Preparation Night Teaching, Sus, 23 March 1989


RANSOM - the price paid for the release of a captive; the quantity you give to get someone out of prison. It has to be commensurate or equal to the crime; or equal to the value of the person you are ransoming. REDEMPTION - to redeem.

Psalm 49:15 - But God will REDEEM my soul from the power of Sheol; For He will receive me.

Probably David wrote this. He realized that he was going to Sheol, but he had hope that even there, God would rescue him...after He had provided a ransom.

Sin has to be paid for. Adam's sin brought about a curse to all men who lived after him. Gen 2:17 said 'the day you eat you shall die.' 'A soul that sins shall die' (Ez 18:4); 'the wages of sin is death'. Rom 6:23 Someone had to pay the ransom for that sin, so all men had to go to death for it.

RANSOM is liberation from slavery or undesirable circumstance; delivery or redemption from captivity. It is delivery from Adam's curse, the price paid for obtaining the pardon of sin.

Matt 20:28 'the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many'. YAHSHUA made that payment for many. And although he died for all as it says in 2 Cor 5:15, it is not a contradiction that He is a ransom only for many. Just because He died for all does not mean that everyone is ransomed, but only those who would no longer live for themselves but entirely for Him who loved them, are ransomed. Acts 5:32; John 3:36 If all were saved and going to the Holy City, then there would be no nations for the people in the Holy City to rule over; they would have nothing to do. This is contrary to the Word. Only the many are saved to be Israel. In Eph 3:21, the generations are the nations which propagate life, generation after generation, forever and ever! Amen.

Israel means ruling people. The many that our Master was a ransom for are those who are learning to rule now by the power of the Holy Spirit in their lives, so that they can rule later over those people in the world who lived by their conscience (after those people have died to pay for their own unintentional sins, Adam's curse, [since they were not ransomed by YAHSHUA]).

The Holy Spirit is only given to the many whose hearts are known by God. He knows that their heart is to repent, capitulate, surrender their head. They know that their head has to go and His head has to govern. God knows the ones who are willing to do his will, they will have revelation and understanding (John 7:170, those who are not willing to do his will won't have understanding. Whether you will be one of the many or not is based on what God knows about your heart.

John 3:16 Whoever believes are the many. They are the ones who are drawn (John 6:44) to YAHSHUA. They sense being drawn to the savior and are convicted of their own sin and are willing to do His will. Those who believe in Him while they live, shall never die. John 11:26 Everyone who has heard and learned from the Father, comes to Me, (John 6:45) they will be taught by God. He knows who belongs to Him and who doesn't. Those who do, the many, were chosen before the foundation of the world (Eph 1:4) and will rule with YAHSHUA, the King of Israel as priests in the kingdom that He will set up after the evil one is thrown into the abyss where he will no longer be able to reign on the earth and deceive the world. Rev 1:6; 5:10; and 20:4

We, the chosen many who are drawn to Him and ransomed by Him will be tested. Our Master was tested in everything and never sinned. Heb 4:15 Though there is nothing pleasant or pleasurable about our testing, we can rejoice in it because 1 Peter 4:12-15 says that if we are tried and tempted, we are blessed. If we are reviled for His name sake then we are worthy and not worthless, because we are WILLING to live a godly life. We must be found worthy of His Kingdom as it says the Thessalonians were (2 Thess 1:4,5), because they were suffering. (But then something happened because they evidently did not continue in that same mind.) In Acts 14:22 it says through many tribulation we enter the kingdom and in Rev 20:4-6: those who were to reign had been beheaded for His name sake and their testimony of Him.

If we died with Him we will live with Him, if we endure with Him, we will reign with Him. 2 Tim 2:11,12 That is complete salvation: Being found worthy of eternal life by receiving the good news and then being found worthy of the kingdom by suffering for His name.

It is possible to not be found worthy of eternal life, (Acts 13:46) by rejecting the good news. If a person is not able to be drawn, doesn't care about serving his creator or doing His will, knows that he is going to die for what he does but chooses to do it anyway and rejects the news of a sent one, he has made himself unworthy of eternal life.

