Apostolic Workers' Meeting - September 2, 1990

The misspellings, punctuation and grammatical errors are all as they appeared in the hand written notes of the meeting.

Apostolic Workers Meeting 9/2/90 Island Pond, VT

Yoneq: Grace is active spiritual power upon us to carry out the faith He gives us.

In meetings like this or assembly no one should speak especially women (prophetesses can if they're filled with the Holy Spirit and the word.) Can't speak without the word. Don't speak subjectively. Subjectivity goes far beyond or lags behind the word. I Pet 4:11 no one should speak unless it's the very utterances of God.

The word of God is based on the word. Not necessarily the utterance but at least based on the word.

Mary didn't have a good heart.

Matt. 12:38 if every careless word will be judged then a word that can destroy authority in the church certainly will be judged. If you speak by Matt. 12:36 then (you are) speaking by God. Regardless of how good a mind you have this is altogether different. (Legally if one doesn't speak all to constructively they should be called on it.)

Careless and words with motive behind it will be judged. No one can be forgiven of sin unless its confessed. If one sins like Miriam in Numbers 12:22 Mary did not confess this sin to Naomi.

I Peter 4:11 This will keep us from speaking unless it's based on the word. You can only speak what is in your heart - out of the heart the mouth speaks.

Her fallen maternal instincts went against Messiah. If our Father came down and said something about her children, she would question Him. (This is the ) Same thing as going against His authority.

Subjectivity is relying on feelings and not on fact or the Word of God. We have to be men and women of the word in order to draw from(it) and speak from(it). If we don't know it we have nothing else to speak from- so don't speak. Especially women should be quiet, guard themselves very much so. Not knowing the fact you state your feelings contrary to the fact. Some people speak too much from the brain. If one talks too much you know they're not with out sin, without self control- the Holy Spirit.

Feelings arising from condition in the brain and not be external stimuli - not in conjunction with true knowledge or in communion with the Spirit of God. That's how Peter 4:11 can be obeyed. One who relies on subjective sensations not on objective realizations or reality. You have to judge this first in yourself then in others less mature. If it's in us it will go unjudged and rampant in the body and we'll go off because of the words of our mouth James 3 - deadly evil sets ablaze a whole forest.

If this thing that Mary spoke was not stopped by a Godly woman it could have caused much trouble.

A subjective person is lacking in reality or substance and is given to illusions as a prophecy giver or a vision received such as pretribulation rapture. Not based in word of God -(but on) feelings, through that all hell came into the church to destroy it beyond hope - looking for the coming of the Master before anything worked out. If our brain is secreting stuff causing our mouth to run like if you had too much coffee to drink you might secrete something of the flesh. So you can misinterpret that feeling for what you might feel the Holy Spirit would feel like. But if it's based on emptiness weigh what prophets say. Prophecy under check of prophets. See if they're speaking from Spirit of God based on objective word. Talking on what the Spirit reveals not something we manufactured - got to be rulership not going to rule over empty planets.

Subjectivity is under authority and control of emotions and emotions rather than the mind or intellect which is founded on the reality or objective truth. Many people who have an inclination or tendency toward feelings ( if unchecked one will fall that way) You can hear subjectivity too even if you're silent.

The one who is prone to talk often - sin is imminent. Check one out. See how the Spirit feels. Ask without gossip how others view them.

When we are speaking from the truth then our disturbance is peaceful. If in speaking then subjective talking produces disturbance that's not peaceful. Prophets speak disturbing words or no growth in body - brings peace. But subjectivity brings disturbance brings confusion and no peace.

Our Master taught disciples by their mistakes took every opportunity to teach them. He gave them the word to base future happenings upon.

Some came with clever Eph. 4:14 craftiness of men, evil scheming, premeditated. When race begins we won't be speaking subjectively and be able to judge it in less mature in us. So we have to come to this experience to learn. Speak, be rebuked and never forget it. The disciples learned certain ways not to make same mistakes.

Apostles being with Yashua 4 years was equal to being together for 20 years before we can begin our race . Takes Him 20 years or so to teach us. We've learned so wrongly all these years.


Defend the word or our faith will dwindle. Need to know why one dies.

It's been a process - not quick that this was formulated over many days.

