Raw Vegetables

Cook's Meeting, Sus, 2 April 1990

At a cook's meeting here on the grass in front of the Round House, we talked about the preparation of our food.

Yoneq -
Mal 3:10 - 'there will be food in My house'. Food whether it means meat or prey - all food is clean. Food means food in its highest state of efficiency in order to nourish the body and keep it running well. Efficacious - producing the desired effect of food prepared in the proper way. You can take food and prepare it in such a way that it ceases to be food. We are interested in the preparation of food that it remains in the state of food and not altered, degenerated into another state, so that there will be food in His house. Food that nourishes. Our Father promises that none of these diseases will come upon us if we obey His commandments and we eat food in its proper state, producing the desired effect - efficacy.

We can live on cooked (bad) food to a certain point until a foreign virus comes in. But that food does not fight these foreign things. None of these diseases will come upon us as long as we are obedient to the commandments and eating food that is properly prepared.

We are gathering so that another spirit will not come in. so we don't divide over different winds of doctrine. We are not at this time going to go to all raw food. But are going to have cooked food but also the proper amount of uncooked food that will suffice our health. In addition to our uncooked food we will eat rice and grains, bread, stews, etc. Let's pray that our Father will keep us in His Spirit - the right Spirit. All kinds of people will come in who have read every health book there is. There are so many.

Mary Martha - Naomi and I have talked a lot about this. We wanted to have good food, we know it's not the amount, but the quality - we started sprouting sunflower seeds. Whenever we had fruit we would eat it in the middle of the day. We made soy milk at the house and gave everyone a glass in the morning.

Yoceph - From what I've been reading from the 2 books Yoneq game me to read, what I've gathered is that our bodies are made of minerals, proteins, etc. Your whole body is made up of cells which have to be nourished by what you eat. Enzymes are important. They are in the body and in food. Enzyme is from a Greek word 'inleaven' It separates, breaks down, divides therefore it breaks down what you eat so it can be assimilated - digested properly. Enzymes are living. The secret is in the food, the way our Father made it. A seed has enzymes in it. Enzymes are like proteins. The enzymes in a carrot work together with your saliva, etc. to break it apart to nourish your cells. Enzymes are sensitive; when heated to a certain point, the enzymes get altered (118o F - 40o C = bath water). Like bathwater makes you limp, so it does with enzymes. And at 130o F, they are dead - extinct. No longer is there assimilation of that food - some of the minerals and proteins are not assimilated.
Vegetables have fibers. They are like an intestinal broom. But when you cook it is' like an intestinal mop. It slushes everything around but doesn't really get everything out. It is good to have fresh raw things. It helps your body eliminate better. If you are receiving a sufficient amount of enzymes, your body is strengthened because your cells are receiving nourishment.
This book said that enzymes digest cancer. Cancer is like starving cells which dislodge from where they are and go to other places looking to be nourished and then it is like an infestation. Cancer is a disorder of the cells. Possible at this level. They say that eating cooked foods won't kill you, but you wouldn't get enough enzymes in your body to help fortify your body. You will prematurely die.

Yoneq -
My theory - Manna Ps 90 - It says they lived to 70 or 80 years old by eating manna. They all died. Manna was sweet. There was nothing wrong with it but they didn't live for 120 years. But we are supposed to live to be 120 years old. We are not supposed to die at 80.

Yoceph - So if we eat a good amount of raw food and a little cooked food, never fried - your body is getting what it needs. Eating for strength in your cells, not so you can go to work.


Yoneq -
We are to eat for strength. Food must have its full strength in order to provide proper nourishment for health.

Eccles 10:17 - "Blessed are you O land, whose king is of nobility and whose princes eat at the appropriate time - for strength and not for drunkenness." Drunkenness, dissipation, surfeting. We cannot prepare food just for taste - not to just satisfy our taste buds. V. 19 - " Men prepare a meal for enjoyment and wine makes life merry and money is the answer to everything." For enjoyment - just so their tastebuds would be satisfied.

They wanted to go back to Egypt just so they could get leeks and garlic in their food.

Yoceph - Eat to replenish - for replenishment. We eat because we need to, if we don't we will die. If we don't eat correctly, to build up the body, we will die prematurely. We are meant to live longer but we need to have a bunch of fresh raw food to keep our bodies healthy.

