Profile: Church Universal and Triumphant (Elizabeth Clare Prophet)

Founded:   In 1958 by Mark Prophet (1918-1973). The organization has also been known as Summit Lighthouse.

Current Organization:   Headquartered in Montana, the Church is overseen by three co-presidents, Kate Gordon, Ken Frazier and Neroli Duffy. At it's height in the late 1980's. the Church was run by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, boasted some 50,000 members, owned 33,000 acres of land in Montana, and was reputed to have larger weapons cache than many nations. In the last few years, they have sold over two-thirds of their land, lost many of their members, and are considering even having to log from their own church lands to be able to remain solvent.

Description:  The Church Universal and Triumphant is a New Age religion, basing at least some of their teaching on Theosophic thought. Specifically, they teach that "Ascended Masters", that is, wise teachers from ages past, communicate truths to their gurus. The core truths of their teachings is that man is really divine, and that by affirming oneself in that fact, one can achieve a god-like existence. CUT also draws from ancient gnostic writings to support it's beliefs.


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