August 25, 1994 - Morning Sacrifice

The Personality of God in Us

Yesterday we were talking about the temple - the personality of God being in us. We actually have a personality - a wonderful personality. In school, we actually said, "He has a nice personality. He's the most likely to succeed." They only considered the early bloomers - never the late bloomers. A lot of people are late bloomers. Late bloomers are good bloomers (Phinehas Ornan is a late bloomer). It is the difference between a squash and an oak tree. Our Father can make a squash in 3 months, but it takes a long time to make an oak tree. I'd rather be an oak tree, wouldn't you?

We have the Holy Spirit - Ruach ha Kodesh - the holy breath - the very person. He breathed it on His disciples and they received the Holy Spirit. It is a mystery when we talk about the Holy Spirit. Yesterday we talked about the temple of the Holy Spirit (1 Cor 3:15). Paul was writing about building right - if what a man builds endures, he'll receive a reward. If anyone's work is burned, he'll suffer the loss of all the work he did, but he himself will be saved as passing through fire. In vs. 15 the "you" is speaking of plural, the corporate Body, speaking of the Edah there in Corinth.

1 Cor 3:18 - Let no one come under self-deception. You can't deceive our Father. We were talking about self-deception last night. What do you think Paul meant by vs. 18? You have to go down before you can go up. We all see how we were fools with our youth and the underground. Let's not deceive ourselves. No one ever got away with this did they? God exposes (vs. 19) - He catches the wise in their own craftiness. He's talking about people in the Body who actually try to tear down the temple. They think they are wise, "No one sees me eating this candy bar or these puff balls!" Vs. 19 - the Holy Spirit knows the thought of the wise and catches them in their craftiness. They are sly, they think they are getting away with something in their room.

You know what tears the Body down? Living here without being dressed and ready and prepared.


Craftiness is versatile cleverness. Zechariah Martin is a prime example of this - he'd do crafty things and think he could get away with it. Versatile cleverness is being Community8 wise - people like this know exactly what to say to get people to accept their repentance. Zechariah knows what to do to get along - he's learned the ropes and he knows what to say and how to say it in a sophisticated, versatile clever way - to make people believe him/ He has unscrupulous conduct - evil treachery, deceptive scheming, sly shrewdness (Strong's #3834).

Vs. 18 - He catches the wise in their own craftiness. The true wise need to be wise, but this is talking about a worldly spirit. We need to be wise in this evil age, and have wisdom about evil spirits that teach us to be crafty and wise. You can receive wisdom from God or from the evil one - one builds up and one tears down.

Crafty refers to Satan. In 2 Cor. 11:3 - it talks about Satan's craftiness that deceived Eve. Many of our youth were almost under that spell and it was dispelled, but there are probably some roots left that could spring up. It is up to us and our youth to up-root and check it in our children so this spirit will not be in the Body. It's like the Pharisees in Lk. 20:23 - they tried to deceive our Master. In Eph 4:14 - Paul is talking about the worldly wise - they came in and flew over the wall like unclean birds (Rev 18:2). Christianity is full of deceptive birds - that's all it is.

1 Cor 3:19; 2 Cor 11:3 - The evil one is crafty and he deceived the first Eve and he's going to try to deceive the 2nd Eve. We're going to write a paper on "The Rise and Fall of the First Church" - how it rose and fell. You can see this in 2 Cor 11:3. The second Eve was deceived like the first Eve - the Bride (the counterpart, the mate of our Master) being prepared by Him was deceived.

2 Cor 4:2 says - if the gospel is presented this way there's no revealing of the glory of our Master. In the first church there were schemes and hidden things. Rev 3:14-19 - The Laodiceans were lukewarm, but they thought they were doing good - they were flying high, but they were deceived. In Rev 18:2 - they were full of every unclean bird. When we go to the Christian concerts in England we'll see all these unclean birds - they think they're the Body of Messiah - the hard rock is to appease and pacify their youth so they won't leave thei8r church. They say, "Why should the devil have all the good music?" 2 Cor 4:2 - but we have renounced these things and are not walking in craftiness. Christianity handles these things deceitfully - they don't talk about certain things in the Word because it doesn't fit into their lifestyle.