Everyone in the world who hasn't had his sins forgiven is spiritually a leper. In Mark 1:40 a leper came to our Master beseeching Him, falling on his knees "If you are willing, make me clean." Our Master was moved with compassion and stretched out His hand and touched the leper and cleansed him. This story is in 3 accounts in the gospel, showing that our God is more than willing to make us clean from the world's sin. YAHSHUA died for all but only those who by faith come to Him will be cleansed; only that remnant will receive the ransom that His death paid. A person has to know that they are unclean. If they won't see that, it shows a wickedness in their heart because they don't care that their condition is leperous. They are unworthy to receive the ransom for the guilt which they have just from being born a child of Adam. Gen 2:17

Our Father could have just made it so to let Adam overcome; but he had a predetermined plan to find out who was worthy of salvation. He was not willing to save a bunch of people who could care less and who would blaspheme/reject Him and so were actually worthy of the lake of fire. He wanted to have a people who would appreciate Him for dying for them and who were willing to suffer for Him; who would love Him supremely and so be worthy of His salvation and worthy of the Holy Spirit.

A person can add to the first death by his own choice.

According to Gen 2:17, God not only intended for man to die once, 'the first death' and then a resurrection to the nations (Gen 1:28), He quickened man's conscience so that he would live by it and subsequently, death and Hades would end. Rev 20:13,14 But after He came to earth (Gen 3:15) and had Himself pay for the sin of Adam and all other deliberate sins, thereafter, all who (2 Cor 5:14,15; 2 Tim 2:11) would die with Him (receive Him) (Rom 6:1-8) would be elevated to Himself in the Holy City to rule over the nations, (men and women who lived by the highest standard they knew.)

Hades is the place where departed spirits go. When a person dies, his body goes to the grave where it decays. But his life, consciousness, soul, spirit, goes to Sheol. A person's conscience, that unseen part of him that records the thoughts of his mind in his brain, is part of what goes to Hades. So even though his brain decays in the grave, his conscience remembers everything he has done. Rom 2:15,16; Ecc 12:14

Our Father intended that man would wait in the hope of being rescued out of Hades. There is hope for the godly there, and no hope for the ungodly and those souls know it because their conscience is either excusing them or accusing them of what they had done. Their whole way of feeling and acting, their aims and endeavors in accordance with what was recorded in the books. They were tried and their case is determined by what they had done according to their motives, aims and works.

Even though only a first death was intended for man (to pay for Adam's sin Gen 2:17), right away, Adam's son went against his conscience which YHWH had quickened. Cain was jealous of Abel and premeditated (thought about for a long time before) his act of murdering Abel. Gen 4:5-8 He then gave birth to a line of deliberate sinners. Rom 1:32 Those who would go against their conscience and their instinctive knowledge of God. Adam's other son Seth took Abel's place and gave birth to a line of righteous people, but by 1000 or so years later, there were only 8 people left of that righteous line who wanted to do God's will and live by their conscience and their instinctive knowledge of Him. Those 8 were saved and everyone else was judged, killed in the flood because they were deliberate rejectors of conscience until every imagination and intention of their thoughts was only evil continually. Gen 6:5-8 But Noah found favor in the eyes of YHWH. Acts 10:35 - even today as it was with Noah and his family. Noah - Shem will be kings in the nations. Rev 21:24

A person can add a second death to the first death by his own choice. Because mankind went against his conscience again and again, now he has to stand judgment to see if he can inherit the nations. If he cannot, he will have to go to a second death which will last forever and ever; the lake of fire.

So, it is appointed for men to die once (Heb 9:27), and then the judgment. Everyone will be resurrected, with their conscience quickened. Rom 2:14-16; Rev 20:11-15 But, a son of Adam can add to the first death (Gen 2:17), and have a second death, by his own deliberate and willful rejection of the saving message of the good news. Every person who hears the good news, responds to it in one of two ways: either it a) smells bad, hates it rejects it; or b) smells good, receives it and is saved. We, the sent ones, bring the fragrance. 2 Cor 2:15,16 The sin of rejection of the good news of Messiah goes beyond the sin and death of Adam. Rom 10:8,13-17 Lk 10:16 John 13:20 Acts 13:45,46 Matt 12:32 To speak against the Spirit is to say no - a rejection of the sent one and his message of salvation. Eph 1:13 1 John 4:6 John 7:17,18. But to receive him is eternal life. (John 1:7,8; 3:18,19) has already received the sentence of the second death.

