father to the world. He came in the Father's name to introduce the world to the Father. When we are brought back to Him, we are being brought back to the purpose we (man) were created for. Out of the broken human race, He is bringing out a people to be Israel and rule with Him. To be Eloheim'' prince. YHWH believed He could bring people out of the broken and wrecked human race where they are alienated, disintegrated, void of relationships, hostile and separate.

The Father knew that the love that He loved could win a person's heart when they saw it expressed. We must learn to love as YAHSHUA loved, so that the world may see that the Father sent the Son. That is the bond of peace. The Father's love expressed in His Son is the love He made an appeal to man by. The only way to reach a man is love. Love is the only universal appeal to men. Love is the appeal to the human heart. (Sometimes rebuke and correction is love - but we must remember to do it with mercy.)

John 13:34,35 The Father sent His Son to end strife, division, alienation, disintegration of basic relationships. (Peace is BASIC. It is how we were created to be. YAHSHUA came to restore that, to heal it, to bring it back.) If the world sees the restoration of oneness, which is only possible by love, then they will believe that God is love and the He sent His Son.

This is the only thing that compelled us; a driving force. There is nothing else we could have done; nothing could satisfy us. That is why our Father chose us, because we could not do anything else. We were driven; we had to do it. The love of Messiah compels us, it controls those who have been born of the spirit.

YAHSHUA came as the son of God not only to die for man as his substitute, but to make a new man - ONE - a new creation, breaking down the barriers that separate mankind from visible unity (the same unity that is expressed in the son's love and unity with His Father. There was no diversity at all in this.) Everything that would keep us from being one has to die. Everything of the self had to die in baptism in order for us to express to the world what they have not yet seen with their eyes. We can see it and know it personally because we have been touched by that love but the world's eyes must see in us the same unity as our Master had - a unity without diversity.

1 Cor 1:10 UNITY WITHOUT DIVERSITY This is the love that our Master loved the Father with: no diversity in opinion, doctrines, purpose. He began a new covenant of people with one mind; no diversity - division in different directions, because GOD IS ONE.

What is diversity? Denominationalism is the full blown outcome of the diversity that people tolerated in themselves in the first church. The first church was not perfected in unity, so satan started driving wedges between people. Thus, the outcome is christianity.

Diversity is a state of being divided. A divisive person's character is ANALYTICAL. They are always analyzing everything to see if it agrees with what they think about it, with their basic philosophy and concept learned in the world or in christianity.

A divisive person has a tendency to create disunity. A divisive person is analytical. Titus 3:10 talks about an unchildlike, analytical man. It says to reject a divisive man; that a person who is divisive / analytical is perverted. He is not a son of God. He cannot bring peace into any given human relationship. As a matter of fact, the more involved he is, the greater dissension he causes. He cannot help but make division. God is one. So if he is not a peacemaker, then he is not a son of God. Whoever loves is born of God. God is one, so He is going to have a people who are one. The Holy Spirit is going to cut out that analytical nature from those people so that they can be one, without dissension or diversity.

Anything except perfect oneness in opinion and practice is diversity. Anything less than one heart and one mind has seeds of dissension there. It is much easier for an ex-christian to not receive the true spirit of unity of the Holy Spirit than for someone who has never heard the doctrines of Christianity because the ex-christian can bring their own set of beliefs and doctrines in if what is said happens not to have agreed with him. Thus they do not receive the true Spirit - then they will have diversity in interpretation.

Diversity in interpretation results in the act of naming it. Once you have a diversity in interpretation, then the result is that you name that distinction, that difference. Then, putting a name of the diversification of the difference, gathers a class of individuals who agree on that point into a collection of individuals who are now called by the same name that isolates them. The distinct name on that collection of individuals is the [name of a] denomination. (LUTHERan, EVANGELical, EPISCAPALian, METHODist, BAPTISt, ANABAPTISt, etc.) Now there is a new movement: ECUMENical. Ecumen= inhabited world Under it, different diversifications of christianity will become one and ignore their differences. They say that "Jesus is all we need and we will be one". They say that this ecumenicalism will demonstrate that God sent His Son, as if our Master prayed "let them be one in diversity". BUT THERE IS NO DIVERSITY IN ONENESS. There is no diversity in the new covenant. They are diverted from following the lamb where he goes. Each person follows the lamb in his own way - this is the way that is accepted in ecumenicalism. It means though, that each one has his own lamb and he is following the lamb that agrees with him. All those different lambs go under the heading of 'Jesus' in diversity. And just because they are following so called lambs, they say that they are all going to the same place and so they call this a spiritual unity, "unity in diversity". (This exposes those who did not submit to the Spirit of truth.)

The lamb of God is one. He believed that if He became man's substitute that man would respond and that he could prove to the world that God sent Him to bring men into unity and oneness, without division or diversifications in doctrine or life. The true body of Messiah will be a people who will sing the song of Messiah without any variation (Rev 14:1-5) in perfect harmony, without one out of harmony, but in completely perfect accord.