Unless we can judge it a natural death - not his own neglect or sin (Enoch died)

We must have understanding on this so we can help others. Get everything out now that would bring division. We have to make the judgement here. These things are examples for us. I Cor. 10 Heb. 3+4

We'll be judged by every word that comes out of our mouth. Judge every matter so we can confess our sin especially toward authority. Her sickness couldn't be cured by elders. Elders couldn't get clearance from the Spirit that they could pray in faith. We can't pray in faith if the Spirit doesn't give us confidence to know we can pray this way. If every careless word will be judged, how much more will every intentional word be judged.

Qatan - I wish Naomi could give us the sense of what she was saying.

Ehud - I recall a time during that time, sense of it - Naomi and I were taking Luke there, incident, something happened with Luke. I went to Mary . Resistence of our judgement. Hakam supported but she did not. Fallen maternal instinct to protect them from harm (what was intended to lead them to Godliness - )

Yoneq - There's no trust towards anyone in the body from the least of the brethren to greatest of graces. Related to children Tamizm was right but if he could discern the problem greater he'd have spoken more directly to the problem.

Sameach - Mary said, I really love my children, I poured my life out for them.

Yoneq - sounds good but is there something wrong with this? Evident in all history of Hakam that his children didn't do well.

Sameach - I wish it could have been in the realm of... I thought there was a deficit there - maybe she hadn't poured out her life for the saints. Lacking something.

Naomi - Talking at wedding with Yoneq - "bitterness" she said something

Yoneq spoke his heart to Tohorah (Mary's daughter) - Mary was in the hallway. I told her "Yoneq really reached Tohorah's heart this morning..." Mary said - "You don't know Yoneq - he really can have anger."

I never even knew Mary had bitterness, or her name meant bitterness.

Sameach - Hakam responded to this that Mary was feeling worthless not intending toward Yoneq but from her own worthlessness.

Yoneq - If Hakam had a bad judgement (of)her - this could be a problem with him not judging her properly - Is this not a sin? Are we seeing it right? We won't be able to judge future communities. There could be a lack in him to take the sword with his own wife and children and get to the heart of the thing. Every husband carries a sword with his wife - washing with water of word. Knowing if it comes from Spirit or just the soul or flesh. If true Hakam needs to know. Subjectivity would say - "O yes he can judge household."

ITim.3:5 ? If you don't know how to judge wife or children you don't know how to judge anyone else.

How can grace be upon us if we don't keep asking for active spiritual power of Elohim to be upon us - we're flesh. We'll let things slide.

For certain and sure (if we)don't confess sins - (we)won't be forgiven - If Mary sinned she did not confess it to Naomi or to (our)Father in heaven. She died with sin upon her. If she can't judge herself she'll be judged when world will be judged. Because she spoke against God's authority and loved her own life and children more than God's agent to help her.

Sameach - Why did not Mary have sorrow and unceasing anguish that she spoke this thing ever since she spoke this way. (She) Didn't even tell Hakam. Our Father knows hearts of men. Ask to reveal what's going on her. What's in our heart will come forth from treasure in it. I believe she said these things and could have been forgiven. (I am)Mystified as to why it didn't happen and(it was) never resolved - she died and it's an issue. Numbers 12. "Why were you not afraid to speak against my servant?"

Derush - Mary didn't remember the incident. A few years ago Yoneq moved in my house. I spoke against him - reacted disrespectfully repented publically when it happened. By repenting I was so torn up about it. I can't forget it can't get the words out of the air. Forgiveness comes from confession, cleansing. (What)Disturbed me the most (was she)didn't remember it. Her conscience was so seared or not working or that Hakam had let these things happen so much that it was a way of life to her and not that big a deal. Outlandish - A lie to say Yoneq is given to outbursts of anger against children.

--isea - Perfect example of subjectivity - to judge his firmness as anger.

I've poured out my life for my children - didn't get right with Sameach - a cancerous way she's been with her children over the years. Mary has had a pleasant nice way about her a lot of times (it was difficult)to detect the deadliness of what she'd say because of her sweetness. 12 years ago in front of the store Mary (was)very upset. Hakam, Yoneq, ha Emeq (were)there. I was 5th or 6th party - Don't remember (the)words she spoke - she was so upset at Yoneq and Hakam. Threatening to leave - throwing children in the car. Yoneq told me to go with her to calm her down. (We)Drove to Newport and had a picnic. (I)Tried to calm her down. (She) Just wanted to forget it and push it aside - not in her to confess it or talk about it and ask for help or get it out. I saw it as a way in Mary to not confess her sins. The light in us becomes darkness. It wasn't in her to repent - even to me. This is an old issue in the past. I'm terrified at what happens. Brings me great clarity in my own life - there's truth here Defend the word. I've been so confused through all her suffering. Why didn't He hear all our prayers? Never came to my mind to question her or Hakam as it got closer to her death. I felt my faith was being shipwrecked - Through what you've said my faith is reassured. Our father is teaching us through things we are suffering.

