April 30, 1994 Shabbat Morning, Boston

Observing The Sabbath

This is the day our Father made for us. The more spiritual we become the more we will come to understand the Sabbath Isa 58:12-13 - vs. 12 - The restoration of all things will come, the Sabbath rest will be restored. Vs 13-14 - We don't speak our own words, or seek our own pleasure on the Sabbath. The more carnal we are the less understanding we have of this day and how we are to observe it - the more spiritual we become the more we will understand our Father's words. You can't speak to a carnal person, obviously they have to repent, His discipline wakes us up, He shocks us when our ears are not open to the Holy Spirit. Paul had to speak to and scold the Corinthians - He tried to wake them up. They were judging him, saying they didn't know if he was in the faith. They were very, very carnal (2 Cor 13:5).

Isa 58:12 - Our father will have a few people (us) who will rebuild the ancient ruins and bring back the reality of Israel. We will do this by not seeking our own pleasure and not speaking our own words - verse 13.

What does it mean to seek our own pleasure? Isa 58:13 says we must desist from our own ways. Desisting - Not persisting in our own way, rather it is to cease or stop doing something. Going our own way is having anxiety on this day. This is why we say (or think), "I can't wait to do this" or "I can't wait to do that". This day was made for us to rest from our own way.

This is a word to all true disciples. Our Father revealed to me that we were to observe the Sabbath - the day that He made, not Sunday. Isa 58:13 - What does it mean to turn your foot from doing your own pleasure? The Corinthians weren't keeping the Sabbath a delight, they were trampling over it, doing their own thing. They hated that they had to quit working - they had a lot of Rasha. They couldn't sleep or rest. In the Maccabeen days they used the Sabbath as a sports day, and built gymns and tried to undo the circumcision and be like the rest of the people. The Greeks eventually took over, and how the Maccabees were is a good lesson for us. They were doing their own pleasure on this day.

The more spiritual you are, the more full you are of Him, the more understanding you will have about this day and really make it a delight (Isa 58:14). We'll delight ourselves in our Master. What is it to ride on the heights of the earth? It's a wonderful thing to ride on the heights of the earth. Is we are still doing our own thing, obviously we're not ready to do His will and make this day a delight. Vs 14- - He will feed us with the heritage of Jacob. What is this heritage? To rule with Yahweh, and He will make us the repairer of the breach and we will raise up the age-old foundation vs 12. "For the mouth of YHWH has spoken," (vs 14) - if we remove the yoke and the pointing of the finger (vs 9).

ha-Emeq - When a carnal person wants to do something really bad and they can't do it, their only compensation is to point the finger ("Look what they're doing!") and watch everyone else to see what they are doing. They become a tight person.

Yoneq - They falsely accuse others with fear tactics and malice.

Yonah - It's the oppression we put on others when we are not for one another. If we are not for others we are not really forgiving from the heart, not really picking our brothers and sisters up and helping them. Instead when something happens there is an edge in us (malice). We are either for one another or we are tearing down. If we are for one another, it is like the times in my life when I haven't been doing so good and felt down, and a brother or sister comes and washes me with the word and brings rest to my spirit. The Sabbath is like this, it is a day of refreshment.

Yoneq - We either love or we hate our brother. If we hate him we are a murderer, and no murderer has eternal life abiding in him. (1 Jn 3:15). But we are not murderers, we love our brothers.

Isa 56:1 - You might have heard this teaching already. Vs 1 - Yahweh's salvation is about to come, but before He comes His righteousness will be revealed. We have to lay hold of it. How blessed are we if we keep from defiling the Sabbath (vs 2). We'll keep observing that wonderful day right up until He comes. Blessed is the man who keeps his hand from doing evil (vs 2). We really must desire to walk with Him.

Isa 56:6 - We are the sons of foreigners who have joined ourselves to Him to serve Him and love the name of Yahweh, and to be servants in the Body. The main thing is that we see the restoration of the Sabbath come about by us observing it. This determines our spirituality or betrays where we are at. Betrays can be used positively or negatively depending on where we are spiritually, whether we are in a good or bad place. Vs 7 - "I will make them joyful in the house of prayer". The house of prayer is for all men, not just the natural seed of Abraham (Jews), but for everyone - you and me. Vs 8 - Our Father loves Israel. He gathered us who were the outcasts into Israel, and He will gather others to us.

Now we understand a little more about the Sabbath. If we have revelation, we will actually keep it, not just being under the law and seeing this day as a day we can't do anything. We can do anything we want, but our Father wants a spiritual people to do what He wants us to do - to observe the Sabbath from our heart.

Ahimelek - If we are doing His will during the other 6 days, then we will enter in more on the Sabbath.

Yoneq - If we are walking in the Spirit during the week.