If the gospel is veiled to those who are perishing and they aren't saved it is because they are not willing to do God's will and He knows it. There is nothing you can do (even beat them) to get them to do His will - they don't want to do His will! They will go to the second death. The god of this age has blinded them and they do not receive faith to believe.

The gospel illuminates with light - if it shines on people it's because they've been illuminated. We have to have a polished arrow. The reason you can be one is because you fell on your fact and repented - a polished arrow came to you. We have to have a polished arrow to our heart, then we can give polished arrows to others. 2 Cor 4:6 - It's the God who commanded light to shine out of darkness who has shone in our hearts to give the light of the glory of God.

Craftiness - is hidden things; doing things on the sly. 1 Cor 6:18 - is talking about the temple (the Body of Messiah) on an individual level, not a corporate one. Vs. 16-18 - Someone who is joined to a harlot is someone who gives themselves to sexual intercourse with someone they are not married to - the early church joined themselves to the world. We almost joined ourselves to the world several times. We could have done this at Woodstock by just playing music for them - they applauded us and then the next minute they applauded the next band (We could also have taken the opportunity to just preach, but we didn't feel led by the Holy Spirit at that time.). Or by our Intentional Community paper - by not presenting the clear gospel in it - black and white - exposing the rest as false.

Sexual Immorality

You have become one Spirit with our Master, Yahshua - don't join yourself to someone else. Anyone who commits sexual immorality sins against his own body. Our body is a temple of the Holy Spirit - you are not your own anymore - you were bought with a price - you were purchased by His death on the cross - you are one with God. The new translations omit the rest of that - "glorify God in your bodies." So you can see that it would be unthinkable to involve our Master in sexual misconduct. This is why people have fallen away and could not be restored no matter what they tried to do because they went over the boundary of His love. There's no way to re-connect them. Even if they didn't totally connect with the other person (the other person didn't go along with them), their intention was to.

So you can see that sexual conduct is only meant for marriage - it involves ones whole being - it has a great spiritual significance, a social thing. It's the most horrible thing that could happen in the Body to have this relationship outside of marriage. You have to be deceitful to hide it, to pine away for it, to die and leave. You have to leave - there is no way you can stay unless this has happened before you came to th4e knowledge of the truth. But we have trained our children now to come to Abba and Emma when something strange occurs. If you haven't trained your child then you're an obstacle in the Body and you will be removed. It's sin against the Body - do you understand this? And not only against the Body, but a sin against the Holy Spirit who dwells in the Body you've connected yourself to. If we've been purchased by the blood of our Master - we honor Him - we belong to Him. If anyone in the Body has been restored it is because our Father had great mercy on us because we didn't fully understand what we were doing (we were led into something).

So we can see the difference with the Body of Messiah who committed fornication with the world and aligned herself with them (the harlot) - Rev 18:2 - all the unclean birds came in (Christianity). "She became a harlot" - became indicates pre-existence in something else. The Son of God became a man - it was a miracle. Yahshua existed as God eternally, but He took on humanity6. This was the miracle of the virgin birth - the Holy Spirit impregnated Mary and she gave birth to a son and she called Him Joshua which means Yahshua (Yahweh saves).

Yahshua and Yeshua

Matt 1:21 - shows up the difference between Yahshua and Yeshua. The Jews and Christianity say He will save and that His name is Yeshua, not Yahshua. But what did the angel say? Did he say "He will save"? or Yahweh will save? It says Joshua in the footnotes of many Bibles. The Jews say His names is "He will save" (Yeshua), but you can plainly show them. What did the angel call Him in Mt 1:21? If you never looked at it you would still be in ignorance. What does it say in the footnote? The Lord is Yahweh - He will save His people from their sins through His salvation that was incarnated. Understand this so you can have an answer for people. Yahweh - He is the Source. The Father sent the Son - what is the Son's name? Jn 5:43 - "I have come in the name of My Father". I talked to Miryam Hur and asked her how you would say, "Yahshua, for He will save?" She said, "Yahshua veh Yeshua" - this is what the angel said in Matt 1:21/ Yahweh's salvation will save. "He will save" is Yeshua. "Yahweh will save" is Yahshua. Now tell me the 2 things we talked about - someone give me what you learned this morning?

Hosah - I read in Prov 25:28 - If we lack self-control it's like giving ourselves to the harlot. The walls of the Edah will be broken down and every unclean spirit will come in.

