Tuesday Night Teaching, Sus, 18 September 1990

Authority 1

In training our children we will receive either a blessing or a curse in this life and in the age to come. The Bible speaks of those who are cursed with illnesses, violent deaths, early death, and of those who are blessed with long life, who die at a natural time, who live long enough to see the fruit of their labor. The blessing or the curse will be upon both the parent and the child.

Prov 10:1 speaks of a blessing and a curse for the parent. Prov 23:24 Prov 29:17 Prov 31:28
These are a few verses in the Proverbs about the blessing of those who train their children up in the way they should go.

Prov 10:1 mentions the foolish, self-confident son. From Prov 17:21 you can see that it is possible that you can be the father of a fool. And it says that the one who becomes the father of a fool does so to his own sorrow. If you are the father of a fool you will have no joy in this life. (Prov 29:15) And a child will bring his mother shame if he is left undisciplined. (neglected) nrsb

So we see the blessing and the curse. By our obedience to His word we will receive the blessing or the curse. There are verses which promise great joy and happiness to parents who raise a wise child. Prov 31:28 shows how a mother will receive special honor as her children grow up. The actual word says her children will 'glorify' her. It is by the godly lives they live in the Edah that the children bring honor to or glorify their mother. The blessing and the curse of child training are what bring about the joys and sorrows in this life. Much of the blessing in child training comes after the child grows up. The parents who follow the truth in child training will receive blessing.

The rod expiates - takes away the guilt from a child's heart. If the rod does not reach the child's heart, nothing can take the guilt away from him. Nothing else can do it - according to the word.

These verses in Proverbs clearly tell us what the parents will encounter if they fail to carry out the commandment to discipline their children. If they fail to cry out for wisdom to discipline them properly they will fail to raise a wise son. He will bring shame to them and defile many.

If your child rebels in youth or early adulthood, you will see that parent cursed, not blessed. And it continues as the parent sees their child living selfishly in the Body, wanting his own way, still having a hard time eating the things he doesn't like; and the parent sees the child's self-centered attitude affect all of his dealing with others in the Body and knows that it is because the guilt is still on the child's heart and he cannot atone for it. This sorrow and shame continues as the parent sees the child in willful selfishness. He will bring shame to them, not blessing.

The spoiled child will bring great consequences to the land which might have otherwise been blessed. Down through history the land of the expression of the Body of Messiah has been cursed and not blessed. Mal 4:6 - it is all centered on child training - passing on their spirit to the next generation. There are reasons they failed. They were lacking in grace and this was because they were lacking in faith. Faith comes by hearing and obeying the word of God. So if the father's heart was turned to the child's heart early early enough (Mal 4:6) they would have grace to carry out this mandate. The way we train our children is in direct proportion to the salt and light that we will be to the rest of the world.

Many in the Edah will experience Matt 10:21. The children have become instruments of cursing to their own parents. According to the word of God, their parents did not really truly love them. Prov 13:24 talks about loving and hating. We know that the only way to erase the guilt in a child's selfish heart is with the rod. Without it, guilt will remain in their heart and there will be no way they can be saved. These children will be raised in the Edah and will be a corrupting influence in the community. If your parent loves you he will see to it that the guilt is removed from you. If he doesn't he will spare the rod and of course will have reasons why he does not discipline you for this or that.

Proverbs 13:24 and 20:30 goes with Mal 4:6. If his father loves him, he will scour the evil away from his heart with the rod. If he does not, he will spare the rod and it will not go deep enough to scour it away. It has to go to the bottom of the heart. If you spare it and it only goes almost to the bottom, then that much evil will remain and that is the evil that they will use to turn against their parents and have them put to death.

A wise child makes a father's heart glad because a father sees the fruit that the rod has borne in his child's life; he sees the fruit of his labor.

Nothing can cause more grief in parents than seeing the fruit of their labor turn sour. They had labor but it was not diligent enough. They held the rod back from its full effect and the child was not saved. Some of us have almost experienced that sadness and grief in our hearts already. When we see our grown children with that selfishness and rottenness in them, wanting their own way, rebelling, unable to control their mouth because what is in the heart comes out of the mouth. And life cannot be relived after you have spent your life in vain and all you have is a curse and not a blessing. Except for death, the worst thing a person can experience is knowing that your child will experience eternal death because of your lack of love, care, discipline in training your child.

Child training is not a hit and miss proposition that you have no control over. It is not just that there are good children and bad children. There is no bad seed in the Edah when children have been procreated by their parents if they were wanted by them.

Prov 20:30 - The word is clear: fruit from a good tree is good. Our Master said a good tree cannot bear bad fruit and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. If the fruit is bad, the tree is bad. Our Father has provided his truth to enable every parent to receive a blessing rather than a curse. Receiving a curse is being cut off from Israel or from the kingdom. Receiving a blessing is to be worthy of the kingdom.