Yoneq - reminded me of proverb. If she's in tune with another spirit about her children don't put someone to the 3rd degree whenever they deal with your children.

Adulterous lips drip with honey.

Proverbs 3:5 Her speech is smoother than oil but in the end she's bitter as gall.

No one knew why she was dying no one knew any sin thought it was healed.

Bitter as gall inside but outside drip honey and smooth as oil.

She never gave up her family spirit and came into family of God. It was passed on to Luke - He's eaten up with same thing - defensiveness - it would have been passed down to 3rd or 4th generation of children.

If Mary would recognize and confess bitterness receiving the name Mary - but still was bitter, wanting to leave - pulling Sam's hair out. We all share in responsibility. Maybe Naomi should have gone back to Mary. We are all going to suffer if we do not take this to heart and not let anything slide under the rug and pass by. What light exposes becomes light. We have to judge perfectly and learn to be judges and learn to endure to the end.

Yonah - I'm right with you on this. Our father is really speaking to us. It's all our sin. It's in us. I want to dispel any doubt about what you're saying. All bitterness we've tolerated in past - fear must come upon us. Need to be salt to cleanse us from all leaven.

Yoneq - Matt.6:22 Lamp is eye - darkness - great darkness

Do you bring in a lamp and put it under a bowl or bed? Mark 4:21

Whatever is hidden is meant to be revealed. We have to live as children of light.

Ehud - our feelings invalidate the word of God - we have nothing to stand on.

Deshe - direct correlation between faith and authority with authority. Centurion had greatest faith in all Israel because he recognized Yashua - authority. No way if Mary (dis)respected God's authority could faith come to heal her - Numbers 12 No way her children could be saved Malachi 4:5 If (you)don't receive Elijah (you)don't receive(the) anointing (your)children will be accursed - no hope.

Yoneq - Our words reveal our spiritual condition James 3:6 - fig tree in heart - figs will come out of your mouth - no other kind can come out. Child of God can not sin. I John 3:6-9 or 10, I John 5:19 or 20. No way Mary could have sinned and not known she'd sinned unless she was not a child of God - totally pagan to be able to sin and not know it. She did not remember this. Why no recollection? Anyone could recognize this if sin against God Himself.

Qatan - Experience in my life - not able to remember sin with mouth. First in Chattanooga long ago - in some way I was negligent. Ehud and I (were)responsible together for something (that) didn't work out - called to account for that. I put off the blame. Shifted to Ehud. After Benaby came and said the cross came to you and you dogged it. I thought this was true. I didn't reject it but I didn't say anything in return. (It)Always came back to me because it wasn't settled. He brought something to me and I didn't acknowledge He (was)right I wrong - I forgot it. Benaby was never around when I remembered it. Kept meaning to tell him but (I was)always negligent. Then I heard Benaby was going to leave and go to Manassah. (I)Waited until 11th hour. (I) Hunted him down. Once (I)admitted it(I) was never troubled with it again.

Zadock - How Hakam responded to Sam. "I'm not surprised she said that, she's apt to do this when she's worthless." Something in him to tolerate this in his wife or not confront her because she wouldn't receive him on it.

Yoneq - Respond to when people speak - don't just let those who have greater grace respond. You must all have grace.

Ehud - This is to all of us not just Hakam. Have we all gone to Hakam and Mary? Have we all tolerated this because of their position in the body?

Yoneq - Raise your hand if you had fear to go to her. Fear isn't right - history of fear to go to her. Where does that fear come from? Is it the aura around you or her? She has the intimidating spirit. This will eventually destroy the body-

Rose - Spoke to Hakam - he said don't talk to me about you and Mary - you work it out -

Sameach - Was what Mary said to Naomi trying to alter her opinion of Yoneq? Something evil working in Mary's heart to hurt her opinion of him.

Yoneq - I don't think Mary was conscious of this in her. Something she had to reject, a spirit. Bill Lowry and I had two different spirits both called them the Holy Spirit but would not agree, diametrically opposed. She spoke in defense of her children because that was a spirit she did not reject even coming against the one who brought the spirit to her. She saw Bill Lowry either she saw an imitation of the truth - what she wanted - but it dissipated now - holds nothing together. If she gave that spirit up in recognition that there was another spirit. Came to Chattanooga and saw us. They heard the written word of God that Bill and I were speaking. They might have reformed - repented in his mind - now he needed to grasp the Holy Spirit .