Kenah - I saw clearly that the first church fell away because they joined themselves to other spirits like a man joins himself to a harlot becoming one with her. When you go to those Christian rock concerts, it's the same spirit - the words are slightly different, but the music is the same as hard rock. Christianity is one with the harlot. You can't tell the difference between her and the harlot. In the same way, we can be one with our Father - so you can't tell the difference between us. It's the same with a husband and wife - you can go to the wife and ask her something because she'll have the same response as the husband because they're one.

Racham - When we resist the anointing there is no difference from what the Christians do when they reject his life (if we don't uphold the standard. Why do we buy ice cream for our family and et it in our room? Because we compromise the standard we've received from the anointing. We live this life so that our brothers and sisters can help us. Our Father has to expose our motives or we'll live here on a leash. I'd like to have His personality - that excites me! It's worth giving up our life for every day.

Yoneq - We have the personality of God - His person - His Spirit.

Sameach - Think about how hard it is to receive correction - it hurts - it works against the wrong ways in us. The whole ministry of Lucifer is that he would keep us from seeing the glory of our Master. The evil one wants to get us to the point where we'll just be full of lies and act like someone who has a good conscience - that we'd be in darkness, but imitate someone who is living in the light. I really want to be healed of my wrong ways - if I'm a hypocrite. I'm really amazed at our Master's ongoing efforts to save us. I don't want to resist the pain of being healed. Correction produces the peaceable fruit of righteousness.

Kepha - The wisdom that comes from the evil one leads to craftiness. And the wisdom that comes from our Father leads to righteousness. I want to seek the wisdom that comes from Him - to become like Him. If we've joined ourselves with Him we've become like Him. That's what I want - to be like our Master - so I won't shrink back when He comes.

Yoneq - It would be wonderful if it could ever dawn on us that we're one Spirit with our Master (Jn 14:7). Whoever joins himself to Him has His personality in them - so our personality should be like His. (Philip said, "Show us the Father and we'll believe".) How do you get to the source? You've got to go right through our Master, Yahshua, and be baptized into Him.

Keli - That's why the gospel has to come through a sent one - a messenger not just in a mystical way - so people can see the personality of God and not just hear words.

Yoneq - That's right! That's the wisdom of our Father. If anyone comes in and takes that simple devotion away, then know that they are not from Yahshua (They tell people to send their Bibles to Russia!).

Daveed Yaiyr - The Bible says, "They were devoted to the apostles teachings and to fellowship and the love of the brethren and to prayer and they were filled with awe and many miracles were done and they were devoted to Yahshua" (Acts 2:42). Christianity has lost their simple devotion to Him. But we're being restored.

Emet - I'm so thankful for the Body. I know I have hidden things in e, but we have the most wonderful friends - our lives are known by our shepherds and people who know the thins we suffer and can help us. We're so blessed to have the Body. In the world you might start to see your sin, but you go to people and there's no help.
Jn 1:7,9 - Unrighteousness is the thing that makes you want to sin. His glory is like a light bulb that can shine on sin. It's an amazing thing that we can confess our sins - we have friends. Christians won't be honest - they don't have the hope we have - so it's hard for them to be honest - because when you are it only brings ridicule.

Huldah - I remember being a child and growing up and doing things by myself and when I saw them I would feel bad until I confessed them and was forgiven. And they were just tiny things, but they bothered me so much I couldn't stand it until I was forgiven. I can see that my relationship with our Master isn't what it should be - it isn't like that - I want it to grow. I want my relationship with our Master to grow so that I wouldn't do things that would divide me from Him.

Yoneq - 2 verse s- James 3:13 talks about he who's wise - let him show by his conduct (meekness) and verse 17 - pure, without hypocrisy. Where envy and self-seeking exist, confusion is there. Remember that, so we can judge this.

Racham - I hope we can see how Yoneq has labored with us so we won't only take in what we hear as the law, ("Don't eat candy, eat millet!") It is vision that fills us up.

Yoneq - If you eat something that's not food you will get filled up and then you can't eat nourishing things. And let's not talk bout never eating ice cream. There's times for this.

Keli - Just like when you fill yourself up with things of the world all day - you'll come to the sacrifice and be all filled up - you won't have an appetite for what's being spoken here.

Yoneq - Because you like what the world can give (radio, TV).

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