It is the responsibility of each true parent who has received the Holy Spirit to seek this truth and apply it even if you have failed miserably up to this point. It usually takes about 16-20 years to raise either a fool or a wise child. Just think what it would be like if you had spent 20 years and all you raised was a fool. And think, too, of the blessing it would be if you spent 20 years and raised a wise child. It is possible by His grace and mercy to rectify even 10 years of raising a fool and to start the child over again on a path of wisdom for the remaining 6-10 years. Even if you have failed up to this point, it is barely possible to make up for your slackness. But with grace and mercy it is possible. To accomplish this feat, which is something that is almost impossible, you have to strain every fiber of your being. You may be able to rectify 10 years of bad training by extreme diligence, and through the fear and knowledge of our Sovereign (but if it is 16-20 years it is too late). The only help for you to rectify this is to look at Prov 2:1-6. The reason you have raised a fool is that you have not reached the proper fear of the Sovereign - you do not fear Him. But if you do, you will cry out for the wisdom and grace he can give you to raise your child according to His way. If a person fails to cry out for this they will never have the wisdom, knowledge and right fear of the Lord.

You have to begin now with a commitment to the word of our God and His perspective on such an important matter as child training. Many people who raised a fool up to this point did not commit themselves to the word and to our Father's perspective on child training. You can see in child training the maximum expression of what true love or hate is. The true expression of love or hate can be found in child training. If you spare the rod, you hate your child. It does not matter what your feelings are. Feelings are deceptive. A lot of people say they love someone but millions of people have deserted their so-called lovers in a time of panic or danger. Even though they have great feeling, their feelings evaporated in the moment of grave danger to their own lives. But our Master YAHSHUA did not desert us at the moment when danger came to His life. And we have to have that same love for one another. He who does not have it has not passed from death to life.

In child training is the maximum of what true love is and what hate is. Prov 13:24 No amount of attention or material benefits that the parent can give their child can take the place of the love and caring of turning their own heart to their child. Unless their heart is absolutely turned as a result of absolute love, that child will not grow up in the way he should go --and when he is old he will depart from it.

Our Father knows your weaknesses and everything about you and He has still granted you your children as a gift. He says, "I will help you, you worm Israel." We are a worm in some ways. But He will help us if our heart is turned. You will receive a blessing from persevering in the way of righteousness. Prov 13:9 - The lamp of the righteous grows brighter but the lamp of the wicked furnishes only a temporary light. The glory that is in a man (because the Father has given it to YAHSHUA and YAHSHUA has given it to man) is the joy he has because he knows he is doing right. But if a person's heart is not turned to his child and he knows he is not disciplining his child until the evil is out, his light is going to go out because he knows he is compromising.

Prov 23:15,16 When you see a child speaking right things from the heart, which is what his mouth speaks, your heart will rejoice.

Psalm 16:9 "My heart is glad and my glory rejoices". Our Master gave each disciple glory and grace. There is glory that rests upon each person - the inner joy a person has in him. The more you hate wickedness and love righteousness, the greater that joy will be and the brighter that light will shine. Our heart is glad and our glory rejoices because we know we are doing what God desires for us to do as disciples and if we die we will not see death. (v.210). A parent's inner parts - his inner self is the glory within him that rejoices because he knows it is because of his own obedience. His inner joy is joy that radiates from the light that shines from him. It is the light in Isa 49:6 and 1 Pet 2:9.

Psalm 33:20-22 'Our souls earnestly wait for Him; our heart rejoices! In proportion to our waiting sand hoping in Him. It is according to how we wait on YAHSHUA and hope for YAHSHUA. In child training we have to have this waiting, this hoping, this longing, this loving.

The fact that God has entrusted you with this life makes you accountable for this gift of life. Every child is a gift of life. God is a responsible Creator. He has a plan and purpose for everything he creates. In Ps 127:3, "fruit of the womb" refers to the physical results of human reproduction. If you are working with the Creator in having a child (meaning that you want a child and you rejoice when you become pregnant) this child was procreated not merely propogated like animals are. Rabbits, rats, etc. are propogated; human beings are if their parents were working with the Creator to bring a person to this earth, to raise him to fulfill the purpose he was created for. You are responsible to the Creator who gave that child to you to make sure this happens.

Children are a heritage from YHWH. The term 'heritage' refers to the source of the child's life. Heritage - gift from the free will of the donor. No one has hereditary rights on your child. He is a gift from God. You are to procreate all your children with Him and for Him. Isaac was desired., Every cell in Sarah's body wanted and desired that child. And Abraham wanted a child desperately. Israel procreates; the nations propogate.