Don't think Mary wanted to come against me. Defended her children even to the point of coming against anyone who "came against" her children.

Ehud - Anyone who tries to make their children look better than they are is trying to hide their own failure. Called it defensiveness. Failure in Hakam to cut that off.

Yoneq - Children could not receive the Holy Spirit till this is cut off. Have to be able to manage own household. Can't get around word of God. Dig down deep founded on word so house won't fall or else winds blow - house collapses. Can't show partiality because of relationship with Hakam.

Daniel - When did we hear this from Naomi?

Sameach -

Yoneq - Do we fault Naomi for not bringing this to Mary's attention after it happened? If you remember (if)one has something against you must go first to them or your prayers will not be heard, you are in the flesh. Mary should have gone to Naomi and God but didn't. Naomi should have gone to Barak= "my head" - to take it to someone else would have spread greater trouble. Barak could have brought it to her. Doesn't exonerate Mary as a spiritual woman. It wasn't registered to her as a sin. Should have been. Could have appealed to Mary at the time. "Was Yoneq in the flesh? He hurt your daughter? Was he insensitive? Maybe you need to confess this to the whole church for not doing this? I know we'll do it in the future. Healing and proper fear can come to all of us.

Ehud - It's got to go into us or it won't go into our children. It 's got to go into them because they're going to have 100's and 1000's built upon them.

Yoneq - I Cor. 10:7+11 Heb. 3:12 - 18 Let's not make the same mistake as them so we can endure till the end so there can be an end.

Yoneq - Aharon - didn't have complaint against God or the fire for the death of his 2 sons. Can't let any family spirit or any spirit keep back our progress. This would have hurt our confidence to enter the holy of holies - Wasn't held to the end - house of Jacob is being restored now to

He's going to le (This is the way it was written in the original.)

If we don't have boldness and confidence and spiritual fortitude to go to brothers and sisters when they're in sin we need to lose our confidence. Now is time to exercise extreme self control in everything (we're learning now) or we'll be side lined.

Amittai - When we first began what was laid in our foundation was trust and love for authority apart from which we would not have been able to stand. Hard to imagine her committing a high handed act like this. The next week she broke bread in an unworthy manner I Cor. 11:27 guilty of body and blood of our savior. Examine himself not judging the body rightly - (in a ) week , sick and asleep.

Yoneq - This has to come upon us. If not we wouldn't be his children. We have to fear. It's almost encouraging to know it can and has come upon us that he can judge his children just like so many things can happen that we can know it is the hand of our Father. He doesn't give us too much - just enough to know right now.

Yonah - What I'm hearing in this is what I can understand. It doesn't seem like that instance was the root cause but the tip of the iceberg that manifested himself but it was an undealt with thing with a history - from not cutting off earthly fatherhood - bitterness goes in conjunction with a spirit of complaint. You don't really take responsibility for things upon yourself. You feel like you've been treated unfairly so you don't judge yourself.

There were at least two times that I know of that Mary was leaving the body. One time I was involved in Chattanooga another when she was leaving at the Green House. She was going to call Alton Ovett. Yoneq said maybe she should leave but she didn't. I don't know whether in myself she ever unpacked her bags. Might be why Hakam was always hindered to draw a sword - for fear of her leaving because a sword was coming to tell her where she was at. A way in her and a way in Hakam - intimidated by a fear - an anger that she would take his children away. I thought she was doing better but it may have been smoothed over - we may have learned to tiptoe around her better.

Yoneq - Dwayne Jennings - She called Ovett then Dwayne and never confessed it till 1 or 2 years later. We thought that was really bad because he became an enemy and wouldn't stand with us. Mary could have hanged Yashua up again to recrucify him to confirm their bad feelings of us.

Like what Donna did - public shame - Yashua is held up as a criminal - not able to save - confirmed in his thoughts - hah - that's what I thought about them in the first place - I don't know if she'd come to knowledge of truth. Did she ever get it straight with Dwayne Jennings? That's why there may be no repentance for that. It's like being washed for something. Can't be every week - same sin every week - you've done something about it - you've put it aside. How many times are you going to stumble in the race? Our father's giving us plenty of time to work these things out in our life. If we entertained thoughts in us - he comes into us and it is so hard to get him out. That's why we have to cry out in a loud voice to be saved from death and the things that lead us to death.

