November 1, 1992, Brazil - First Day Morning Sacrifice

The Fourteenth Generation

We can know the people in this circle are in perfect oneness with not guilt. This is the power our Master's blood, it covers our sin so we an be one as our Father and His Son are one. You must see the value of the blood like our Father does. He saw the value so this is why He sent His Son as an atoning sacrifice. This is how we can complete Him just as a wife completes her husband.

Matthew 1 Concerning the mystery of the fourteen generations from Babylon to the birth of our Master, in Matthew 1:17 it says fourteen generations but only lists thirteen generations. The scriptures mention it is the offspring that completes Him. The fulness of Him in Ephesians 1:23 is a generation completion of our Master Yahshua. He wasted His time coming to earth and dying unless He gets a bride. The offspring (or that generation) completing Him. Children to be born will be the last generation, it is that generation who's lives will be prolonged.

Romans 9:29 speaks of a seed that will propagate decedents, the remnant generates life to bring to birth a nation. Romans 9:27, Psalm 48:3, Psalm 102:18 We know there is a generation yet to be born, the last generation (it says next generation). Our Master said there would be a generation that their lives would be prolonged. Matthew 24:32-34

It is an amazing thing: as our Master was on the cross, He saw His seed and that seed would be prolonged and accomplish His will. It will be a people who will not see death. They are people alive now and will not die, a seed that will be prolonged, a scion into the next age. 1 Thessalonians 4:16-19 Those who see these things will not die. Matthew 24:32-34 That generation that sees these things, we are seeing these things. The twelve tribes of Israel are being raised up, the very witness of the light.

Matthew 24:3, Matthew 24:10-12 People will have to turn against one another. We will betray or we will be betrayed, but those who endure will be saved. That is, those who know their Messiah will be saved. Daniel 11:30-33 Those who know their God will be a rock unmovable.

Daniel 12:10 A generation of those who are refined, they are righteous, wise, the purified - those who know their God. But people who won't receive will stay under their own anointing. On that day they will shrink back in fear and trembling, their knees won't support them. Luke 21-36, Hebrews 10:38 We must know the value of the blood and of the value of forgiveness so there is no separation with our brothers. John 17:21 Is there any separation between the Father and the Son? If there is any separation then the universe would crumble. Colossians 1:16-17 In Him all things hold together. Matthew 24:13 Those who endure will be saved and healed. They are those who know their God.

The fourteenth generation is not complete, it started in the first century but it died out. But those in the first century who overcame are rejoicing with Yahshua in Heaven today. They overcame with a good conscience. Revelation 2:11 These had no guilt, there was nothing in them to be hurt by the second death. Revelation 3:4 Those who didn't soil their garments are worthy, they will walk with Him in white. There is not guilt, no stain on their garment. It is a beautiful white wedding gown.

Revelation 19:78 The way they got these garments is through the deeds they did in love. These are righteous, lawful deeds, works of service. A righteous deed is one done in fellowship, in communion, a deed done while abiding in the vine. Abiding in the vine produces fruit, not from our own strength but from the strength of the vine. Let us put out the fruit of the spirit. Revelation 3:20-21

Self-control is the control of yourself, control of your emotions and faculties. Self-control comes forth from the spirit. If you have self-control you can produce the fruit of the Spirit. A person without self-control will not enter the Kingdom of God.

Galatians 5:22-24 As long as we are producing the fruit of the Spirit we can produce these righteous acts.

Revelation 19:7-9, Ephesians 1:4, 2:10 As we've always said we have those works set out before us. People who heard the gospel first (the stem) have a great privilege and responsibility. Ephesians 2:10 If we are lead by the Spirit we will walk in those deeds. Daniel 12:10 The wicked don't walk in those works, they walk in their own works.

Revelation 3:4 In Sardis the people stained their garments. They did their own actions, they did their own initiative. Their things were not in common, they walked in the flesh, they had no respect for the tale. Matthew 7:21-23 disqualified you - "Depart from Me" There is a learning process to learn to walk in these deeds (in Ephesians 2:10) that you do in communion. A person who does deeds on his initiative hates authority. If you love the King, the righteous King, then you love to do His bidding. You love to do His bidding because you love righteousness and you love this righteous King. The last thing in Judges. Judges 21:25, people did what was right in their own eyes because they didn't gave a king. Christianity does this because they don't have this righteous King - Yahshua.

Yahshua sees ahead of us, He looks further ahead, we walk in this by being under His anointing. Ephesians 2:10, 4:8…. Then He gave gifts to men. First we have apostles (without apostles you are not born), prophets (not speaking in our own authority), leaders, the shepherds, then teachers. A prophet cut off from the apostles is a false prophet. A shepherd cut off from the anointing is a shepherd in the flesh.

