Letter to Elbert

Dear Elbert,
I wanted to tell you of something that happened the other day in the Deli. It really excited me, somehow I received revelation even deeper of who we are becoming to be. A Jewish couple came into the store for lunch. They were pleasantly surprised at the Hebrew music and Kosher food in such a town as Island Pond John Imperial waited on them and of course got into conversation with them of who we are and what we are doing. The man said he too wanted to see the 12 tribes restored back to the earth and was looking for that. But, he said there was one thing he disputed with. We say His name. Yahweh. He said that you don't say His name, you just say ------- (he opened his mouth and didn't say anything). His name is too holy and only the Messiah knows His name and will reveal and pronounce His name when He comes for the first time. Only then could we pronounce His name. I was really hit in my spirit when he said that. I had always thought that the Jews didn't say His name because of a religious spirit, and it is, but not in the way I thought. Of course they don't believe He has come. They are not in Him, so they can't say His name. From their point of view they are right. Only in Him can you say His Father's name. A child knows his father's name, but the person down the street you only call them by their title, you don't know them well enough to greet them by their first name, or rightful name. I was so excited, we are his children and He has revealed His name t us, He is revealing Himself to us. We are disciples of His only Son who redeemed us, we have accepted His sacrifice we have entered into a covenant with Him and are wanting to keep that covenant. We are longing to know Him, we have a right and privilege to call Him by His name because we are crying out Abba Father. Israel will know the Father's name. how can Israel not know their Father's name? Just as He revealed His name to Moses when the children of Israel left Egypt behind so He has revealed His name to us as we are more and more leaving Egypt behind. Jn 17:26 Israel is being formed in us, the tribes are starting to be expressed. Only in Him can we say the most holy of names, and this carries such a responsibility to represent Him accurately. I pray that we will do this. Just as Yahshua represented Him accurately (Jn 17:6) on the earth we must also, as a people. This is what we must give our energy to. Of course getting down on paper the excitement of what is happening in your spirit is always difficult. As soon as John told me of his conversation I got so excited with the revelation of who we are and what we are becoming I ran upstairs and told Robert chambers and James, also David J. Hoping somehow that we could speak something to the Jewish community in one of our freepapers. They encouraged me to write and tell you. Whenever I pray for the kingdom to come I have more and more excitement that it is coming, his life will be expressed on this earth in this age, then the end will come.

May we endure until His coming.

Hannah B.

We will write but first we too must manifest His name Rm 11:11-15, Mt 24:14 will speak loud and clear. Then the whole "Jewish nation" will turn on us -- but out of it a remnant will be saved. 1Thess 2:14-16.

They, the Jews even today all the more "are not pleasant to YHWH and hostile to all men", "they always fill up the measure of their own sins." "But wrath has come upon them to the utmost." "They both killed the Sovereign Yahshua, the prophets and will also drive us out" if we were to go there today to establish a tribe.

Rm (;3-5, 6, 27 The Jews are from only one tribe. Paul is concerned about all Israel to be saved not just the Jews who crucified Messiah. The Israelites, the life of Jacob their father will be extracted from the nations - in our day, forming the spiritual 12 tribe Body of Messiah prepared for the Son as a Bridge.

No Jew living today outside Palestine has any true backbone nor do they have any right to speak about "God" or "their nation" or "the 12 tribes." This one Jew was liar to say that "he too wanted to see the 12 tribes restored in the earth and is looking for it." He is at most likened to an Evangelical Jew. How is he going o establish the K>O>G> in New York City? I am not indignant with Jews, but only with hypocrisy of Jew and Evangelical alike, but although they have blinders over their eyes, they can be removed if it were not for their evil heart. Only the GOOD NEWS proclaimed from a witness of unity of the spirit can open up both Jew and Evangelical eyes. Both are gentiles in nature. The Jews today are just as much gentile as the nation they are co-mingled with, as much as the Israelite who has lost his identity as a descendent of Jacob. That's what made him a gentile in the first place. The Jews today have gentile hearts just like us, the gentiles who also along with every Jew has the blood life and spirit of Jacob running through their veins undiluted. Rm 11:25 The fullness of the gentiles - the Israelites who were scattered or promised to Abraham come back into the recognition of who they are in Messiah - The Israel of YHWH, out of the world where they were scattered. If YHWH held grudges they are more honored than the Jews who crucified Messiah. He is merciful to all - Jew and gentile alike. Jew who crucified Messiah, gentile who is the Jew - Judah's brothers who were cut off and scattered 800 years before. All Israel will be saved.

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