California, Beyond the Boundaries?

..........Here is a summary of the comments Yoneq made to Hakam on august 11, 1992. Hakam relayed them to us at the Regional Workers’ Meeting in Bellows Falls. Yoneq has been wondering about California. When did the first Americans arrive there? When the settlers came in large numbers their motive was greed – the California Gold Rush. He wondered whether the people who went to the far West went beyond the boundaries of Acts 17:26…"having determined their appointed times, and the boundaries of their habitation."

It may be that America was not to have expanded beyond the continental Divide. The focus of this is on California, now the center of homosexuality and Aids, Christianity, and Hollywood. Hollywood is why the United States is hated around the world. Rebellion, greed and gold have been the driving forces of California’s history. California, Nevada and many of the other states beyond the divide are dry and parched lands. Psalm 68:6

California is a misrepresentation of the heart of America. The motivations behind its settlement and acquisition by America have nothing to do with what brought the Pilgrims here. It is because of how Hollywood misrepresents America that America is hated. The intense evil of television is a source of ruin to many.

Yoneq wanted us to find out how many people migrate to California each day for greed and selfish pleasure. Our Father utterly destroyed San Francisco because of the greed centered there. It was because of that greed that it was rebuilt. The men of San Francisco proudly proclaimed, "We will build it better!" The central question is, did Shem violate a boundary in going to California?

New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado are all predominantly dry and barren lands, as is southern California, where Hollywood is. They were added to the Union in one fell swoop the Mexican-American War of 1846-1848, fought during the Presidency of James K. Polk. It was to that conflict my thought first turned because by it, Americans gained access to the dry lands. This line of thinking calls into question the whole notion of Manifest Destiny, coined by a newspaperman in 1845.

I believe restraint should be exercised in not extending this insight about California to the rest of the nation and its history. It is precisely the difference between California and its history with the main section of America east of the divide that we are concerned with, not the similarities. The key to understanding this and I believe, Yoneq’s insight that a boundary was transgressed, is found in Acts 17:26, "that they should seek god, if perhaps they might grope for Him and find Him, though he is not far from each one of us." The fruit of California – homosexuality, , and Hollywood – undermine a man’s search for God. Indeed they play right into the hands of, "the god of this world (who) has blinded the minds of the unbelieving, that they might not see the light of the gospel of the glory of Messiah, who is the image of God." II Corinthian 4:4 They may be said to be the means whereby he blinds many.

The obvious, tremendous bad fruit points backward to a bad tree. We need to see here that we are dealing with another tree, rooted in rebellion, greed, and gold which has been ruinously grafted onto the once solid American stock. Now its perversions are seen as representative of America and its poisons are recognized around the world by men of conscience as the most insidious evil.

It should be noted that the rationalizations, justifications, and dialectic reasoning employed by the homosexual movement to suppress the truth everyone knows in their consciences are no different in kind than the methods employed b christianity to justify its hatred of the cross. Hollywood, while being a source of social and financial help to the homosexual movement, has corrupted a broader cross section of Americans that either or the gay liberation front. The leveling effect of Hollywood on human souls and morals is felt everywhere its entertainments are allowed. We can be so thankful they have not gained admittance to our homes.

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