Also, men can choose to supress the instinctive truth and deliberately go against their conscience and receive the wrath of God which will be revealed against all ungodliness and unrighteousness, Rom 1:18-32, because the knowledge of Him is evident in them and so they are without excuse. They knew that what they were doing was worthy of death but chose to do it anyway. The sin in Romans 1 goes beyond the sin and death of Adam. The second death is eternal; there is no end; no remedy. Only YAHSHUA can liberate a soul from that second death which is the judgment for continual deliberate sin. Hitler, for instance, deserves the second death. However, not as much as someone who rejects the gospel. Prov 29:1 A man who after much reproof; correction; hearing of the word; the gospel, stiffens his neck, will suddenly be broken beyond remedy. Hitler did not reject the gospel but rejected conscience.

In Gen 3:15, there was a remedy promised. The seed of the woman would crush the head of the serpent who had deceived Eve, thus taking away the serpent's authority and rescuing and redeeming man from Satan's reign and from all death. Some were looking for that remedy all the time. That is what David was waiting for eagerly in Sheol.


Rev 20:11-13 describes the judgment. There is seen a great white throne and Him who sat upon it. It is an awesome, fearful time when men will gnash their teeth for fear. The sea and the grave gave up the bodies that were in them. Hell and Hades, the temporary abode for departed spirits, gave up their spirits and souls. They are given immortal bodies so that the spirit, soul and body of each man is standing before the judgment, resurrected to be judged according to what was written in the books which had been opened. Everything they have ever done, every secret thing they did that hurt others, every rebellious act is recorded in these books. Every secret thing, no matter how well hidden, both good or evil will be made known. Eccles 12:13-14 Rom 2:16 And the book of life is opened. All names will be written in it except, those who turned a deaf ear to the gospel, the antichrist, the beast, and the false prophet (all of whom are already judged - Jn 3:18). And for those who never heard the gospel, there will be a judgment f them, of who lived by and who went against their conscience as is recorded in the books of their deeds. Some names will be erased from the book of life accordingly. Death and Hades are thrown into the lake of fire along with all whose names are not found written in the book of life.

The lake of fire

Before the new age can begin, every evil and worthless thing has to be thrown into the lake of fire. All who supress the truth in unrighteousness and who blaspheme the Holy Spirit of truth.

Luke 10:16 When someone rejects the good news when it is preached to them by a sent one, he rejects Messiah and is thus blaspheming the Holy Spirit. This cannot be forgiven in this age or in the age to come. Matt 12:31,32 That person who rejects a sent one is judged already. His name is taken out of the book of life and his immortal body (spirit, soul and body) is passed into the lake of fire before the judgment, because he ha been 'judged already'. He has committed the greatest sin. There is no use in judging him on minor infractions of his conscience.

When the Holy Spirit comes to someone, convicting them of their sin and that person won't receive Him, they are rejecting Him, speaking against Him and judging themselves unworthy of eternal life. Acts 13:46 A ransom is provided for man, not to judge but to save whoever believes. John 3:15-21 But the one who doesn't believe, after hearing the gospel from a sent one has been judged already because he has not believed, (v.18) and that person who does not obey, but rejects the Son of Man shall not see eternal life, but shall see wrath on him continually (eternally) v. 36. There is no use judging him on petty things recorded in the books for he has to be judged by the worst thing he did, rejecting the one who died for him. The others who are judged at that judgment, are able to be judged since they never heard the true gospel.

Those who will be found worthy of the lake of fire at the judgment will be those who are found not worthy of the nations because of deliberate acts for which they were unable to be shown mercy. The cowardly, unbelieving, scorcerers (Christianity will be included in this), abominable, murderers, immoral persons, idolators, all whose names are not found in the Book of Life will be thrown into the lake of fire. Rev 20:15 Rev 21:8 They didn't reject the gospel, but they rejected conscience over and over again until it was seared as with a hot iron, (2 Peter 2:9) they are not worthy of the nations. As it says in Romans 1:29, malice toward others and disobedience to parents, for example, are sins that a person knows is worthy of death, v. 2, deserve death (which is witnessed in their conscience - Rom 2;15,16).

The beast, the false prophet, those who received the mark of the beast as a result of the false prophet's deceptive signs and subsequently worshipped the beast and his image (Rev 14:10,11), and the devil (Rev 20:10) were thrown into the lake of fire before the judgment of Rev 20:15.

