Evening, 17 July 1993 - Manesseh

Dysfunction II

There is a satanic principle going on everywhere today - the ambition or strife of going beyond our capabilities. Matt. 25:14 - talents were proportioned to each one according to their individual abilities. In Matt. 25:14, our Father does not intend for a person to strive beyond the faith they have been given or beyond the faith or revelation he has received from Him. To go beyond is to think more highly of yourself as I Timothy 3:6 teaches us. This is irregular [define] behavior for a disciple who is led by the Spirit, like the deeds in Eph. 5:3, which are not fitting or proper [define] among the saints.

Rom. 12:3 - So Paul had to speak of the authority that had been given him, Rom. 1:5, which was measured by revelation or faith, and which demanded respect from others who belonged to Messiah (John 14:21). The principle mentioned here is so important for us to apprehend so that we will never fall into the trap of Satan, where he catches men to follow after him, and thereby incur the same judgment he did - the consequences of pride or an overestimation of his own glory.

Matt. 25:14 - Our Father knows our capacity and He gives talents (faith in Rom. 12:3 and grace in Rom. 12:6) in proper proportion, making us capable to use our gifts or abilities for His glory and purpose. He expects us to use every bit of the talents, faith, and grace that has been proportioned to us (Rom. 12:6, etc.) Lest we end up like the man in Matt. 25:30. This worthless servant developed at attitude quite unlike Messiah (Phil. 2:5). A new disciple can, like Satan, become conceited as a result of prideful estimation of himself and fall into the same judgment of the one who is leading him to have this attitude. The one who leads you is the one you follow. (Rom. 8:14, 1 Tim.5:15) God opposes this one but He gives grace to those whom the Holy Spirit leads and teaches to be humble. (John 6:45, James 4:6,7, I Peter 5:5,6, Prov. 3:34,35, Dan. 12:10, Prov. 3:32)

Arise: Matt. 24:11, Acts 20:30

Arise in Acts 20:30 means to move upward, ascend, to come into being, be recognized, come to the front. 2 Cor. 11:3,4 speaks of being "led astray by men coming to you who have gone beyond their faith" (They are irregular [define] men in the Body). Is. 14:12-14, Dt. 13:13, Dt. 13:3, I Tim. 2:19, Jude 19, Matt. 24:11 - the test of that time.

Arise - men will arise (Acts 20:30) and cause dysfunction (Hos. 13:1). The Edah, new Israel, died as a result, as Ephraim, old Israel died. 2 Cor. 11:2-4 - Baal Jesus became their new husband. The twelve tribes died as a result (Acts 26:7), as ancient Israel - the twelve tribes had also died.

I Thess. 3:2 - Timothy was a true sent one who strengthened and encouraged. The Greek root of the word ‘strengthen’, meant putting a buttress on a building. Spiritual strength (grace) which comes from the anointing of the Spirit, brings encouragement - because faith comes by hearing - the hearing of the word of Messiah (Rom. 1:17 and 10:17). The righteous live by faith - and they continue to live by faith in the Spirit (Rom. 3:22, I Tim. 2:27, John 15:5). Men who ‘arise’ speak from their own selves, fostering pride in their hearts. The beginning of their arising is they speak in their own strength; I Peter 4:11 becomes foreign to them.

They have gained knowledge by the teachings but do not pray in the Spirit for grace or the Spirit’s power to speak, teach, prophesy, etc. They sense no desperate need to pray for His strength, "and even from among your own selves men will arise." (Acts 20:30, Dan. 12:10) These men may be’believers’, even ‘elders’ (Acts 20:17, 28, 29,30).

Arise - Elders

First of all, all elders are to keep watch over themselves (each other) - (All elders are equal, having free access to each other’s lives and actions as shepherds and elders over the sheep, Heb. 13:17) - to see that none of them are losing grace. (Heb. 12:15,16) Then they will be able to guard the flock together in the Spirit’s power and authority since the Holy Spirit has made them overseers to shepherd the Edah of Elohim. For some of your own number (elders), even though they have knowledge of the teachings, cease to pray for grace and the power of the Spirit to be upon them, (I Pet. 4:11) and in time begin to speak and serve in their own strength. (I Tim. 5:17, I Thess. 5:12,13, Rom. 12:7,8) They have a subtle reliance upon their own ability, their flesh, burying their talents, the faith and the grace which were given them in proportion to their capacity, natural ability, which made them capable of doing the Master’s business. (Matt. 25:14-30 as Rom. 12:3-8)

