Elders and Deacons

We must be in perfect fellowship with the Holy Spirit in order to agree with His choosing. The chief thing about an elder is that he knows how to rule over his own household. He must have the gift of government. His rules over his children with word. He doesn't need to carry a rod around in order to get his children to do his will. He has command of his family. He rules with a word because he has tight hands on them. (Gen 18:19) This scripture speaks of you if you have been chosen in Messiah from before the foundation of the world.

We must come in through one of the 12 gates to get into the Holy City. If we are in Messiah, we are of the seed of Abraham. His seed are those who do his deeds. If we are in Messiah, we are called to command our household after us.
We must discipline our children for acts of disobedience; training them to respect our word. We shouldn't have to instruct an elder that his children are being disrespectful. Because an elder has come to judge disrespect in his own life and because he knows how to rule over his children, he will cut off their disrespect. (1 Tim 3:4,5) The elders are on display not for pointing of the finger, but to be prayed for. Who has tight hands?

The early church failed to pass the Holy Spirit on to their children. Therefore their lampstand was taken away. If they could not pass the Holy Spirit to their own children, how could they pass Him on to their spiritual children? This is the only way a church can continue to exist in the anointing. If the Holy Spirit is not passed on, the church dies. The lampstand is taken away by default. The real test is to see how well we can pass our heart into our children. Without this we will be cut off from being able to extend the anointing. The function of an elder is to carry the anointing to the edges of the robe. If he cannot put his heart into his children, neither can he carry the anointing to the edge of the robe.

We must have a will for our children all of the time. They should come to a place where they are disciplined with the rod less and less. Elders and deacons have to be the example to all in this. (1 Tim 3:15) In Christianity, there are no apostles, prophets, elders. There are only hirelings who care nothing for the sheep. Elders and deacons must be first of all the Holy Spirit's choice and this choice must be communicated by the Holy Spirit to the whole Edah. It is only when we are out of fellowship with the Holy Spirit that we have difficulty choosing elders and deacons. The church is to know the will of the Head. If not, it is not the body. (Hebrews 13:17) If we have our Father's choice of elders and leaders then we are to render absolute obedience to them. An elder doesn't have to defend his authority. Attitude of elders is fear and trembling for they represent the authority of Yahweh on the earth. A Problem here shows a lack of submission on the part of the elder or bad/wrong authority (He's giving himself to another King). An elder cannot be a person who has not been dealt with by the Holy Spirit. He has been broken. A warmth of character comes from this brokenness before the Holy Spirit. (Isaiah 66:xx "contrite heart.") (1 Tim 3:8-13) Qualifications of deacons. There is no lawlessness in a deacon, no shifty deals. They show the whole body what a lawful servant is.
Our Master taught His disciples in Mark 10:35-45 the difference between authority in the body and authority in the nations. especially verses 42-44 In the body, to rule is to serve. In the nations, to rule is to command people. This evil spirit must be driven out of here. The ones who are leaders know His cup and His baptism. Elders must be the selection of our Father and the Edah, else there will be division. (1 Cor 1:10-11) The more the spirit of the nations rules a man, the less our Father can use him. Eldership is not a covetted position. Our Father's authority is not given to those who think they are capable. Elders and deacons must have uninterrupted fellowship with the Holy Spirit. No drifting. The one who is in authority can most easily misrepresent our Father's character and authority. He must be in fellowship with the Holy Spirit; demonstrating the fruit of the Holy Spirit in his spirit. Self-control.

If one does not have a King, he is going to have a hard time in the Kingdom. Our Father must draw a person to the King, else he won't be raised up in the last day. This is the testimony of headshship. (1 Cor 11:3) If one is not in this order, he is out of order. Woman wears the sign of this order over her hair. The principle of 1 Cor 11 is essential for a life in peace. There is no life in peace anywhere else. We are walking in darkness if we are not walking in this order. The special thing about a person who is walking in this order is that he has life and peace. The spirit of lawlessness and rebellion is in a person who claims submission to our Father but is not in the order of 1 Cor 11. To the degree you remain in this contradiction, you are crippled. Life in the Kingdom is life under authority. If you have a problem with authority you have a problem with God.

Wives are subject to their husbands. A husband exercises his authority over his wife according to certain condition (Eph 5:25). He must be in subjection to the Holy Spirit. For a husband to love his wife requires self-control. What is love? Is it a difficult thing? Only if you are not in fellowship with the Holy Spirit The burnt offering is love. All who have been saved will seek this with all their heart. (1 Cor 13:4-7) You can see where our Father wants to bring us. (Eph 5:25)

All warrant submission by submitting to their head. Parents do not provoke your children to anger (Eph 6:4). There is a great tendancy in us to do this. We must work against this tendency through our communion with the Holy Spirit. If we provoke our children it is because we are not in submission to our head. Parents are not to rule according to their impulses and instincts. They are to rule by the Holy Spirit. They are diligent to chastise with controlled severity. Parents control themselves by the Holy Spirit. The object of a parent's authority is to lead their children to Messiah. There is no such think as harsh treatment in any role of authority.

Our False Training

We were raised up wrong We received our concept and understanding of authority in the nations. Now we must unlearn what we learned. We obey authority in the body absolutely. We obey the authority in the nations relatively. Civil disobedience is lawlessness and rebellion in the nations where there is no Holy Spirit to rule over you. [1 Tim 2:1-3] This is an urgent apostolic command. [1 To, 2"9] When you pray this kind of prayer. If we don't obey this we will not live a tranquil life. Our first obedience goes to our God. We relate to all national authority within the context of our absolute submission to our Father's authority. [Rom 13:1-7] Our first priority is upon obedience to the authority in the community. [1 Cor 15:25] Someday the national authority will be destroyed, but it is here now for our sake, so we can live in peace. No disciple involved in what is going to destruction. We are instructed in the New Covenant writings how to conduct ourselves in the household of faith. We are instructed in how to rule over the household of faith. We are instructed in how to submit in thhe household of faith. The nations are given to unbelievers. [Mark 10:35-45] This is how not to rule. We are not to rule like the nations do. [Eph 4:17; Gal 1:4] Elders are the governing authority in the body. The brethren are to be in submmission to them. Elders and deacons are those of self-control. This is the utmost requirement. There will be no pudgy elders. Such are enemies of the cross of self-denial. Their god is their belly [appetite]. [Titus 1:xx self control.]


[take a lamp and go through the Eda and search for the slothful in spirit. Put them on a shelf if there is no self control in all things.]

[Titus 2:15] let no one disregard you. Elders and deacons have no lack of self-restraint. Elders do not live in secret like in Christianity. And still they are beyond reproach! In full sight of the people! [1 Peter 5:xx; 3 John 9] No elder puts himself first. Being the highest authority in a clan requires the utmost in self-control and self-restraint. [Rom 8:6 life and peace.] A man's worth and value to our Father is not based upon his opinion but upon the revelation he has received in his heart, how he receives from his brothers and sisters. Revelation is our Father's estimate of us. Authority is built upon revelation from heaven. When His revelation is withdrawn from a man, he is removed.


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