Profile:International Churches of Christ

(aka Boston Movement, Boston Church of Christ)

Founded:  About 1979 by Kip McKean, when he took over Lexington Church of Christ. In 1982, he began to plant churches in various other cities. In 1987, he discontinued fellowship with other Church of Christ congregations outside of his control and thus became a "sect". Renamed "International Church of Christ" in 1993.

Current Organization:   Approx. 180,000 members in major cities all over world, with the unofficial headquarters now in Los Angeles. As of 2001, Kip McKean is on Sabbatical for personal reasons, however, he retains title "world evangelist" and will likely soon return. Until then, day to day operations have been delegated to the 11 "world sector" leaders.

Description:  The ICC in most theological aspects is not unlike most other conservative, Bible-based churches. However, they are restorationist, believing that they are the true representative of the early church. As a corollary to that belief, they insist that one must be baptized and discipled in their organization to be saved. Numerous questions have been raised regarding their methodology in "shepherding" their members, which requires each individual to submit essentially all decisions in their life to the oversight of a mentor in the group.


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