Yoneq - My daddy was healthy, fit, strong. But the food we ate lost its power because we always cooked it. It was good spinach, but it was all dead. When his cancer came he had nothing to fight it off.

Yoceph - The cell, the building block - has to be fit. You have to feed those cells. Like the Body of Messiah, there are many members. If one member is not being cared for it will die. If more die, the Body is affected. Like how Satan comes in through these pockets, because he's not being encouraged by the brothers or he's worthless, etc.

Yoneq -
Everything has to get to the edge of the robe. The word should be permeated through the whole Body. Same thing as food. We have to have the proper food spiritually and physically.

Yoceph - The body has to be strong enough to resist. He speaks about raw vegetable juices for healing condition. Not a diet of just vegetable juices but for certain people and to compliment our diet. Celery, beet, spinach, carrot juices.

Yoneq - You don't get the full effect of a carrot if you don't juice it. You have to chew it real good. Juice is concentrated. We heard about Lebanah's grandfather who was in a concentration camp in the war. All they gave them was a half slice of bread and water each day. (It was whole wheat) He would chew on his bread for half of the day. All the other people gobbled it down. They all died of starvation. He is still alive today.

If you gobbled a raw vegetable diet down like a dog, it wouldn't do anything for you. We have to sup it.

Yoceph - A juicer does that - chops it down so that the essence comes out.

Yoneq - there are the pros and cons to the juicer. You need the juice but you need fiber.

Sauerkraut - is good for you. But there's a right way to do it and a wrong way. We are going to have to live for 3 and a half years on stored food. Then in the wilderness for 3 ½ years, we will be nourished. Rev 12:6,14 Even though the days will be shortened for the sake of the elect/ But short days might decrease the growing capacity. Not the number of days will decrease, but the length of the days.
We have to learn how to store food that would last us 3 ½ years. He will give us enough in the 6th day to last (Lev 25) throughinto the 9th. And every sabbatical year we will not buy or sell so we will be adjusted to not buying or selling.

Ahimilech - Our Father was thinking about how he made things. He didn't make it complicated for us to use them. He gave us sense to even notice when it's not normal.

There was a discussion about whether or not potatoes could be eaten raw.

Yoceph - Cooking alters the state of food from organic to inorganic. But we have to come to a practical way of developing this. Adding more raw food to what we have and not cooking so much. Make soy milk, having …… with raw fruit.

Yochanan - What will we do with pumpkins?

Yoneq -
We have to assign people to start doing these things today because otherwise we will never do these things. We will have to set people apart for this. We cannot afford to not do this. Making sprouts, wheatgrass, experimenting on how. We are going to investigate how to store food, if pumpkins are good …

Ha-Emeq - It's hard because everybody has a different opinion. It depends on which book you want to look at.

Tabitha - had a question about oils and wondered if we should get unrefined sunflower oil to make mayonaises, etc.

Ha-Emeq -
---So. Someone in each house is going to make sprouts. We aren't going to fry so much. What about cheese.

Yoneq - No cheese. Throw that hard cheese out. We don't eat it. You can't get a good Jew to eat it. It's bad for your system. You have to get something else to compensate for it because it constipates you. Old hard cheeses are no good for you.

I'm going to read Phil 3:18,19 - "For many walk of whom I often told you, and now tell you even weeping that they are enemies of the cross whose end is destruction whose god is their appetite and whose glory is in their shame…"

What is Paul talking about when he says 'whose god is their appetite.'? Our god cannot be our appetite. It is here because we love to eat for appetite. Our Father has created things that satisfy our appetite, but we cannot make things just for our appetite. Form time to time we can eat those things - quiche, etc. etc. But we cannot live on a steady diet of it. We cannot cook every meal for pleasure - appetite. We grew up that way but we cannot be like that any longer. Are we going to eat for pleasure or strength?

Someone asked, what do we do now in this dry season when there are not a lot of vegetables?

It was decided that people (the cooks even) would go out and pick things. There are things to pick now. The teepe people know what to pick now.

Ahimilech told us we could eat the leaves of the linden tree we were sitting under and the cammomile flowers growing in the grass. At this, we all started eating everything in sight!


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