Teachings Of The "Apostle," Elbert Eugene Spriggs


High control groups traditionally have "inner and outer" doctrine. The "outer doctrine" is for public consumption and the "inner doctrine" is for the "elect members" of the group. This is not to say that there is necessarily a conflict between the two, however, "inner doctrine" will reflect more clearly the true nature, beliefs and practices of the group. In the Messianic Communities they have both inner and outer doctrine. Their outer doctrine is the Freepapers and other works they make available to the public and press. Their inner doctrine, which can only be understood if you are under the "anointing," are the teachings of their self proclaimed "apostle," Elbert Eugene Spriggs. He is referred to in the group as "Yoneq." Of the over 1,000 teachings that we have gone over, clearly 95% of them are from him. They were not given to us by the Communities because we are not under the "anointing" and therefore could not possibly understand them. Rather, former members who had been in leadership positions have provided us with them. We were accused of misrepresenting the reality of life in the Twelve Tribes by distorting these teachings of the "apostle." Thus, we post these representative teachings, with very little editorial comment, for the benefit of any who desire to truly know the "fruit" of the life of this group. Draw your own conclusions.


One Law For Citizens And Visitors, December 24, 1992

Christmas and Easter are pagan holidays for true Israel. Members of true Israel would never go to be with parents or relatives to celebrate these times. "We are not a suitcase community. We don’t go home. This is our home. Our parents and relatives are more than welcome to come here and visit. We have one law...Christmas is serving another god."

Unjust Suffering; Pearls Before Swine, November 17, 1992

A fellow in the Twelve Tribes/Messianic Communities named Yitsak is angry at some brothers who corrected him the previous evening. Spriggs attempts to bring Yitsak to repentance for not submitting to the authority over him.

What It Means To Be Justified By Faith, June 19, 1994

An amazing example of "spiritual logic" opens this teaching. "How do you know when you believe in your heart and not just in your mind? You know because you have conviction." Also, "if we are not loving then we are murdering our brother."

Ten Years After The Raid, June 26, 1994 — The Underground

In this teaching Spriggs speaks to the issue of disciplining a child with the rod. But what is most significant is an "underground" that had developed amongst the youth. Scores of them confess their rebellion and resistance to the authority in the group.

California, Beyond The Boundaries? Undated

This teaching speaks of Yoneq’s (Spriggs) insight that a boundary was transgressed (Acts 17:16) when Americans began to settle beyond the Mississippi. "The fruit of California (is)homosexuality, Christianity, and Hollywood..."

Raw Vegetables — Cook’s Meeting, April 2, 1990

A rather amazing teaching dealing with all manner of life and death issues like whether to eat vegetables raw or cooked; throwing out old, hard cheese; and the importance of juice.

Elders And Deacons, undated

Authority and absolute obedience are critical, much labored over, topics in the Twelve Tribes. Here, Spriggs defines authority in the Communities as explicitly delegated from God. To oppose or question authority in the Communities is to question God.

Cham, March 19, 1991 (Cham is the Communities identification of Noah’s son Ham whom they identify with the Black race)

"It is horrible that someone would rise up to abolish slavery. What a marvelous opportunity that blacks could be brought over here to be slaves..." Thus spoke Elbert Spriggs, "apostle" of the Twelve Tribes/Messianic Communities.

Unraveling The Races Of Man, November 22, 1988

"Before the civil rights, blacks would say, ‘Yes, boss man,’ in the South. Yes man, no man. This was respect in people...This is what Ham (blacks) should be like in the world — like black nannies — this is word of what they were to do." More statements by Elbert Spriggs on Black Americans and their place in American culture and history.

Ambassador, undated

The Bible is not sufficient to lead someone to God. They must have a "sent one" from the Twelve Tribes/Messianic Communities to proclaim the gospel to them. Also, there is no salvation outside the Messianic Communities.

First Day Teaching, April 23, 1989

In this teaching the emphasis is upon unity, a true unity that can only be found in the Twelve Tribes led by Elbert Spriggs. "Anything except perfect oneness in opinion and practice is diversity." This divisive spirit also, "caused them (Christians) to purposely distort the bibles (sic) according to their own belief."