Master's table

The Master's table is our confession of our faith. It means that we have heard from heaven through the Holy Spirit who has spoken to our heart in order for us to believe in the Son who was sent by the Father to create unity of the Spirit. It is our confession of one faith, one baptism, one God, one hope. Eph 4:1-6

No one else is able to believe that unity could be this way because they do not have the Spirit speaking to them saying that it can be. But we HAVE the Spirit speaking to us and He will not be satisfied with ANY diversity in our belief.

During the time of the great falling away (Matt 24) apostles and evangelists will rise up from our midst and go out and tickle people's ears and deceive many, even the elect if it were possible. But the elect will not be deceived because they have received the Spirit of truth; they are under the annointing. Thousands will be deceived but not the elect.

In order to understand the scriptures, there has to be the annointing of the Holy Spirit upon us. In the first church, people were coming in from the outside, teaching varied and strange doctrines - diversified doctrines from outside which were different from what the apostles had taught.

Christianity has mistranslated the scriptures. A spirit caused them to purposely distort the bibles according to their own beliefs. Every study bible, every translation of the bible has a different diversification behind it, depending on which group or persuasion was behind it. And if that did no cause enough division, even with the same translation of the bible, a thousand diversifications are possible in interpreting it.

Eph 3:19-20 is possible. That is our faith; our belief. It will be expressed exclusively by the Body of Messiah. No one else can express it or believe it.

Eph 3:17-20 The Holy Spirit dwells in our heart by faith. Only by faith can He dwell in your heart and only if the Spirit dwells in your HART can you understand the teachings. The church has to have the Spirit dwelling in their hearts. May you be rooted and grounded in love, able to comprehend the height, length, depth and breadth and to know the love of Messiah which surpasses knowledge, that you may be filled up with the fullness of God. Our God is going to do more than we can ever ask or even think, when we are all perfectly adjusted in the body, each functioning in their own gifts; in their own ministry to all generations forever and ever. Eph 3:21; 4:10

There will never be a time where generations are not being born for the birth of human beings will go on forever and ever. The universe cannot fill up because it is endless, it goes on forever and ever and so will the propagation of life, the generations of the offspring of man.

That is why YHWH needs a ruling people to represent Him. That is why He needs us. That is why He is gathering us. It is beyond what we can think or imagine. Eye has not seen and ear not heard, it has not even entered the heart of man all that God has prepared for those who love Him. 1 Cor 2:9,10 God has revealed to us by the spirit because we have received the Spirit of truth and these things are being revealed to the prophets.

All who have one hope belong to the calling that we have received which is to fill the heavens and all planets and the whole universe with the love of our Father.

How do we walk in a manner worthy of that calling: Eph 4:1 UNITY. The Ephesians knew this but they divided. Paul labored and labored with them for 3 ½ years but they did not obey. They were not obedient to Chapter 4. Things entered in that divided them and they even left their first love. It is evident from Chapter 4:31 - 5:7 that eventually, immorality, greed, anger, impurity were in that church. We are not different from them if we allow division.

Those who are His belong to Him. Every last thing that would keep John 17:21-23 from happening has to come out of us (those who are His). Everything that would cause division between husband and wife, parents and children, brothers and sisters must be removed. All things are possible if you believe. Only belief - faith - makes it happen. Eph 4:11 is necessary before v. 12-16 can be done. There is no other way.

The perfect unity and oneness that the Ephesians never expressed is the hope of our calling.

At the Master's table, we confess our faith and our belief that this is going to happen. Our confession of faith, loyalty, hope and our holy calling to fulfill this one hope is spoken to Him. We speak our faith that He will accomplish this according to the power that works within us. Eph 3:20 But in order for this to happen, that power MUST BE CENTERED IN OUR HEARTS. This is what we say to Him in our prayers, we quote this scripture, "He who is able to do exceeding abundantly beyond all that we ask or think according to the power that works within us". Beyond our highest prayer, thoughts, dreams - that is our calling. As often as we eat that bread and drink the cup, we show forth His death until He comes. 1 Cor 11:26 This was a covenant. He said, "This is my body. This is my blood." We show forth His covenant until He comes.

Luke 22 talks about a covenant. All who eat His body and drink His blood are in this covenant. They say that He did not die in vain as far as they are concerned. [Woe to him who eats and drinks and is not in that covenant, who violates that covenant.] When we eat and drink, we ratify His covenant. RATIFY - affirm, establish, settle, approve, make valid any treaty or agreement. Our Master's blood was poured out on the ground to ratify the covenant. We ratify the covenant by drinking and eating his body and blood, making it valid in our own lives.

It is a love covenant. It is a confession of our love for Him and for one another. Jn 13:34 There can be no diversity in this kind of love. There can be no denominations (only 12 tribes united in love to one another and to the Head.) Diversity and denominations would invalidate his death. Any division invalidates His death. With division there would be no confession of His death. It would be saying that His death only caused division and denominations and losing our first love and becoming lukewarm. But our confession must be that we love Him more than our own flesh, more than our own sin. The Master's table is our confession of our eating and drinking with one another.

