April 9, 1994 - Shabbat Morning

A Seed Preserved/Serene Confidence/Peacemakers

A Seed Preserved

Isn’t it amazing that we were chosen - how necessary we are? We’re thankful our Father has preserved a seed to propagate. How many of you are glad your seed wasn’t annihilated 4,000 or 5,000 years ago? Someone carried us in their loins generations and generations ago. We were created for a special purpose. It would have been better if we had never been born than not to come into salvation.

Rom. 9:29 - The 27th verse should come after the 29th. A remnant will be saved. Our Father will execute His word quickly when this seed comes forth in a people. He will do a quick and thorough work in this age. Vs. 29 - If YHWH hadn’t preserved a seed from which to propagate descendants, we would all have been like Sodom and Gomorrah. It looks like the whole world is becoming like Sodom and Gomorrah!

2 Peter 3:14 - Heaven and earth will be renovated and made inhabitable. For us to reign with Him we have to be diligent and found without spot or blemish (treating our brothers like Yahshua), friendly, kind, always available to lend a helping hand, loving one another (not withholding ourselves) with PEACE!

Peace - Shalom - means the same as it did when our Master left His peace with the disciples. It is the same for us. Matt. 5:9 - Blessed are the peacemakers. Jn. 14:27 - Shalom I leave with you. His own peace was given to us when we received the gift of the Holy spirit. Jn. 20:22 - He breathed on His disciples to receive the Holy Spirit. We were breathed on. Do we remember when we were baptized? Someone bestowed on us the words of life, the Holy Spirit was passed on to us. He was willing to give it to us. We weren’t sealed until our baptism, then when we became sealed He gave us His Holy Spirit. We received eternal life. Only a righteousness man can pass on eternal life to another. Mt. 10:40 Only a righteous man can pass on eternal life to another. Mt. 10:41 if you receive a righteous man you will be saved, but he has to be righteous. Jn. 7:18 There can be no unrighteousness in us or seeking of our own glory. 1 Jn. 1:9 - We were forgiven of all unrighteousness when we confessed all our sins. Yahshua was righteous, therefore He could breathe on us (Jn. 20:22).

We are as righteous as our Master - our sins are forgiven and we have right standing. We are a just people who have no falsehood, no deceit. Jn. 17:18 - We live open lives, we love one another. Our Father knows everything that is going on in us, we have freedom of speech, nothing to hide. We can’t hide sin anyway - He knows everything about us. If we think we are hiding sin from Him we won’t prosper.

Serene Confidence

2 Peter 3:14 - Be diligent to be found by Him to be without spot or blemish, having PEACE (SHALOM - they didn’t speak Greek back then, they hated it). Peace is having serene confidence. We are in serenity, we have serene confidence - being honest, truthful, confessing our sins gives us this confidence.

In some things we haven’t come to the knowledge of the truth yet. We are coming to the knowledge of the truth, but we haven’t come to understanding in depth yet. He waits until we understand everything. He is still writing His laws in our hearts. If we don’t know better, He doesn’t hold it against us.

Coveting - having a desire for which someone else has. We hardly know yet what this means in our lives (coveting our neighbor’s things, car etc.) Sometimes we desire what another has and we get an unclean feeling - our conscience tries to warn us this is not right. Coveting is greed - beware of every form of greed in our lives. If we have greed, we don’t have peace. If we can’t judge rightly someone else can for us. We need to judge this so we can come to serene confidence (shalom). Shalom means to be free from fears. Do we have any fears? Whatever we fear will come upon us. Do we have fear of death? If we were to die would we have perfect peace? Our consciousness would be absent from the body, present with our Master.

Will we shrink back? Do we have a fearful expectation of judgment? We do if we go on sinning after coming to the knowledge of the truth. (If we break the Sabbath after coming to the knowledge of the truth it is high-handed rebellion and a sin unto death!) Heb. 10:26-27 - Will we shrink back? Heb. 10:38-39 - We can have serene confidence if we have confessed all our sins and He has delivered us from all unrighteousness. 1 Jn. 1:9 - Our Master’s flaming eyes will expose all the thoughts and motives of men’s hearts. 1 Cor. 4:5 - There is no way we can fool Him when we stand before Him. We can’t come to the sacrifices in an unrighteous way. We confess all our sins and there is nothing specific that condemns us.

We should be eager to be found by Him in that day to be without spot or blemish (those in Sardis stained their garment except fora few). If we have a spot or blemish are we going to shrink back? Yes. We won’t go to the judgment with confidence. Our Master wants us to have confidence in that day 1 Jn. 2:28; 1 Jn. 4:17.

