Body Meeting - September 2, 1990

The misspellings, punctuation and grammatical errors are all as they appeared in the hand written notes of the meeting.

Body Meeting Sept. 2, 1990 Island Pond PM

When you speak against anyone in authority your father hears it.

Mary spoke against one of our Father's servants no anguish or sorrow about this. Even when confronted - no recollection. Lacked a heart to really see her sin and be cut with it. This has been hard but if we don't see and weigh what's been brought forth and be objective. We haven't been looking at this according to what we feel but what our Father has to say about it.

Her lack of repentance or awareness is attributed to discipline she's going through now. If we don't be objective it'll dim our hope, cause doubt divide us. If we are objective we'll learn from mistakes.

The situation was brought out and she had no remembrance of it.

Naomi - I'm guilty for not going to her at that time. She responded to me with a smile but I should have done something.

Mary wasn't receiving spirit of children training. She never cut off her old fatherhood. Made her speak out against authority in the body. (Karash - blaspheming spirit of children training)

What's family spirit? "My little family" If we don't cut off the sins of our fathers, we'll pass them into our children, their children etc. Something must be done to cut this off - this was it.

Sheresh - Mary's response to Sameach should have been - It troubles me what existed in my children to my unaware - but rather it was "I've poured my life out for my children"

Qatan - She seemed to get better. If we leave out the confession we have no assurance that He forgives or cleanses us. Something in Mary's smile was really foreign to the reaction of a disciple just confronted with speaking out against their leader - sinning . If a person doesn't have loyalty to the Edah by loyalty to another spirit then this is spiritual adultery.

Prov. 5:3-6.

She did not know she'd just spoken accusingly against someone in authority. Don't believe the Holy Spirit didn't try to bring conviction to her.

Deshe - Seems that fallen maternal instinct promotes a false sense of righteousness. She had a certain confidence in her own ability to raise her own children. She didn't take on His mind but resisted His authority. This was a sin heading to death. Cancer was in her body because of bitterness expressed, Revealed to Naomi for our benefit not Mary's because she didn't repent - but for us so we won't be in a fog.

Ehud - Are people afraid to come to me about my children? Self confidence comes about raising own children. Cut off from source of grace - Hard for many to go to her and feel they had been received.

Deshe - To those aware of this in the body meeting last week when Tamiryn spoke - it was obvious it had something to do with children.

Sameach - All Mary's problems have been with her children. No one had ministry with them evidently.

Brought this to Hakam's attention. He defended and didn't judge her or the welfare of his flock, his immediate family. He is in anguish. He's waiting for our Father to show him how to be - function, think, feel, sit...

He believes the judgement, but does not know how he's going to recover. He needs our prayers and our Father's guidance.

Yonah - She lifted our Messiah to public shame as if to say .. the spirit here is a criminal spirit and Yashua is still on the cross because he is a criminal - accusing the body of doing evil - confirming to him there was no sabbath in the body. He came against us. We should greatly fear these things. We're coming to knowledge of the truth on these things

1 Cor. 11:27

Malice, resistence - to the one in authority. She may have been overly familiar with him. The faults in leaders bring out sin in the people. Her sin led her to death. Don't know why her heart didn't pierce her. Maybe she didn't remember it 3 years ago.

Sameach - because she broke bread that week. She was going to sleep for three years.

Reya - Numbers 12 Our father heard. Naomi heard. Mary should have heard also.

Yonah - Hakam thought she was being healed. Beware the light in you is not darkness. Mystery of lawlessness - false prophets will arise - We have to understand such things to know some people's sin goes before them, some follows behind. Some with powerful souls can be (through superior intellect but lack of loyalty) can lead a following away.

This with Mary is to teach and warn us of THIS. Be loyal to Anointing. Last week I was washed for bitterness and complaint but it was AGAINST AUTHORITY! I don't know if I communicated this clearly. ALWAYS SIDE WITH AUTHORITY. The enemy wants to strike down the shepherd so the sheep can be scattered.

Anavah - I need to know where this leaves us because I know I get hopeless because I don't judge myself. I've said that's crazy about what I've heard in apostolic meetings. What if I don't remember something. I don't judge myself. I say things to make people laugh. Conscience goes off but I don't repeat I repent.

Yonah - What happened with Miriam - she got leprosy because she spoke against the anointing. Mary had leprosy and her husband did not detect it. Luke had leprosy and Hakam did not know it. Today we saw that this is to bring grace to us that we should fear what she knows came out of her. Hope for Anavah and all of us. Word of God is binding and true. We will not escape its consequences because we're sons and He will deal with us as sons.

Deshe - Be thankful this judgement wasn't made last week - premature. Wouldn't have had the proper self judgement. Confidence our Father's been speaking to us. Her death can accomplish His will in our lives.

Barak - When Naomi said that when Mary said that, she didn't come to me, but she did come to me. I remember because of my dullness, I didn't do anything about it. I want to be washed of that way in me. I know the way Mary was and I didn't take it seriously - I want to be washed and repent for not taking my wife seriously when she comes to me.

Deshe - we all have a share in responsibility we all feared going to her.

Qatan - good person brings good things - evil - evil James 3 says the TONGUE - what's in the well comes up in the bucket. When someone says "I or she SAID that but said, I didn't really mean it" Red lights should go off. Can't speak evil and have a pure heart about it. I repent for not taking my wife seriously about things like this. I didn't see how I was a coward but now I see how I have been a coward to be true to what I've learned from the anointing.

Sameach - Psalm 32 Mary's distress wasn't on her deathbed but when she spoke this way.

Our Father loves to bring forgiveness into our lives. When we confess our sin - we gain respect. Behold His ear is not so dull it cannot hear nor arm so short it cannot save. Fear Him in proper way that wouldn't speak against authority. Have proper fear - want to be ruled over, confess our sins, gain new strength have new hope, new vision. I've lived here 18 years and never seen anything like what I saw last week.

Reya - Answer to dull and passionless children what Yonah said. This is parallel to how we have be to our children and how they need to view us. We've been unable to prove to our children that our words have consequences as His do to us. As this gets committed to our hurts we'll have passion and standards for them.

Zadok - The way I was brought up in Christianity about death - see reality now. Thankful we're living in reality and not false spirit - automatically putting people in cloud of witnesses. Wife dying causing hurt of father and son turning to each other - then it's wonderful. Cause his heart to turn to his son. His mother by not cutting off old fatherhood and subduing natural instincts, better to go to death. Distress and suffering has gone in us to seek wisdom from our father. Death in world so devastating but we can have wisdom hear and gain proper fear.

Isaac - Luke's salvation is salvation of all our children because Luke influenced all our children also influenced John Mark.

Daniel - Forgiveness is released through confession from others as if we think we can sin and not confess our sin we're still Christians.

Tamryn - Fear come to me tonight. I Peter 4:17

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