We must discern the body of Messiah and one another as parts of Him. We have to receive the body as Messiah because it is Messiah; there is no difference. 1 Cor 12:12 specifically spells that out there are many members, but one body. You are Messiah's body and individually members of it. If we see it as any different than this, we are not ratifying the covenant. If we do not discern the body, we have fallen asleep. 1 Cor 11:29 If we do not treat the body as we would treat YAHSHUA Himself, then we are not discerning the body. We have to see the body as Him. If we treat Him any different than we treat the body, then we are hypocrites and do not have a confession. We must see how serious this is. It is why many have fallen away.

Therefore, we fulfill the law of Messiah. YAHSHUA came to fulfill the law, and we are to fulfill the law of Messiah. Did YAHSHUA fulfill the law and the prophets? Lev 25:7-13 Isa 45:6 He fulfilled everything in the law or that the prophets spoke concerning Himself. He fulfilled all the laws of sacrifices, but He didn't fulfill the year of Jubilee or the corporate light of the world. Matt 5:14 Isa 53:10,11 This is one of the things that is left to be fulfilled by us. Since He fulfilled His part, we must therefore follow in fulfilling what WE have to fulfill. Whoever annuls and teaches others to do the same will be least in the kingdom. There are somethings in the law and prophets that still remain to be fulfilled and we have to fulfill them. Some were fulfilled in YAHSHUA and thus passed away, but some are yet to be fulfilled. Rom 8:4

We must learn to hear His voice CLEARLY - without any blockage from our flesh, in order to fulfill what is in the prophets about us. He came to fulfill not to abolish the law, until ALL is accomplished. That all is us. Matt 5:17-19

WE have to identify ourselves with one another. When we break the brad and drink the cup, we confess our loyalty not only to Him but to every member of the Body who breaks the bread and drinks the cup with us.

The Master's table means 'I WILL NEVER CRITICIZE OR COMPLAIN OR MURMER, but will assume the burdens, weaknesses, and responsibility of the weaker members. If I am strong, I will bear the burdens and failings of the weak. I will take on their weaknesses and never criticize; I will put my hand over my mouth if I have to. I will assume their weaknesses and their lacks and not criticize.' For from the least to the greatest, there are always those who make u for those lacks. Even lacks in the elders all the way to the edge of the ……… If it is in the Body, people who lack will come to have more abundant seeminglyness.

The Master's table means that we will stand against the forces of spiritual darkness in the name of the Master which is above all names, YAHSHUA, and not allow any diversion to come in. For diversion is perversion and we have come out of the perverse, diverse generation. [The main thing we have got to do this week is to see to it that no one misses grace. If we forgot, then we have to confess it as sin.] That is what it means when we break bread - that is our confession.

The Word says to reject a factious person even after the first warning. A divisive person is dead while he is living. Even if he is never detected, and no one knows that he is dead, still, he is already dead while he is living. Even if he is never detected, and no one knows that he is dead, still, he is already dead while he is living, the terminal cancer is working in him. Through taking heed of Titus 3:10, this word protects our unity and life. Without this instruction, we would end up like the first church.


The Word speaks of Him and His body - corporate Messiah. He had a purpose which he fulfilled. WE have a purpose that we must fulfill. To fulfill the law and the prophets for there are MANY things in the law and what the prophets said that are yet to be fulfilled. Our Master could not keep the law of the Sabbath years and the year of Jubilee, nor could He be that corporate light (Isa 49:6; 42:1-7; 53:10,11), but as a corporate body, we must keep it by love for one another. The Holy Spirit came to give us truth so we will have all truths to not just know but to fulfill it, to supply the missing parts, to make whole, to carry out and accomplish, to execute, to convert into reality - to establish the essence of the Law. Rom 8:4

The harder it gets, the more grace He gives. Rom 6:14 2 Cor 5:14 We have to be strong and courageous - asking our Father to help us to love one another fervently and to take correction and rebuke and not get offended.

Ben Chesed shared that we need to believe that his is possible - is true. That through love, man can totally change. Our Father cannot express love if not through the man - us. We have the responsibility to express the love of our Father.

Haggai - said that we can get the right answer, but is from faith that Messiah taught in us that we could be filled up with the fullness of God. Eph 3:17-19 Through faith, then we will express that unity and YAHSHUA's love for the Father and the fullness of Him manifested in all of us so that Messiah may dwell in your hearts. It says full. Everything in us will be by faith, so we will have fullness of Him. By faith we will be convinced of what we are saying, not just the right answer.

Yochannan Abraham - said that we could have the right answer but not have understanding. We are coming out of a doctrinal realm and into practice. Christianity has no idea of the depth of these things and what is behind all of these things.

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