I believe that Mary was a sister who couldn't judge herself. I don't understand that but we can't understand all things now. Her life doesn't have to be in vain but can be learned from. A good service so all can gain fair in this ministry. Saul helps me so much. Am I going to be like Saul? Is there a David coming after me? If I fell like David I couldn't be forgiven - I have greater discernment. We have the Holy Spirit in us. Don't have to say "Don't take your Holy Spirit from me." Not saying I'm better than David. Seemed like the Spirit came and went. He is sealed in my spirit forever. We are one. Doesn't mean that he is always pre-eminent in my heart. He doesn't give himself to anyone who hasn't reformed by.

So we have to say Father help us to understand more about her. People dying(in the world) Some kings die less weeping - some great weeping. Some people leave - great remorse - pain and anguish but others - not much. We might lose a James Howell but we can't lose a Timothy Pendegrass - Certain people would devastate us to see fall and leave and go to that torture. Who do you love with all your heart that's your brother and sister? Who would you lay down your physical life for? Who do you do it for every day? Whose joy do you have in presence of and fellowship with? Some we don't expect that joy around. How could we live without Ricky and Paulette? Some die - not much heartbreak. Others not so much. So many things are still subjective to us - Paul spoke subjectively(I say this - not the Lord) Authority in households is going to bring us to the end. I'm going to Sus - A man makes his plans, YHWH directs his steps.

Grace is something spiritual that comes upon you to do something an active force that's upon people to accomplish - can't do anything apart from him -

Qatan - Find out everything about it.

Everything is increased by our knowledge of the word. Learn more about grace and gives me more faith. When we walk in grace there's no telling what's going to happen.

Mtg Oct.5 Lincolnvele(word is unclear in the original) outside Rockland, ME. Paul and Heather and Philip. Don't like church but call selves Christian Blues Band - play some - be all things to all people with self control. She's sad got C section without. Don't want to overwhelm them. Planted papers all over ME. Philip responded. He liked his visit here. Pray for Philip, Paul and Heather and their friends. Something may open up in Maine.

Sameach - guilt is practical. If you're spiritual you should feel it.

Hakam - I need direction - my accountability.

Yoneq - Yonah and you need a new start.

Hakam - I want a new start. I have a misunderstanding in me. I don't understand the last 3 years of my life - Either I'm the most greatly deceived person that ever lived - I believed healing was coming to me one time in Nova Scotia. So now it's like the last 3 years are not valid and don't exist. I can't grasp anything. I can't make any sense out of the last 3 years of my life. Because I don't know I need you to tell me. I receive it - I don't resist what you say. I see my experience where I supposedly was walking in grace where my wife was supposedly supporting me. I believe this was the truth. I believe the word is the truth.

Yoneq - Nothing was based on this - anything until Naomi brought this out. Everyone thought she was doing good. Till heard there is unconfessed sin.

Hakam - I need you tell me what to do when I walk out of this room..

Yoneq - Until Naomi said this, would have been based on nothing - Don't know why last 3 ½ years were years of healing.

Zadok - I was groping wondering if Hakam would say this about - maybe he was worn down as with a dripping faucet - accepting this condition as a worthless spirit.

Yoneq - still seems like these things were in her life. Can't expect perfection from anyone. The only thing we have to be perfect in now is confessing our sins and speaking to people on the outside. Or your conscience will haunt you night and day.

Hakam - I said that to Sameach based on a drastic change in her spirit since she arrived in Nova Scotia based on the past. Subjectively speaking seemed like there was drastic change - I wasn't afraid to say anything to her. She didn't resist me. She received me totally.

Sameach - Do you have any explanation for the thing with Naomi?

Hakam - No, only know she repented to me of everything she'd ever resisted before. All I know is there was drastic difference in her life.

Yoneq - I think it was generally presumed that healing was taking place.

Ehud - 2 things going on in me - seems significant to me that her cancer was in her childbearing organs. And bad fruit in Luke and Amaz that they weren't able to detect. Can't put fault but this is evidence that what she was perceiving wasn't taking place.

Yoneq - True - his son was passing on all 4 letter words and genital slangs - most vulgar sense of slang. Luke was at the point of going to grow up, leave and become an architect. Said , If my mother dies there's no God at all. I knew he was not a believer - he'd never been saved - denies fact that he is your sovereign. Hakam knew nothing of all this. Things could have been hidden deep in Mary - able to smooth it over. She said this to Naomi and she never knew about it or not.