1 John 2:20 You have received the anointing. We see in Ephesians 4:11 how to walk in these deeds. Ephesians 4:12-13 (in Greek) They are for the complete qualification of the saints to walk in these works. We are under control, we are in the anointing, we are not in the footnotes. Footnotes are designed to lead you astray. Footnotes divides on essential things. Footnotes have enough truth in them to make the error LETHAL. Footnotes are the strategy of Satan, they pervert the Word of God. Satan has ministers today, servants that don't teach you to walk in these deeds of service. Ephesians 4:12-13 for the building up, the equipping, the qualification of the saints under Yahshua's headship and Kingship.

Our unity is the outstanding thing the world will see. John 17:23 Then they will be drawn to the Body through this unity. There won't be individuals in a group not agreeing. This is what is happening now - BONDING. This is the last generation, He will prolong their life.

Isaiah 53:10 He saw His seed (or offspring) while on the cross while in anguish, suffering. Then He went to death (Hell) (three days and three nights. He sees and looks at His seed. This was His purpose for suffering, seeing His seed. Isaiah 53:10 He will prolong the offsprings days. The will of Yahweh will prosper in the hands of His offspring He gets not glory from doing it Himself, He wants us to do it. He doesn't go around our spirit, our spirit is one with His Spirit. If we keep our mind on the Spirit, what spirit are we keeping our minds on? We shouldn't know where His Spirit stops and our spirit begins. So we produce the fruit of the Spirit - Love. Didn't God create man to be like Him?

We are the fourteenth generation - Revelation 21:3, 21:9

Is a man and wife one? One flesh? Genesis 2:24 Revelation 21:9 speaks of the wife, the church, The Edah. Revelation 21:2 the wife is identified. The church (wife) is manifested by twelve tribes. In the first church the twelve tribes were developing but the people had no salt, leaven had come in. So the potter threw us back down. This is the restoration in our lives.

We must come into obedience. People will leave the Edah if they don't get their own way. They don't know the value of the blood. The fourteenth generation knows this value. They confess their sin.

Psalm 48:13 The last generation
Psalm 102:8 A generation (last) that has yet to be born. That is US we are in the Bible.

Matthew 24:32-34 speaks of you the last generation. The last generation, their lives will be prolonged. *He has put His life in our hands. Our Father believes that His love is so great that it will win our hearts.

Psalm 24:3-6 The generation that seeks His face. This last generation will be prolonged. He wants the stem to live to the end, an abnormal prolonged life. This is why we walk in the Spirit, cast our anxiety upon Him, eat good food and chew slowly, exercise, walk, etc., etc., etc.

I John 2:20-28; 4:17 The anointing prepares us for the judgement. He needs us to rule in the milliniel age. We won't get sick and die, He prolonged our life. I Corinthians 11:30-32

Deborah - Isaiah 53 We are the product of the anguish of His soul. He saw us - His seed when He was on the cross. He was our guilt offering He rescued those who were doomed to death. Psalm 102:18-21 The second death. He heard our groaning, those who were imprisoned, longing to be set free. These (we) were people in that generation yet to be created. The generation that was His offspring, His seed.

This generation will praise Him in Jerusalem (Psalm 102:21) because of their liberation from death. This is the generation of those who seek Him, seek His face (Psalm 24:4-5) who have clean hands, raising them in purity and have a pure heart. We receive our righteousness from Him, the God of our Salvation, and not from ourselves.

But only those who seek Him will be part of this generation - those whose heart is completely His. Isaiah 53:10 says that the days of His offspring (this generation) will be prolonged. But in order for our lives to be prolonged we must seek Him. II Chronicles 16:9 For the eyes of the Sovereign move to and fro throughout the earth that He may strongly support those whose heart is completely His. Asa became diseased and our Father could not heal him because he sought the physicians instead of YHWH. This was just a result of the rest of his life, because it says "even in his sickness he did not seek the Sovereign." But if we do seek Him, He is there to strongly support us, our days will be prolonged. And the good pleasure or will of the Sovereign will prosper in the hand of His seed - the last generation. We are the completion of this fourteenth generation. We will join them when our Master returns for us. (With the first fruits of the 14th generation. I Thessalonians 4:13-18)

Hebrews 11:39-40 can apply now to the heroes of the first Edah. Now in the Edah in heaven where that seed in Romans 9:29 had been preserved. To make up for the years the locusts have eaten away for 1900 years. Psalm 78 - our children and their fathers. Malachi 4:6 The next generation to the last generation. Psalm 78 The secret is the children always forget because the parents don't pass it on. Like an elder has to rule over the children, that's the secret. Malachi 4 Parents heart must TOTALLY turn toward their children.

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