The second death is without hope of resurrection. The first death, Adam's death, goes on forever (one age) and ends with a resurrection to life or resurrection to judgment. John 5:29 The lake of fire is resurrection of judgment; it goes on forever and ever because a person is immortal, he never looses his consciousness. There is no end to this judgment; it is eternal judgment. All those who go there will deserve it. Not one person will be there who does not deserve it or else God is not righteous; not a righteous judge. This must be made clear. Lk 7:29

No one deserves the lake of fire more than those who go against God which includes those who reject Messiah. We can see in Rev 20:10 and Rev 19:20 that they were already judged and went to the lake of fire before the judgment f Rev 20:12. Satan, the false prophet, satan's angels, the beast are already judged because they chose to go against God deliberately. It is the same fate to choose against YAHSHUA. No matter what a person has done, nothing is worse than not believing in Messiah when he heard the message from a sent one; having the opportunity to receive him, but rejecting him. John 13:20 Lk 10:16 2 Cor 2:15,16,17

The people who are raised for that final judgment will have never heard the gospel from one with the Holy Spirit. They will be judged at the righteous judgment (Rom 2:5-11) according to their deeds, with no partiality. The man who fears Him and does what is right is welcome to Him. Acts 10:34,35

God did not want man to die, experience death, forever and ever. He wanted Gen 1:28 to come about; the reason why man was created. So it was only appointed for all men to die once because of Adam's transgression, but the first man to be born after that deliberately transgressed against God and murdered his brother. How will these two brothers be judged?

Messiah's ransom, for those who receive it, not only covers the inherited sin of Adam, but it also covers the sins an individual also does deliberately, except the rejection of that ransom. Those who are in Messiah, continually, deliberately sinned before coming to Him, but His ransom provided forgiveness for every kind of sin and evil, se those (Rev 22:15) deliberate sins are covered by His death. However, once in Messiah, we no longer continually, deliberately sin; we know better now; we have come to the knowledge of the truth. We no longer deliberately say things to hurt people, we don't plan sin, we don't lie [It's not just that we don't love to lie, for even those worthy of the nations don't love to lie, but we don't deliberately lie, we don't knowingly lie or bear false witness. Rom 8:4], we don't commit adultery or any sexual sin, murder, kill our unborn babies. After a sinner is healed, saved, he does not go on sinning willfully, though there is forgiveness for unintentional sin that he falls into if he confesses it; because of the weakness of the flesh, there is an advocate for us. 1 John 2:1-4 Lev 6:1-7 Num 15:22-36

A man's sin (inherited from Adam and the deliberate acts which he committee) is on him until he lays it on YAHSHUA. It has to be paid for by death. In Baptism, we die, the old man dies, the body of sin is done away with so that we should no longer be slaves to sin. Rom 6:1-5 He who has died with Messiah in baptism is free from sin. Rom 6:7 The sin of Adam is paid for by the death of a man. (The day you eat, you die - Gen 2:17; the wages of sin is death - Rom 6:23) But if we died with YAHSHUA, then that death for Adam's sin is overwith and we don't have to look forward to death anymore. 2 Cor 5:14 - Because one died for all THEN ALL DIED, sufficing for both Gen 2:17 and Rom 6:23. That is all died who no longer live for themselves, but for Him. Gen 3:15 That is the end of the curse for us. If we die now with Him, we don't have to die later, but we can live with Him. 2 Tim 2:11

John 5:21 For just as the Father raises the dead and gives them life; even so the Son also gives life to whom He wishes

v.24 Whoever hears My word and believes has eternal life

John 6:37 All whom the Father gives Me will come to Me (those whom the Father has not given won't go to Him because of their wicked hearts, which are revealed after they hear the gospel.

John 6:44 - No one can come to Me unless the Father draws him, they shall be taught by God - for everyone who has heard and learned from the Father comes to Me.

John 10:14 - I know my sheep and they know Me.

John 10:27 My sheep hear my voice, I know them and they follow me.

We can be covered by His life in exchange for our life. Don't choose to live in sin anymore, die now in baptism and you will not have to die later, for eternity.

This is a basis for preaching the good news. A person has to see according to the scriptures what he has been saved from and the great ransom paid for them to rescue them from the dominion of the evil one. This is no social gospel. It will come upon all men no matter who you are. This is what we have been delivered from.

