Profile: Armstrongism

Founded:   Early 1930's, by Herbert W. Armstrong (1892-1986), known then as the "Worldwide Church of God". 

Current Organization:   Splintered amongst numerous smaller sects, since the official Worldwide Church of God has rejected most of Armstrong's teachings.  Some of the churches still holding to Armstrong's teachings are the Associated Church of God, the United Church of God, and the Philadelphia Church of God. 

Description:  The original WCG that held to Armstrong's teaching was a highly visible, media-savy organization.  Their magazine "The Plain Truth" and television program "The World Tomorrow" were without equal as religious media outlets.  Herbert Armstrong's more distinctive doctrines included Anglo-Israelism (the belief that white, western Europeans are the "true" Jewish people), Sabbattarianism, and the necessity for following the Jewish kosher rules with respect to diet.  His messages were also frequently apocalyptic.   When the leadership of the WCG rejected the teachings of Armstrong in favor of traditional Christian doctrines, well over 50% of the Armstrongists abandoned the church, opting to form numerous new congregations loyal to the legacy left by Armstong.


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