April 1, 1994 - Morning Sacrifice - Boston, MA.

Seeking First His Kingdom/Washings/the Narrow Road

Seeking First His Kingdom
If we seek first our husband and not the kingdom, then we aren't worthy of the kingdom. A wife is not obligated to go outside of the covenant of Yahshua for her husband's sake. When someone doesn't seek first the kingdom of God they are of the world and the world doesn't have eternal life (Matt 6:31-33). Seeking first the kingdom is our first endeavor, we live and breathe in Messiah. Yahshua takes precedence over everything. Matt. 10:37-38 - If anyone puts family (husband, wife, children) before Him, they are not worthy of the kingdom. The one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back isn't fit for the kingdom. This starts by getting up one morning and not putting on Messiah. Then this can lead on and on as your sins pile up to a sin that is unpardonable in this age.
Our first priority is Yahshua, our Savior. When your husband entices you to sin you cannot go outside of the covenant. A woman has a double covenant, to our Master and to her husband. No one who has Messiah can live in this world seeking their own food, clothing, needs. The Holy Spirit cannot dwell in the world. Protect your husband - go to someone else for wisdom. To seek first the kingdom is to seek first the kingdom. You're to tell on your husband, tell on your brothers and sisters. That's love. To not do this is hate and then you're a murderer because you are robbing them of life.
Remember this from now on - nothing takes priority over our Master Matt. 10:37 or we are not worthy of Him. If we allow other things in our lives to take priority we will be excluded in the next age, unfit for the kingdom, like putting our hand to the plow and looking back ("Depart from Me, I never knew you.") We have to take up our cross daily or we are not worthy to be His disciples. Our first love is our Master, Yahshua, everything we put before Him in our lives is an idol. It shouldn't be that our husband becomes an idol because he should lead you to Messiah, working together to bring about His kingdom. If we didn't know we were sinning then God would be a harsh taskmaster. The only ones who will be surprised at the judgment will be the ones who He didn't know intimately. We can never go outside of the boundaries of His kindness. There is a magnet drawing us in. (Sometimes we certainly drift to the outside edges, but to cross the boundary is a deliberate sin.)
Love is action.
The Body is always held back by one person who loves the world and comes to the sacrifice and lifts up their hands, which is lifting up their soul to an idol. Anyone who seeks for their own food and clothing is going to death because they are like the world (Matt. 6:32). If the love of the world is in you then the love of Messiah is not in you, and has never been in you (1 Jn 2:15). If you watch television you are of Satan's kingdom - go out into the world if you want to watch television! There is no one in Christianity who has eternal life because they seek their own food and clothing. They aren't in the environment of the Body. Christianity is a folk religion based on myths. Just like our physical bodies have many parts, all the parts of the Body are working in coordination to build up the kingdom. If you're not here to build up the kingdom then go - leave! Don't hold everyone else back. We'll even give you bus fare to leave.

We have baptisms - this is normal. A washing is necessary when a person has been out of fellowship, not breaking bread, or cut off in their heart. Salome wants to do this, to go through with the whole humiliating crucifying of the flesh. She can't go on. We can be clear and confess our sins and our Master can extend forgiveness. There's no forgiveness in Christianity. They all go to church having committed every sin imaginable and don't confess it to anyone.

Anak - Is this so evil? Is this something a loving God would send someone to death for? What they do is really just a symptom of an infection, a cancer, leprosy - just like a fever is a warning symptom of a disease that is trying to take our life. Derush didn't heed the warning.

Yoneq - James 5:20 Save a person's soul from death before he gets that indelible stain on his garment.

The Narrow Road
The narrow road is contracted by pressure. It squeezes us and everything in us that is evil must come out. If you're not in that narrow way you are on the way to destruction. If you're not in the Body of Messiah you can't be part of His people.
Whoever calls on the name of our Master, Yahshua, as Sovereign, will be saved. If we fall from this and cry out to Him it is just like being saved all over again. Call out to Him like you've never called out to Him before.

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