Some of these men will arise - come to the front - subtly distort (definition: 1. Exaggerating certain features to a verbal or pictorial misrepresentation. 2. The alteration or perversion of meaning of something spoken or written. 3. To "twist" out of original shape and meaning, causing dysfunction and disorder in the body) the truth to draw away disciples after themselves. Corruption = truth which contains a little error or alterations, making it dishonest, which taints the truth, distorts, casts a false light on, and alters it. It is a misleading influence, they misrepresent. (Corruption, like adding a little poison to food, is subtle).

In order for one of us to do this we must betray our own honor for a price, using our position of trust for dishonest gain, having ambitions of our own glory. (John 7:18) Gradually Satan takes over in such people to become as II Cor. 11:15 - wanting to be recognized, have honor, (Is. 14:13,14) - becoming a sorcerer (Rev. 18:23 and 19:2). The process of displacement [define], 2 Cor. 11:2,3,4, where the one husband was replaced by "another" (Baal Jesus). It is a subtle process [ define] where YAHSHUA’s gospel was unsatisfactory, so it was replaced with another or exchanged [define] for more satisfactory feelings. (I Tim. 4:3,4)

Became - Revelations 18:2

Change - to cause to be different - like the word became - "she became a house of demons." (Rev 18:2) She changed from one form to another. Change means to cause to be different - look at Acts 4:32-35 and look at the church today. Look at the word she was to conform to - she was to be changed into the likeness of Messiah. (Matt. 18:3, Phil. 2:2,3,14,15,etc.) Mal. 3:6 and James 1:17 - nor does ‘His Body’ change. Change according to the Webster’s dictionary means to give a completely different form or appearance. The church cannot change unless the gospel changes into another gospel or unless YAHSHUA changes into another Yahshua or unless the spirit changes into another spirit. Change also means to be exchanged or replaced by another - to become different or altered. (I Cor. 15:51,52; 2 Cor. 3:18; Heb. 1:12)

Transformed, the evil one masquerades as an angel of light (II Cor. 11:13-15), as men transform themselves into apostles of Messiah. Satan’s servants transform themselves into servants of righteousness (John 7:18), as if they had no deceit or falsehood in them. To transfigure is to make a radical change, a transformation. The church has changed her nature, function, condition, her form and appearance, and become something else. By conversion she has become Rev. 18:2, which is a radical change, the complete opposite of God’s intention.

The satanic influence by false apostles, II Cor. 11:2-4, 13- 15, caused the change. "She became" Rev. 18:2. The change came after dysfunction entered the Body by subtle insinuations and suggestions as in Gal. 3:1-7. They were against Paul, the channel of the anointing, not against "God" or "YAHSHUA" or "the Spirit." II John 9 - Paul, like John, had the teachings of Messiah (Rev. 12:17). He had the testimony of YAHSHUA and the word of Messiah, John 8:51.

Remember, dysfunction is disorder, the disordered, impaired functioning of a bodily system or organ. Dysfunction sets in and bodily action shuts down. It leads to the process of displacement, being supplanted, causing the displacement of a body and its replacement by another. (II Cor. 11:5,7,13-15; 12:11,16,17; 13:5-10) She has become - she became - Rev. 18:2. Became means there was a cause or a reason or an "on account of." The word became indicates a previous form or condition or existence (as in John 1:14). He became a man because of us. (Matt. 1:21; Lk. 1:31,33; Eph. 1:18)


Arise - in Hebrew it means the head of, chief; to ascend, mount up, or move to a higher place or position; to emerge from below the horizon as the stars arise. (Is. 14:12-15 and Ezek. 28:15,17) Arise means to begin to act or exert power, to move from a state of inaction, to appear, to become known, to begin sedition, insurrection, mutiny; to arise - begin to have language inciting others to rebel against authority. Sedition means a going apart, separation, being seditious or having the nature of sedition, insubordinate, not submissive to authority, not keeping a subordinate position, becoming factious (Tit. 3:11) in a very subtle form, by a gradual failure to recognize or accept the anointing of the Spirit that gave them birth, I Cor. 4:14-17. (I John 2:19, 20, 27,28)

Acts 20:30

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