July 13, 1994 - Morning Sacrifice, Boston, MA.

Reading our Freepapers

It would be the epitome of hypocrisy to go to a "dead show" to pass out the "Stone paper" without reading it first - it would be ludicrous to do this. This is your paper - it's what you pass out. Has anyone ever passed out a paper to a person without thoroughly reading it?

Sameach - Actually I have, and the person went on and on about an article and the wonderful things it said and I was totally embarrassed.

Yoneq - Hypocrite. No wonder our papers aren't as effective as they should be. We only get 1 out of 10,000 or 1 out of 20,000 to respond. How many have eternal life? Our Master said that the words we speak are the words of eternal life. How many thoroughly understand Lk 14:31-33? No one has understanding of this prophesy until the end times as it speaks about in Amos 8 - or even Mt 24:21,22. There is no understanding of Lk 21:25. All these awful things will come upon the earth - the days will be shortened and there will be earthquakes and people will be burned with fire. It is so much for your understanding - no one can understand except us. We are privileged people to understand these things - we need to know it thoroughly. These Freepapers are eternal life - the Word of God. It would be wonderful if you could make reports - maybe we should have 1 person do a report on this new "Stone" paper at every sacrifice.

How much time do you think you can devote to this paper every day with your busy schedule, all your children and all the work you have to do? 20 seconds? Maybe some people could build up to a minute a day - that's 60 seconds. And eventually you will get through the paper. See if you can and watch what happens to your life! I'm saying this because some people don't read it at all, then they claim to have eternal life - impossible! The day will come when it will show that they don't have revelation - no evangelistic spirit. The Spirit of Yahweh is an evangelistic spirit - to be imparted to others. But the Spirit has to speak. The Holy Spirit speaks to others through vessels that are filled with Him.

We have had these "stone" and "Billy Graham" papers - there are plenty of them. How many have devoted any time to reading them? How many have read the covers? Try to get a paper today and at least read the cover. Real 1 minute (don't read more - your brain is liable to explode or you might have a heart attack) and tomorrow open it up and read the first page - you might find words of eternal life there. These words of life impart a desire for eternal life.

So, let's not neglect these precious papers. Someone's parent died and they got $20,000. And it went into making these Freepapers. It could have gone to buying houses in Rueben or a café, but that person gave it to pay for the Freepapers. Just think, in Brazil you would have to work every day for several years to make $10,000 to pay our debts - 7 days a week, 10-12 hours a day. We could have used the money to pay some of our debts. I'm talking about this because I want you to know how great a sin it is if you don't read them yourself. Don't even imagine that you are saved and have eternal life - just like if you're a factious person. If you don't have love, you don't know Him - if you're not building up the Body, you're tearing it down. There's no use giving your bodies as a living sacrifice if you don't try to read a little bit of what we put out in our papers. I understand you don't have a lot of time, but you can't wait for someone to read it to you at the sacrifice. Our Father wants us to exercise our will and use our intellectual power and develop our reading skills - especially that our youth would have a desire to read our papers and not just yawn (I know our youth have really been working diligently at the café all night and resisting the evil one who wants to come to them continually and destroy their lives causing them to be lazy and have arguments [factions]). It's amazing what we have to go through - we are in satan's world. We don't even realize how protected we are in the Body. If it wasn't for grace, we'd be snuffed out - we'd be dead.

Whoever has the Holy Spirit and leaves the Body is turned over to death and they don't live long. If they don't have the Holy Spirit, they can do well - like Michael Painter (he's doing good, living it up - he's got an 18 ft. power boat and a cabin in the Smoky mountains - somehow he's really taken off). You can learn really good things in the Edah and then leave and prosper. Michael said to someone, "Come by, I'll take you fishing". He was here and talked about Yahshua, but he was never a peacemaker. 1 Cor 11:19 - You can really see who is approved and recognized. When you went to Michael Painter there was always complaint in him and contention going on between him and his wife or someone else in the Body. There was always a root of bitterness and we were continually forgiving him. We tried to recognize him, but we promoted him based on his natural abilities.

Let's be those who know they have passed out of death into life. If you know something, it can't be taken away from you - even if they beat you or burn you. If you know your brother, you know him - no matter what suffering you are going through. We love our brothers and we live for them - everything we do is for them. Example: (Yoneq holds up his finger) - Does this finger operate for itself? No, it operates for the other parts of the body. Whatever the hand does, it serves the body - all the parts.

(Kelly from Florida who has been staying with us and asking to be Baptized expressed his heart.)

Yoneq - You can see that our Father is really drawing him now because he is confessing things. It is like a murderer - if he comes here and tries to be baptized, the only way he can have eternal life is to confess his sin and turn himself in to be executed. Paul says no murderer can have eternal life. There is a price to pay for salvation. No one can come to our Master, Yahshua, unless the Father draws him. It's so wonderful that no matter what you confess we love you more because we know we're the same way - we don't think any less of you. That's how it is in the body. Only the evil one tells you not to confess because people won't like you anymore and you won't be recognized!

Let's give our sacrifice. If you've been forgiven much, you can love much.

Let's remember Yowceph down in Central America. We know that the Holy Spirit can't do anything unless we pray for him (every tribe and clan praying for him at every sacrifice) - it's not something we can muster up in or brain. If nothing happens and we are not praying then we can't say, "Well, I guess the Holy Spirit doesn't want anything to happen there!" So let's remember our brothers there.

Just think - If the 12 tribes are not raised up, then we are nothing but a child not fully formed - half human. We have got to be fully developed - the 12 tribes - no more or no less.

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