It is a commandment that we work 6 days and rest on the 7th. In 6 days our Father created all things and on the 7th day He rested - this brings us back to creation. He told Israel to remember the Sabbath and obviously they were supposed to be keeping the Sabbath, but it hasn't been passed on down through the ages. This is the most mentioned thing all through the Bible. Israel was not keeping the Sabbath and so our Father allowed them to be taken into captivity. Whoever is being restored keeps the Sabbath and all the rest of the commandments. The 10 commandments contain the essence of the law (Deut 4:13) being written in our hearts through the spoken word. We don't understand everything all at once, but we don't go on sinning after we have come to the knowledge of the truth (Heb 10:26). The law is our Father instructing us. We are not under the law, but under the Spirit who leads and guides us. We will fulfill the righteous requirements of the law if we are led by the spirit. Grace says that we keep the law because we love the law. If we unwittingly break it then we are not under condemnation because we don't know yet. But after a person comes to the knowledge of the truth, he won't violate it. It's a day our Father wants to gibe us - a day made for man. He wants us to rest. It will do so much to restore our health if we rest our bodies on that day.

Observing the Sabbath is not a big law to come down upon up - a heavy oppression. Our Master came to undo the works of the evil one and set us free from the oppression of the law. We are not to do our own pleasure, but what pleases Him. What would you do? What is pleasure?

ha-emeq - Back then in old Israel they didn't have the law in their hearts. They wanted to keep the commandments, but they didn't have the Spirit, so they would have done something selfish. But because we have the law now written in our hearts we want to do what pleases Him.

Yonah - This day is not for doing whatever you didn't get done during the week.

Yoneq - What is this day for, is it for playing frisbee? It's for us to rest and think about our Master. And certainly to be with our families and our brothers and sisters. Be careful how you speak, the day is for building up and speaking what our Father wants to speak through us. We're learning, our Father knows we don't know much yet. There's no condemnation for us while we're learning, there is only condemnation when we come to the knowledge of the truth and we don't do what He wants us to do. He wants us to serve Him.

It is a day to go over your notes and share with your brothers about the teachings and what we've learned this week. And make sure you are thoroughly clean for the Breaking of Bread. We are looking forward to the 8th day, but now we are being prepared for the 7th day by being faithful in small things. Then in the 7th day we will be preparing for the 8th day. If we are ruling over small things now (our children, etc.) then we will rule over the earth on the 7th day - then we will rule the universe in the 8th day. It is just like a town councilman. If he does a good job he might get elected as the mayor, and if we does well he could go on to be the governor and even become the president. This is how we are to be now - ruling over things in our lives (our family, children, households, Edah, ourself) - then He will give us greater things.

Dan 12:2-3 - The wise will shine like the stars forever and ever. In Daniel 2 it talks about the kingdom that is coming when some will be resurrected to one place and some to another - some to everlasting life and some to age-lasting contempt (shame or disgrace). If we rule over small things now (how we are with our children, if we bend their necks when they are young) then in the 7th day we will rule over larger things - 10 cities (Lk 19:17).

We have to rule today. This is what our Father wants us to do. The Sabbath is not a heavy burden - what we can and can't do. Let's give our bodies as a living sacrifice. If we can it betrays our genuineness. We are before the throne in heaven, before all the angels and our Master. He knows everything in us, all our thoughts, the motives of our hearts, and all our intentions. We can grow and have grace if we are honest about our intentions. He doesn't like anyone who is deceitful, because it shows we don't believe He sees us.

We have to be worthy (suitable, comparable, compatable) of Him. It's important for us to know that the Sabbath is a sign of the covenant, an important sign that we know the true God. There are many gods posing as the true God, but there is only one true God, the Creator, and the Sabbath is a sign that we know Him. Let's get to know Him - not the one who tries to destroy and imitate God but the one, true God. If our heart is good, we'll pay attention to instruction.

Yonah - It's like when you are driving in a car, if you have a heavy load you will go slower and when you see the signs you will pay attention to them. But if you don't heed them and whip around the corner, it's like taking things lightly and you will pay the consequences. If we have glory we are going to consider the consequences of our actions.

Ahimelek - It starts with being faithful in small things (doing your chore, flossing your teeth, drinking your water). Then someday we'll rule over galaxies.

We are not flossing our teeth for ourselves, but for our brothers and sisters because the more dental bills we have the more it affects everyone. If we can see that everything we do affects our brothers, then we can be faithful in the small things. Everything we do must be motivated by love.

It's amazing when we think about it - this morning our Father gave us insight and understanding about the Sabbath. The law is not a heavy burden, but His instruction to us. By the Holy Spirit we will fulfill the righteous requirements of the law. We won't sin if we are under grace.

N'su - I was thinking about riding the heights of the earth. In ancient times all the fortresses and castles were built on the highest places and they were almost impregnable. If an army wanted to conquer them, they had to climb up to where they were - and this was almost impossible.

At the end of the week on the Sabbath we will be riding the heights of the earth if we've overcome every high point during the week that seemed inconquerable.

Shahar - It is like being a soldier in an army. Situations and circumstances that come are like fortresses that we have to overcome, to conquer. If we are walking in communion all week, we'll overcome by His grace - that's like riding on the heights of the earth. In order to conquer them we have to ride the heights of the earth by the grace He gives us Rom 8:37. If we are doing this all week (overcoming fortresses) then when the Sabbath comes we'll ride the heights of the earth with our Master.

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