Profile: The Raelians

Founded:   1973 by French journalist and race car driver Claude Vorilhon, now known as "Rael".

Current Organization:   Hierarchical, with "Rael" as it's leader or prophet.

Description:  On December 13th, 1973, near a volcano outside of Clermont-Ferrand, France, Vorilhon claims to have encountered a UFO from which a four foot man with almond-shaped eyes emerged. The man ( or more accurately, "Elohim") claimed that he was "Yahweh" and that mankind had mistakenly taken his race for supernatural beings. Yahweh explained that his race had actually created the human race via genetic cloning and that they wanted to return to the planet to live in peaceful co-existence. The expected date of their return in 2025. The only thing that Rael is to do for them in preparation is build a spacious embassy in Israel. Interestingly enough, Yahweh gave fairly detailed plans of the embassy he wants, right down to the number of bathrooms and the swimming pool.

Rael, on a later encounter in 1975, claims to have travelled to the planet of the Elohim, and met Buddha, Jesus, Confucious, and Joseph Smith.

In addition to their preponderance on alien encounters (including crop circles and abductee stories) the Raelians also are well known for their teaching on the virtues of sensuality and sexual liberation. The Raelians are perhaps best known for the publicity they received from the claims to have successfully cloned the first humans in late 2002.

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