Breaking of Bread, Sus, 24 February 1990

Yoneq -
The Creator cannot forgive you except in the blood of Yahshua.

We cannot tolerate one second of someone who would accuse the Body. So he is cut off - he has to leave. Never will he be with us again until he repents. (Speaking of Luis Fernando) I do not believe he received the Holy Spirit or he would not accuse the way he did. There is no room for anyone who complains against anyone or thing in the Body. If you do you cannot go in there. Nothing but thanksgiving for a clean conscience - pure adoration for YAHSHUA who saves. We do not tolerate faction - A person going around dividing the Body, persuading another brother against the truth. They go to the second death, the lake of fire. Tit 3:10, 11
He ought to be thankful that the good news came here from America. That is where our Father chose to put Judah. I'm not here promoting America, but our Father chose America to let Jews come and live with the freedom to choose to be saved by the gospel from Judah. I'm not promoting America, but when you say Americanizing, you might as well say the Holy Spirit (izing). There are millions of American men who died to protect the freedom that France has today. They spilt their blood. America exists because they came out of Europe. Everywhere else is just a corrupt as America. Let's put an end to saying Americanized. We are not being Americanized - we are becoming Israel.
Have nothing more to do with a factious person. He is condemned. We are going to deal with faction. People who cause division. If you are an accuser, the devil is in you. We are not here to accuse but to have peace. We are peacemakers. If you are not a peacemaker you will never see God.

Ha-Emeq told a story:
We have to have the same faith as Abraham to be saved. WE have to do what he did. Abraham lived in the world doing all the deeds of the world. Then our Father spoke to him. He left the world behind. Our Father said, 'here's the land' but there were all other people living there. He said let's camp here for a while and wait. He was patient. Our Father said, "I know that you fear YHWH because you did not hold back your only son."
When Isaac was getting older, Abraham knew he needed a wife. He wanted a wife for him from his own people, but he did not want to bring his son back to the world he left to find her. He sent his servants. If she won't come back with you, you are released from your vow. But don't take my boy back to the world. That is where I was saved from. Never take my boy back. These are the words of Abraham. YAHSHUA said if we are truly his followers, we will do the works of Abraham, to love our God more than anything else. Not to even go back into the world - to grandpa

Yoneq - Abraham had two sons at that time. Buy YHWH only saw one son. What is done in the flesh, He does not recognize. Ishmael was brought about through Abraham's own human will. Isaac was brought about through faith. So our Father doesn't recognize our flesh. It is unprofitable. Only what is done in the Spirit has any merit. It is interesting that he said take your son, your only son. But one son was natural, one was supernatural. He brings about the natural through the supernatural.
It is just like Moses in deliverance of the children of Israel they came to the Red Sea. Of you own natural strength, there was no way you could do it safely. There had to be a supernatural deliverance. YAHSHUA was supernaturally resurrected. That is how we were saved. Through His resurrection.

That is one thing Ha-Emeq just could not believe when she first heard it. When it came to Him rising from the dead, she did not have faith until our Father gave it to her. Faith is a gift. Supernaturally, the Holy Spirit gave her faith. Nothing that she did, but she was chosen. Our Father gave her faith supernaturally. JeanPierre received supernatural faith. Nothing he could muster up on his own could save Him.

And after they believed, they loved salvation. They are not accusing. They are not critical. They are happy because they have faith. There is a difference between a person who has faith and one who does not. The one who has no faith leaves. But the one with faith endures. Because we endure by faith. That is what Abraham had. He had faith.

In Job - you've heard of the perseverance of Job. He persevered. You know what our Father had in store for him. That our Father is full of mercy and compassion. Therefore Job had to go through a great ordeal; he had to persevere by faith. You only can persevere by faith. But our Father had something so wonderful. (James 5:11) We are called to persevere. We don't start criticizing, thinking our Father is unfaithful, and then heaven opens up. He was able to pour (blessing) on Job after that.

I've heard of a lot of people (outside the Body) having a hard time with Abraham being asked to offer up his only son. But is it out of character for our Father to offer up His only son. He did it. He went through with it. YAHSHUA was that lamb that was in the thicket.

Abigail - Abraham believed that if he offered his own son, that God would raise him from the dead. I am thankful for the example of Abraham because we are called to give up our children. If we do, they will receive life. I saw how I was not trusting our Father to protect my children. I really received faith this week that it is our Father who takes care of our children. Brings them up, protects them - wherever we are. Even if we are one little family in Brazil - He is there. He is right there with them. It is the character of our Father to give up his only son.

Meshulem - Abraham said that our Father would provide the sacrifice. He did. And anyone who wants to come to the Father has to come through YAHSHUA, the sacrifice that our Father provided.

Jonathan - Our Father was waiting for Abraham. His heart was that he wanted to make that promise with him. Just like how at first, JeanPierre didn't really express what was in his heart at first, but our Father was just waiting for him.

Yoneq -
Abraham didn't waver in his faith. Because killing Isaac wasn't just killing his son, but it was killing the one through whom he was going to inherit the promise. He believed he would raise him from the dead. He believed in the resurrection. He did not mistrust our Father.
You have to put your mind on the Spirit to have life. If you put your mind on your subjective feelings, you will have death. Don't let the enemy deceive you. You have to keep the old man dead. Don't put your mind on the dead man but on the spirit inside of you. Put your mind on YAHSHUA - on faith.

Mary Martha - I'm thankful for our Father's ways. He doesn't let us set in our old ways, but is showing us His ways.

Ha-Emeq - When Yoneq was talking it reminded me of my first love, my first faith. I remembered how I came out of the world. There was o community like now. Just follow Yoneq. I remembered going into shopping malls and hearing music of the world. I felt like I would be committing adultery if I received it. I'd put my hands over my ears because I hated the world. This week we were talking about friendship with the world. Love of the world can be in the 2nd and 3rd generation. Because they've never experienced the world, they don't hate it.
Abraham said, don't take Isaac into the world. He didn't want Isaac to get the world in him. Because Isaac was of a new order. He was born in the land and he didn't know the world like Abraham did.
I saw we need to pass on that same hate of the world to our children. I hate it because the feeling comes with it. A spirit. So I hate it. But our children they don't understand what's going on in there, how people are being held captive. People ask me, "you used to be a skier?" I wanted to forget I ever did that. Skiing isn't so bad. It's not an evil thing. But there's a spirit with it that holds people captive. I want that we would pass that hate on to our children.

Gidon was saying that when people talk about certain rock groups of their past, he feels awkward that he doesn't know what they're talking about. He said, "it sounds good by the way they talk about it." If you talk about it with excitement it sounds good to a child.
I think that's what Abraham's faith was. That he said 'don't take Isaac into the world" because he didn't want Isaac to be defiled.
We were also talking about lingo. Some people speak with lingo from the world. N'su and Bakhirah have it. Lingo like freaked out and spaced out. Daniel picks it up.

Yoneq -
When we go out to establish a clan that's what we are going to establish, a clan, not an industry. When we started out in the lighthouse we had nothing in our minds but evangelism. You have to get out and evangelize. You have to shake the bushes. You have to send out walkers. If you never get around to evangelizing, you will never do it. Dissipation, the cares of making a living and drunkenness.
Our number one priority is evangelism. Send out walkers sometime. See what happens.
Dissipation is not being directed toward one goal - forgetting what you're here for - forgetting what you're called to do.

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