Shalom - We will have this if we are doing what’s right in His eyes. Our conscience is acutely aware - we made an appeal for a new conscience at baptism.

Appeal - An earnest request. 1 Peter 3:21 - Baptism saves us by appealing for a good conscience. We plead to have our guilt washed from us and to receive the Holy Spirit. We are provided with a good and clean conscience. We have cleanliness before our Father. This is demonstrated by what we believe, by our trust and faith in our Father, by our inward peace.

1 Cor. 4:5 - This is one of the best places that talks about the judgment seat of Messiah. The secret things done in darkness will be revealed - sowing seeds of discord, making fun of our brothers behind their back, exposing secret aims and motives of our hearts. We will receive condemnation or approval from Him. We are wasting our time here if we don’t have His inner peace (just work, work, work all the time). We are to be eager to be found without spot or wrinkle, having serene confidence, free from fears or agitating passions, free from anxiety and moral conflicts.

Jn. 14:27 - "My own peace I now give (bequeeth, bestow, give as a gift) on you, not as the world gives." Being afraid, troubled, agitated takes away peace.

What should we do? People in Rutland are persecuting Shoresh! What should we do? Praise our Master! We’re supposed to be persecuted. We leap and rejoice if we are persecuted for righteousness sake. There is nothing more wonderful than that woman being saved in Rutland. When she was here Yonah and Yachebed breathed on her and she went back to Rutland and gave up her life. She has lost her children to her Jewish husband (he would have crucified Messiah). Matt. 5:11-12 - Blessed are we if we are persecuted for righteousness sake. This is what it says. If we’re not persecuted, we’re not God’s people. But even in this we’re supposed to have, keep, peace.


Matt. 5:9 - We are makers of peace. Some of us are breadmakers - are we peacemakers? If we can’t make peace, we’re not sons of God. Speak to one another. Blessed - enjoying enviable happiness. The world should envy our joy. We were a preserved seed, chosen for a blessed purpose. How many can say they are spiritually prosperous? 1 Cor. 6:17 - We are one spirit with Messiah. The fruits of the Spirit are joy, peace, patience, etc. What if we don’t have them? If we are not producing them we are producing another spirit. We can’t bring agitating fears into the kingdom. It will mess it up. He will say, "I never knew you!"

Blessed - spiritually prosperous, satisfaction in God’s favor. We are blessed and merciful. Are we merciful? Are we judging ourselves? It isn’t enough just to be good sometimes. His peace is perfect. We must live by the Spirit, then we’ll demonstrate the fruit of the spirit. What if we’re not merciful? Then we won’t obtain mercy.

The pure in heart will see God. We can’t see God if we aren’t pure. Pure - to have unmixed motivation. We have to be totally for Him. He hides from us until He knows we are for Him. If we aren’t for Him He sometimes leads us into temptation. Then we say, "No, please don’t turn me over to the evil one!" 1Cor. 5:5 - When someone is turned over to the evil one we must help turn them back so they might be saved.

Do you have enviable happiness? Do people envy our happiness? Are we blessed or cursed? If we don’t love our Master with an undying (affectionate) love, we are cut off. 1 Cor. 16:22 - Make sure your affections are upon Him. Is it unfair that He would want all our love? It’s normal that we’d do such. He’s given us His love. If we aren’t loving Him this way something’s wrong. We are cut off. Is it wrong to obey every word out of His mouth? (Jn 8:51) If we see Him as a hard taskmaster - He will turn us over to the torturer ("I can’t do it, you’re always telling me what to do"). Do we not have His grace? His grace is greater than any temptation. If it wasn’t, we’d have an excuse to sin all the time. If His grace isn’t greater than temptation than how will we enter into the next age? He is accessible to us 24 hours a day. If not, we’re receiving negative imput. Where is this coming from?

Yahshua was God, and He became man and came to make us sons of God (make us like Him). What is our occupation? To be peacemakers - Oseh Shalom. "Peace I leave with you." We have peace (without it we’re not peacemakers - sons of God).

Yael - It scared me what was said last night about bearing false witness. I took a walk and really cried out and repented for this. I see how this poisons the whole body, and I don’t want to be this way. I’m thankful for everything I’ve heard this morning.

Yoneq - She just proved she has the Holy Spirit living in her. She has a testimony.

We can repent, be cleansed and go on and be peacemakers and love one another. His Holy Spirit speaks to us.

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