If this child is procreated, our Father will give you your child as a gift, plus, the grace to raise that child for Him. Why did you want the child you have now? What was your purpose for having your children?
Most of the human race has not realized the purpose of their own existence let alone the purpose for their children. It merely satisfies a human instinct - like an animal - it is not co-working with the Creator for His purpose. You can see by the state of the world that man has propogated generations with no purpose except to satisfy that instinctive desire in a woman (which, in its unfallen state, should work with the Creator).

Fallen man is not a responsible procreator. He usually finds himself a parent without a purpose or plan for his child. But if a child is procreated, he is brought into existence for a purpose. Fallen instincts are no longer a driving force in us. Our children are brought about through the will and intentions of the heart of redeemed man.

A father who is a procreator has a plan and purpose just as our heavenly Father had a plan and purpose for us. He had a plan and purpose for His own Son's existence - for every son. It is a great and magnificent plan that eye has not seen… (1 Cor 2:9) There is a plan, on this earth, in this life which is for us to walk in those good works which He has prearranged for us - every day. And in the next life, He has greater works for us. And in the life to come after that, it has not even been conceived in the heart of man what God has created him for. In order to be in the next age, we have to spend out lives walk in the works He prepared for us in this life.

After having children in the world, we envisioned how they would all turn out. We hoped they would be somebody, be moral, wise and honorable. But we had no vision of how this would be attained. But God has a plan for each child who was procreated. Each child was placed in a family as part of this plan. He has set each procreated child under his parents. These are responsible parents who have desired and even prayed for their child to be born to them. God has a plan and purpose for each child whom He places in a family. Each child is a life from God. That life is placed in a special body and in a family under the parent's control for approximately one fourth of their lives or until they get married or until they grow up into adulthood. Children are dependent on their parents for an extensive training ordeal. This is the only chance to train that child for the future ages. If they failed in the first pat of their life, they failed eternally in training that child in the way he should go. It is a great ordeal to train our children. (An ordeal is a test.)

It is better to not have children if you are not going to raise them up to be a blessing to you. Animals only have temporary life and a physical existence. But a human child needs training for his soul which is eternal. Animals train their young for their physical existence, but we must train our child's soul.

Parents are responsible to train their children according to the plan and purpose of their Creator. They are responsible and held accountable but they do it by His rules and instruction and by His grace. You may have the word, His rules and instructions, but they are virtually useless without His grace - the favor and power from Him to enact them. It is virtually impossible to obey the word without grace. Grace is what we need. That is why we cannot be saved apart from the body - apart from hearing the word by which faith comes. We stand in grace by faith. Faith is confidence and assurance.





Many people shared the encouragement and vision they received from what they heard.

N'su - I'm thankful that we are a people who are procreators, that our Father has us co-working with Him that we can train up our children. I'm thankful our Father has given us the opportunity to procreate and raise up a holy nation, a royal priesthood, a chosen race. Our children are the ones who are going to fulfill all the promises and prophecies and all the prophecies in Revelations.

Haggai - I see that we do not just co-work with our Father in the procreation of our children but we also share in the joy our Father has in seeing a nation being born. Just as a father has joy in seeing his child grow up wise, our Father has joy seeing his purpose come about through us, and he includes us in His joy. Just as we are blessed by our obedient children, so is our Father blessed in our obedience. We are desired children and our Father has a plan for us - as in child training - if we are obedient to His word we are blessed, so we benefit in doing His will. That is the love of our Father that he really includes us in His will. He created us with a plan for our future, like we have a plan for our procreated children. If we are diligent to train them to fulfill this plan we are blessed. We are co-workers in pro-creation, sharing in His work, and our Father is blessed.

Barachah - We spare the rod if we do not discipline to reach their heart. Tonight I lost a false concept I had of sparing the rod. I saw that is that you do not get to the bottom of the heart. I'm thankful we have a faithful Father who sees our hearts and He will give us grace if we cry out to Him.

Meshullen - I understand why the first Edah fell away. They missed it in child training. If we miss it, the kingdom will not come about. We can build ten lodges but if we miss it in childtraining, we miss it. This put a fear in me to not spare the rod and to seek my blind spots to not pass on y blind spots to my children.

Jehu - There is a danger there that we can raise a fool. Our Father wants us to know that and stir our spirit up that we would not let that happen.

Ben Nabi - I'm thankful that we can actually start to see our children from the same perspective as our Father/. That He wants to bring a holy race about. That we need to come to Him and seek His grace and fear Him and see what His will is and take to heart what happened in history - how the land was always cursed because the hearts of the parents were not truly turned toward their children. There is either a blessing or a curse. One is going to happen. I desire that it be a blessing. I'm thankful to see it out of His view how important child training is so that we would truly commit ourselves to truly raising our children.

Emiko - I see clearly that our Father gave us children as a gift and grace to raise them up. When I was in the world I wondered why I want to have children. I know it was selfishness. But then I came here and desired to have children. But now I know our Father created man with a special purpose different than animals because he had a purpose for us. I am thankful that he heard my desire that he gave us a child.

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