Headcovering, undated

Headcovering for women is still mandatory within the Kingdom of God. How much of her hair should a woman cover? Well, "how she covers her hair tells what sort of heart she has...We will endure to the end if we receive this revelation on headcovering. We will shine as the stars forever and ever."

Lying, November 29, 1988

Spriggs states that there is a difference between bearing false witness and concealing a matter (not telling the truth). People outside the Messianic Communities can forfeit their right to know the truth because of their hostile attitude toward God. "Our definition of lying means the intentional deception of those who had a right to know...Are we obligated to tell the devil the truth? Do the courts have the right to know what you know?"

Morning Sacrifice, January 28, 1994

This is a disjointed teaching that draws upon many themes. "We should not speak unless it is the very utterance of God," otherwise "it is sin." Also, "we need to sing looking at one another with a good conscience."

Morning Sacrifice, January 30, 1994

The Holy Spirit is upon the Twelve Tribes/Messianic Communities. The first Church fell away in the 2nd century after the apostles died off. Now the true Church is restored to the earth in the Messianic Communities, and "how a person treats us determines their entrance into the everlasting nations (heaven)...We can reach out to these people we work around, seeing if they do things that disqualify them from the nations like spitting on the floor...Genesis 9 goes from murder to spitting on the sidewalk."

Seeking First His Kingdom/Washings/The Narrow Road, April 1, 1994

According to Matthew 10:37-38 "If anyone puts family (husband, wife, children) before Him, they are not worthy of the Kingdom." Thus, the member of Messianic Communities is admonished to "tell on your husband, tell on your brothers and sisters. That’s love." Also, if you watch television you are part of Satan’s kingdom. "If you are not here to build up the kingdom then go — leave!...We’ll even give you bus fare to leave."

The Personality Of God Within Us, August 25, 1994

This teaching really has nothing to do with the personality of God within us. Rather, it dwells upon craftiness, using Communities’ member Zechariah Martin as an example ("He has unscrupulous conduct — evil treachery, deceptive scheming, sly shrewdness)." Then it covers sexual immorality. "This is why people have fallen away and could not be restored no matter what they tried to do..." Then, whether Jesus’ true name is Yeshua or Yashua.

The Ten Commandments/Sowing Discord/Priesthood, April 8, 1994

In this teaching, not keeping the Sabbath results in a person going to the second death. It is also pointed out that "if your home doesn’t have a sexton (janitor) don’t go to work, just board up your windows and leave."

A Seed Preserved/Serene Confidence/Peacemakers, April 9, 1994

People are regenerated only when they are baptized in the Messianic Communities. And again, if they "break the Sabbath after coming to the knowledge of the truth it is high handed rebellion and a sin unto death!"

Observing The Sabbath, April 30, 1994

"This is a word to all true disciples. Our Father has revealed to me that we were to observe the Sabbath — the day He made, not Sunday." Thus spoke Yoneq, Elbert Eugene Spriggs, "apostle," of the Twelve Tribes.

Authority 1, September 18, 1990

This is a teaching on child rearing. Parents are completely and totally responsible for any rebellion in their child towards the Communities. Spriggs, himself, has one child who visited the Communities once and never returned.

Ransom, March 23, 1989

Not all people will be going to the Holy City (Heaven) or Hell. Some will go to the Nations, a third eternal destiny and "suburb" of the Holy City. Otherwise, there "would be no nations for the people in the Holy City to rule over; they would have nothing to do." There is also a very convoluted explanation of the first and second death. Also, "Hitler...deserves the second death. However, not as much as someone who rejects the gospel" (rejects Messianic Communities).

First Day Teaching, July 9, 1989

A detailed explanation of Yahshua’s return for the Twelve Tribes/Messianic Communities. The Kingdoms of the earth are going to arise to destroy the Twelve Tribes, Spriggs’ group..

The Greatest Commandment, September 1993

In this teaching the Communities member is taught that if they do not discipline their children they hate them. Also, "Rush Limbaugh is a fool...You’re in sin if you listen to him." It is also noted that some of the youth of the Twelve Tribes are rebellious — "There’s an underground in the youth...They’re flipping on the radio and listening to country music. They’re going to the second death."