It is going to take a few years for us all to come to an understanding of this.

It says that there is a message that will illumine the whole earth and will expose the harlot because she says that everyone is going to the lake of fire who didn't receive her Jesus , even if they never heard of him and did the best they could. This is demonic because it does away with the MERCY and RIGHTEOUSNESS of our God. If people were indiscriminately passed into the lake of fire, there would be no need for a judgment. But there IS a judgment, a court. (For us, also, whether or not we go to the kingdom; and for the nations, whether they go to the nations or the lake of fire.) Rev 18:1-5 - The voice of the messenger, angel illumines the earth thus exposing the harlot. Then another voice saying: come out of her, for God has remembered her sins because there is no high priest for her. It is a false church, full of demons; evil spirits that give evil testimony and all kinds of good feelings and false witnesses.

Those who preach a false gospel are accursed. Gal 1:6-8 The harlot deceived the world by her sorcery (Rev 19:2 and 18:23) by doing things by the power of an evil spirit.

In answer to a guest's question:

The first death for unbelievers is when they die a physical death. For believers, the first death is annulled by the ransom, as we died in baptism. Therefore, if we die in Messiah, we don't have to die the first death or the second. But if we reject Messiah, then we have to go to the second death also. Hearing and rejecting is worse than never hearing and committing bad deeds. If you've heard and rejected, there is no reason to judge you at the judgment because you have already judged yourself by not believing in the only begotten Son of God. (How can one hear and believe or not believe; and how can they preach unless they are sent? Rom 10:14,15)

The judgment, then, is for people who never heard the gospel. Someone who didn't really want to do cannibalism and never knew YAHSHUA has to be judged and will receive the nations, provided other things were in order. Rom 2:12-15 Some people will be justified not to go to the lake of fire, the second death. For everyone was already included in Adam's inherited sin. When they realized that they sinned, (Ja 4:17) they were distraught and tried to make up for it by confession or repented as best they could. They are justified by confession or repentance. They will go to the nations.

If an Israelite sinned because of weakness of the flesh (Rom 8:2,3), they got a lamb or bull and had it killed so that one day, YAHSHUA could be that permanent sacrifice for them. But NOW, apart from good or bad deeds, apart from the Law (obedience or disobedience), those going to the Holy City are justified by His gift of ransom. YAHSHUA took our deaths for us.

Now we are coming to the knowledge of the truth in Messiah and even though we may have done it before, we just are not going to deliberately, willfully, high handedly sin. The sacrificial lamb has been sacrificed - so we make confession if we unintentionally sin. That is a wonderful salvation we have. 1 John 3:6-10 Heb 10:26-31


If a person commits adultery in Israel, there is no atonement. He has to pay for his own sin because it is usually premeditated - originating in the mind, then thought about and thought about until the act came It has to be paid for by death. There is no animal sacrifice that covers it; it is a deliberate sin. In David's case, the only way to pay for his sin was to die, (Num 15:30,31) but his son died instead, in his place. There had to be a ransom; a life for a life. No animal sacrifice could pay for that sin, there was no animal worth that much. It had to be a human being with no willful sin on him. That child died in his place.

David's sin was not only adultery, but murder. But God could see David's heart and He justified him, but he was sorely disciplined; punished. 2 Sam 12:11-14 Even though his sin was FORGIVEN (Ps 32), he still suffered the PUNISHMENT and repercussions from the EFFECTS of it. 2 Sam 12:11,12 Psalm 32:2 Only those who are HONEST with their Father will receive pardon "in whose spirit there is no DECEIT". David should have died according to the Law of retaliation. Ex 21:23-25 Lev 24:20 But instead, divine judgment fell on the child instead. When we sin after coming to the knowledge of the truth, it is the same thing as to do what Heb 6:6 says and Heb 10:29. WE MUST come to the FULL COMPLETE knowledge of the truth concerning the repercussions of our sins sooner or later. What does falling away mean in light of 1 Chron 28:9?

In David's case, although David's sin was covered and he did not die for it, he was still under the death penalty of his father Adam, the same as his own innocent son who died for him, in his place. They both went to death because the inherited sin of Adam was upon them both. 2 Sam 12:23 - 'I will go to him' - both went to death and waited for YAHSHUA's death to bring Him to them to deliver them both along with all who had hope. Eph 4:8-10

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