Profile: The Way International

Founded:   In 1958, by Victor Paul Wierwille (1916-1985 )

Current Organization:   Headquartered in New Knoxville, Ohio, the church which is estimated to have some 50,000 active members worldwide. It is currently headed by Craig Martindale.

Description:  The Way International began a number of years after Victor Paul Wierville, a Church of Christ pastor, claimed to have audibly heard God tell him that He was going to teach him His doctrine. This theology, as is the case with most restorationists, was reputed not to have been known since the day of the apostles. Wierville's best known book that typified his teaching is called "Jesus is not God", which is self-evidentiary as to it's general theological slant. The Way is furthermore pentacostal with respect to speaking in tongues and other charismatic gifts.


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