The Fourteenth Generation, November 1, 1992

Here Spriggs determines that the children of the Messianic Communities will be the fourteenth generation of Matthew 1:17 — their "lives will be prolonged...a people who will not see death." Also, in "Psalm 102:8 a generation (last) that has yet to be born. That is US we are in the Bible."

More On The First And Second Death, November 19, 1989

"The things I want to speak to you about are things that have been misunderstood in the Bible for at least 1900 years." Thus, Spriggs seeks to restore a lost understanding of the final judgement; restore the true Church; restore headcovering; restore the true Sabbath.

Reasoning, November 18, 1990

This whole teaching can be summed up by this statement of Spriggs, "There can be two classes of believers. Those who live by reason and those who live by authority...Satan is the father of reason." It needs to be understood that living by authority is equated (by Spriggs) with absolute obedience to the "anointing/leadership" of Messianic Communities.

Breaking Of Bread, February 24, 1990

"We cannot tolerate one second of someone who would accuse the Body (Messianic Communities). So he is cut off — he has to leave. Never will he be here with us again until he repents. I do not believe he (a fellow named Luis Fernando) received the Holy Spirit or he would not accuse the way he did. There is no room for anyone who complains against anyone or thing in the Body." Thus begins this "gracious and loving" teaching of the "apostle."

Dear Elbert, undated letter to Elbert Eugene Spriggs

Spriggs receives a letter from a Communities member who is excited and positive by her chance meeting with some Orthodox Jews. However, Spriggs is not quite so excited: "No Jew living today outside Palestine has any true backbone nor do they have any right to speak about ‘God’ or ‘their nation’ or ‘the Twelve Tribes.’ This one Jew was a liar to say that ‘he too wanted to see the Twelve Tribes restored in the earth...’"

Defensiveness, undated letter to three brothers and friends from another brother

"My three dear brothers and friends. I am writing this to you by way of commission of our apostle...I know that all of you are filled with the life that Yoneq (Spriggs) has lavished on you. We are beginning to have this life revive our faint and weakened souls as his coming has been a most waited for and treasured event!" These opening lines communicate everything about a group that claims to have no leader.

Letter To Randy, February 7, 1984 by David Jones

This is a letter from David Jones to a fellow named Randy who apparently would not submit himself to the authority of the leaders of Messianic Communities. Thus, he demonstrated that he had never "received the Holy Spirit." He remarks, "We all remember your departure as being because you had doctrinal differences and disliked authority, most of which was directed at Elbert" (Spriggs).

Dysfunction II, July 17, 1993

This teaching has many noteworthy points: the gates of Hell have prevailed against the Church (contrary to the words of Christ), the Jesus of Christianity is a Baal Jesus, the Nations are saved through works salvation, "a subtle deprogrammer must be more crafty than all the other ‘beasts’ of the field," faith can come only by hearing from a "sent one" who has been sent out by the Twelve Tribes.

Letter to Arthur, undated from Marsha Spriggs

This letter from the "apostle’s" wife deals with a number of children. Apparently, they were becoming bossy, prideful and deceitful, expecting to be treated as adults. One of these children, a female, had elevated herself to a high position and thereby would never own up to wetting her bed. True repentance, "foolish children," false forgiveness, and corporate responsibility are all dealt with.

The Seriousness Of Being Cut-Off From Messiah, May 19, 1994

A fellow named Hobab has the misfortune of accidently sleeping in during a morning gathering ("early morning sacrifice") when Spriggs is present. That evening a teaching is given to bring Hobab to repentance for such a grievous offence. Spriggs tells Hobab, "If you had really wanted to do something about your withered condition, you would have been here this morning to expose it to let us know. But you didn’t come — you obstinately and deliberately stayed in bed — so you may as well have packed your bags and left Messiah."

Body MeetingAugust 26, 1990

Apostolic Workers’ Meeting — September 2, 1990

Body MeetingSeptember 2, 1990

This is a group of three "teachings" that are really verbatims of meetings that surrounded the tragic death of Mary Wiseman, former wife of Eddie Wiseman (Hakam), second in command of the Twelve Tribes/ Messianic Communities. Mary had died an untimely death and it had to be determined why God would allow such tragedy. It was determined that Mary had spoken out ten years earlier against the "apostle" and even though she had forgotten about it, God had not.

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