Thursday evening - 24 December 1992 - Londrina, Brazil

One Law for Citizens and Visitors

Our Father is building a nation out of people - living stones - it is a temple. Our Father does not like brick buildings. He likes to dwell in human beings. Only evil spirits like to dwell in brick buildings.

So, we are a temple. Whoever His Spirit lives in is a part of that temple. You have to receive that spirit to be a living stone, a part of that temple. Whoever tears this temple down will be destroyed, but if you build it up you will have life. (1 Cor 3:16,17). Never speak against what is going on in His temple - words that tear down His temple. (Speaking to a guest who is staying with us: If you were with Him, you would be gathering with Him, but since you are not with Him, you are scattering, tearing down.) There are two different kinds of people: one builds, another tears down. If our Father can ever get a community, an edah, where everyone is building, then He is going to suddenly physically come to that temple and fill it (Mal 3:1).

Prov 6:8-12 talks about a worthless, vile person, a scandal and villain, who goes around talking against what our Father is doing, spreading discord. Discord is something that is working against what He is doing. A person who causes division by what he says is self-condemned. (Tit 3:10) Be on the alert for anyone who causes division; do not even talk to them.

In Israel, when aliens came in from the surrounding nations and said, "Hey, can I live with you. I want to know your God.", they didn't go back to their family when a pagan holiday came up to participate in a pagan ritual and then return the next week. In Israel there is one law for strangers and citizens alike. There are not two laws. One law. We all keep the Sabbath. There is only one law. We do not go home for Christmas. We do not go home and take part in that religious rite which has nothing to do with God. It is a pagan holiday that creates a euphoric feeling in you: "I want this and I'll get that." It is a pagan holiday. They say something about Jesus being born on Christmas, but he is not to be confused with YAHSHUA. Our Master was not born on Christmas. Christmas and Easter comes from Babylon. We are not in Babylon. We are back in Israel. We don't celebrate Babylon's holiday.

We have YAHSHUA the Son of God, born in Bethlehem (not on December 25th - look it up in history). We don't have anything to do with that pagan holiday Christmas. We are not a suitcase community. We don't go home. This is our home. Our parents and relatives are more than welcome to come here and visit. We have one law. If a person comes here to stay here, to know our God, then he doesn't come and go and come and go. We want to know people's intentions - if they are serious. Thousands come but only a few are serious. The broad road is wide, but only a few enter into the narrow way of YAHSHUA. if they are just visiting, it is another thing. But when someone says they want to be with us and live with us, they must do as we do. The reason most people don't become disciples is because of their mother, or father or children or sister or brother or possessions.

When God chooses someone, they will build up and add to what is going on here, not tear down. We are building a new nation, a new society. It is barely beginning here in Brazil right now, but it must be built this way. It cannot be like Christianity because Christianity has been invalidated. We have come out of Christianity. A person has to fall on that rock and be broken or else be crushed by it. (1 Pet 2:2; Mt 21:44). And that rock is Messiah. If a person is serious about their lost soul, they will come under His authority. God's authority is good; it is for you; it is best for you. (It is best for a person who wants to be here that they would not go home to Christmas parties. And it is best for us, because they might be from one religion - Christianity which observes Christmas, and another person from another religion which observes their god. And if everywhere on earth that we have communities, if people were going out and serving other gods, where would we be?) Christmas is serving another god. If a person is going to be here, they cannot serve other gods. That is good news. We want the standard that we use for others to be the standard we use. We are part of Lk 12:49-53. That is exactly what happens when you come into another kingdom. In order to enter the narrow door you must let go of everything. Peter said, "We left everything to follow you." You have to die to your life in every way. That is what we have done. We have set our hand to the plow; we are being made fit for the kingdom (Lk 9:62).

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