April 3, 1994 - Morning Sacrifice - Boston

Let's Be Real

Rev 19:11 - The faithful, trustworthy, loyal, steadfast (loyal to a person). We have made an allegiance to a Sovereign. Our Master is loyal, and He has faithful followers. They are no different than He is. Rev 17:14 - These are the faithful - those who follow Him - to be joined to Him - inseparable. Faithful - loyal, unstained.
Rev 3:4 - Some in Sardis had not stained their garments. But most had. They couldn't be trusted - they were pretenders. They were doing things underhanded. Pretender - A hypocrite trying to act better than he is. That's where Yonah (from Manasseh) is. He lied to the Holy Spirit as if he thought he would receive an amount of grace. We can't fool our Master - there is no use trying to fake it. Our sins will find us out!
Rev 19:12-14 - When we have weddings we have to act this out in reality. When the king calls His bride, then the war begins on earth. He will kill all His enemies. Those who escape from the world will be those in His army (those who kept themselves unstained). Rev. 19:15; 2 Thess. 1:8-10 - When the King comes He will be with the bride (the armies of heaven) and they will be dressed in white linen. Those who stained their garments will not be taken up with Him on that day. Rev. 20:6 - Those who are worthy to reign with Him. They are the spiritually whole (those of proved virtue). Over them the second death has no power. They did not soil their garments. Satan had nothing in them. They overcame by the blood of our Master, Yahshua. They'll rule with Him for 1,000 years.
Right now at the present time we make sure that there is no stain in our garment. If we have a stain, we are standing here in hypocrisy and the stain is going deeper and deeper. Then it is a process to remove the stain (just like a stain is removed from the bride's dress) and we will experience 1,000 years of discipline and our garment will be preserved. The discipline will be whatever He has for us personally, but it will not be pleasant! He has given us opportunity here and now to get the stains out. We remain unstained by not loving the world, not even a hint. We are set apart for His purpose. If we love the world or work for our own living, then we are not worthy of Him, and we have idolatry in our lives. We must take every thought captive. We must pray to be delivered from the evil one everyday. This is a normal disciple. A normal disciple would never wake up and not put his mind on the spirit. Our natural tendency is the flesh. The mind on the flesh is death. The mind on the Spirit is life. Mal. 2:5 - the covenant of life and peace. We must put the flesh to death. Derush did not do this and so he died. There is no communicating with him - it is like talking to the dead. There is no hope for him. Yonah lied to the Holy Spirit. He knew he lied. He thought he could fool God and come back here.
We can love with the love our Master gives us. Only abstinence would keep us from doing this. There are no worthless disciples. If we entertain worthlessness, we are practicing divination (sorcery).
We have been called, chosen. If anyone doesn't want to live this way, they can leave. Don't defile the body! We should go be with the thing we love and give our whole life to it. Do we want life or do we want death? If we are ready to fellowship with Him, we will have life. We are sorcerers if we aren't ready. There is no excuse for living in pretense. Women are living in pretense if they are wearing their headcoverings and are unsubmissive. When we life our hands we are surrendering to Him. All those who follow Him will be like Him. In the wilderness when the yobel sounds some will be taken and some will be left (because we weren't like Him in every way).
A disciple is a follower, joined to Him in every aspect of their lives - like Him in every way. It is a serious thing to follow Him (in every thing). Everyday we call on Him - telling Him we will not drift (by His grace - Heb 2:1-3).
In sardis only a few overcame. Rev. 2:26 - Those who overcome will rule with Him in the next age. We will not overcome with corrupt thoughts. We must take them captive - they lead us to sin. They get us to do things on the sly and lie about it. He does not hear us if we are not doing what's pleasing in His sight. We express loyalty to Him when we call Him Sovereign. His realm is in our hearts. Where love is, God is there. Where there isn't love, God is not there. Let's be real - be His followers!
1 Jn. 5:21 - The One who we are following is real - this is not folk Christianity. It does not take a genius to know this. Folk Christianity took over the church and the pope. It has not been handed down from the Word of God. It is only tradition. We must live by every word He speaks or we will see death.
1Cor. 16:22 - Anyone who doesn't love the Sovereign with absolute loyalty, trusting Him, will b cut off - Like Derush, Yonah and hundreds of others. They made an oath, a covenant. There is no excuse for them. We must put our minds on Him. If not, we are drifting.
A normal disciple does everything we talked about this morning. That's how we're supposed to be. So let's give ourselves to Him as a living sacrifice. Our Father doesn't want anyone to die. Be loyal and true to Him - no matter what the cost. Be honest and genuine - don't cover up anything.
Seek first His kingdom and righteousness. Salome was washed from her sin of covering up - being part of the underground. There can be no underground in the Body! If you see a brother sin, tell on him. If not you are just as guilty. You stain your garment. The longer it stays in, the more indelible it is. Confess immediately.
It is sin to not encourage your brother daily (not loving and stimulating him to good deeds, not seeing to it that he has grace). Encourage one another daily. We are His house if we continue obeying His word (James 4:17).
Heb. 3:13 - Encourage one another daily, this is a command. If we're not we are dying (staining our garment). We have our mind on the flesh. We must be our brother's keeper. Are we making sure no one missed grace? If we aren't we are indifferent, passive, not real, true. The Body is built up by every person doing the work our Father has given them to do. We are the closest thing our Master has to Himself. Our Father loves us more than His Son! He loves His creation more than He loves Himself. He is nothing without us. He will never leave us or forsake us (Heb 13:5 - Amplified Version). He is always there. I want to be one of those on a white horse when He comes and takes vengeance on His enemies.
Rom. 12:2 - No longer be conformed to the things, pattern, music - then we will know His perfect will. He says, "I will reveal Myself to him" - He gives us revelation. We're no better than the revelation we have in our heart. Faith - hearing His voice in our heart. If we are not hearing, we are cut off. Let's be those whom He can reveal Himself to. From the least to the greatest - we must know Him intimately, and not doubt. Abide in the vine. Unless we do we will be cut off. Let's sing it over and over and mean it.

Ha-Emeq - In Matt. 16:15 Yahshua asked, "Who do you say that I am?" And Kepha said, "You are the Messiah." He had revelation in his heart, he didn't doubt it. No human agency revealed this to him. It was right in his heart. He had no problem saying it. And Yahshua told him that on the rock He would build His community and no gates of the underground will prevail against it. Even when Kepha fell, he came back and strengthened his brothers. Yahshua gave him the key to the kingdom. When you have lost a key you can't open a door, but once you have the key it's easy. Now that the door to our heart is open our Father can speak to us. If we have revelation, our Father can speak to our heart. Now we can overcome things that we could never overcome before. We'll keep up this overcoming until that day when our Master comes back.

Yoneq - Revelation is faith. We live by faith. The first church stained their garments and stopped having revelation. We heard Messiah speak to us. Rom. 10:17 We didn't have faith before, but now we have revelation. We call out upon His name. We can only do this when faith comes. Otherwise we will do it by folk lore (Christianity - believing in our mind, not in our heart).

In the last days we will be able to distinguish between those who follow Him and those who don't. We will see the tares and the wheat in the Body after maturity comes. Now we accept and encourage everyone.
If we call on Yahshua and believe then we belong to Him. Let's encourage, encourage, encourage one another every day. Our Master encouraged Judas until he betrayed Him. He gave Him every opportunity.
If we're not building up, we're tearing down. Is love a feeling, or is it encouraging your brothers? We can't do this by watching T.V. or reading mystery novels. We can't pass on anything to our children if we are doing anything else. A liar says he know Him but does not keep His word.
Our charter - to encourage each other daily. This is good news to us.

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