Sameach - unfair question.

Hakam - Just want understanding.

Yoneq - Seems obvious there's a fundamental lack in Hakam to be able to judge his family right - obvious fruit in his children - His children and his wife could die physically and spiritually before him without him discerning it or the cause. We lack knowledge but a father should judge his family right. There's a fundamental lack of grace upon him for this ability . Grace - power to grant us supernatural understanding and abilities all that we need to know and understand things. Supernatural ability to judge his family right. My daddy couldn't judge 1 sin. Can't judge by grace supernaturally.

Like our own head Yahshua knows us and disciplines us when we sin. He sees everything. If Mary sinned and was not disciplined she was not conscious of it so could not confess it. Now dead - disciplined - maybe didn't admit it. If we sin we have to say I'm sorry. Until forgiveness is released - from father (to) each other through confession - Maybe she didn't sin against authority.

That invalidates the word.

Our Father disciplines us . Father must discipline wife and family. If one doesn't know how to manage household. Hakam has tremendous exquisite gifts and a (?)

But I don't know if he has grace to be independent apostle or chief among elders. May need help to scrutinize life because of his family situation. If not for spirit leading us and our inquisitiveness may not know condition of children. His children did not confide in him. We need to train our children to come to us. Our children should never tolerate a fool or want to be with them.

Standard I Timothy 3:5 Manage family. Has he been a manager of church? Does he know how? Did Paul speak in the flesh? Maybe he was managing family. Is our hand too high/ higher than God's ? If he'd have been a head he would have known condition of his family. I never saw such marvelous repentance before from anyone. Hakam wept deeply for ½ hour over Luke. Reconciliation of father's heart to son - reality did. If not turned to each other we're all false - Christians - think were something but nothing - all futility and vain. Can't turn heart to children and family without spirit.

It doesn't really matter how many wives die if the father's hearts don't turn toward their children. If not we are all false anyway. This is ultimate reality. The Master won't come to the temple. What does TURN mean? Did nothing bring about the end of this age?

Pro - created or propagated? Pro - created work together with the creator. Brought about by prayer for the child. Propagator - wear sign for rest of our lives if something isn't done. HAS IT GONE TOO FAR?

A lot of trouble to have a wife in this age.

The greatest thing you could do in this age is to turn your heart to your child. Sameach wanted a child for 12 ½ years could be that he procreated that child. Now he needs to raise him without spoiling him.

Seems like we're Israel. I see that we're Israel. I think we'll know what you're to do. Not know now till he reveals it. Love your sons and daughter. Yonah needs to love your children.

We need to hear from Holy Spirit to confirm what's been said. Mystery here because Hakam is a leader - great gift in administration. Don't know about as a local elder. Very difficult to know how we're going. We're just being led. Hakam could be an apostle to be sent to South Africa. But he's certainly not going to overlook his fundamental responsibility.

Yonah - people with powerful souls and intellect can fake it on natural grace. Mary had leprosy and Luke did and it wasn't detected. Her death has come as a shock to us - the illness the decline , struggle and defeat.

Also Luke.

But I think that.

In my life I function in natural graces in a lot of ways - soulish - without a proper fear of authority overweaning self confidence.

Somewhere along the line I didn't do differently. But my well dried up because He was taking us to a new place where we needed to be connected to our Master.

Hakam has been a marvelous administrator but didn't have check inself to reside over elders without natural grace.

Judah being too busy. I think is wrapped up in this. We're not too busy because the word tells us to be too busy, we're busy because of other things. You related what Tamizm said to Mary's death but not exclusively. Relates to our lives. Mal...." Smite the land with a curse.." Not our priority to be Israel. We can't disregard our children to do anything.

Yoneq - Trying to establish our industries so we can include our children but disregard them in the meantime.

Yonah - Wealth quickly gained will blow away. I think our Father is going to help us see these things and is. I think Mary's death is going to benefit us. We have to have fear of not obeying our Master's word. Not of not paying our bills ...etc. Not being weighed down so that day won't come upon us like a trap. Things aren't clear to Hakam because he's got to agonize over these things and there'll be a change.

Yoneq - So strengthening for those speaking, trying to speak by spirit - confirmation - Amen - Wonderful word. There's no people (I)want to work with more than Yonah and Hakam. He's not going to forsake us. He's going to do quick and thorough work. You've got to agonize over these things.

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