April 8, 1994 - Shabbat Eve

The Ten Commandments/Sowing Discord/Priesthood

The Ten Commandments -

Ex 31:13 - The Sabbath is the fourth commandment; to us the ten commandments are spiritual law - to the nations they are the natural law. They are the same natural law spoken of in Romans 2:14,15. These are the things people know about in their hearts: not to lie (bear false witness), not to commit adultery, not to steal. Now in the New Covenant this law is being written in our hearts. The fourth commandment to rest on the seventh day has all but been taken out of man's hearts. Men know they should rest and engage in some form of recreation, that they can't just work, work, work or else they will die, but the knowledge that they should rest on the seventh day is all but gone.

It is Israel which brings it back to the nations, "But as for you, speak to the sons of Israel, saying, 'You shall surely observe (keep) My Sabbaths; for this is a sign between Me and you throughout your generations, that you may know that I am the Sovereign who sanctifies you.'" This law is being written on our hearts to do it, Deut 4:13. Moshe received it on Mount Sinai, Exodus 34:28. (He didn't eat bread or drink water the whole time. Why should He? He was there with YHWH.) The ten commandments are the covenant.

Ex.31:13 - is spoken to those God has set apart as a special people, Israel, to accomplish His purpose. Those who don't keep it will be cut off because they are not Israel. "The Sabbath is holy to you, whoever profanes it shall be put to death, whoever works on it shall be cut off from His people …" vs. 14, 15 Those who break the Sabbath will go to the second death because they had the law and broke it Ex. 31:16,17 It doesn't mean Israel will stop keeping the Sabbath sometime, certainly not in the New Covenant. Matt. 21:43 The Sabbath is a sign forever of who God's people are (Ex. 31:17)

Ex. 31:18 - This testimony, this law, was written on tablets of stone by the finger of God but now, in the New Covenant, 2 Cor. 3:3 He writes it on our hearts. He, and understanding the spiritual word that we hear, writes it on our hearts in order that the whole world may know they are not Israel and will die for their sins. They have t know this so they can cry out for salvation.

If this fourth commandment, which has almost been extinguished from man's knowledge, is now being written on our hearts, how much more will the rest of the commandments be written on it? It is the Creator God who rested on the seventh day. If you are keeping the Sabbath it means you know the Creator God. The New Covenant is when these same laws in the Old Covenant are written in our hearts.

2 Cor 5:14 - The word of our God controls us. His love equals His law. We are not under the Law; we are under the grace of God in order that we could keep His law. Another word for law in the Scriptures is teaching. If we go around breaking God's law we are proving we are not His people. If we can keep His law by grace then we are going to be like Him, restored back to the image of God in Messiah (2 Cor. 4:4).

If anyone is not keeping the Sabbath, he is not in the New Covenant. The Creator God, His Son and Spirit are sanctifying us. (Sanctification - to make holy, the action of God's grace by which the affections of men are purified or alienated from sin and the world, and exalted to a supreme love of God.) All the sons of Jesse Goodman are one.


Sowing Discord -

Jer. 31:1 - is speaking of the New Covenant. It is families or tribes. These tribes or families don't sow discord or cause division. People who do such things are detestable to our God. No one belongs to God who is detestable (Prov. 6:16-19). If you talk to someone about someone else and they think less of that person because of what you told them, then by Titus 3:10,11 you are perverted, sinning, and self-condemned. You are worthless and of no account. Such people are cut off, silent, dear Ps. 115:17 If they do offer up praises they are faking it, pretending.

This is why we don't spread division with our words - because His law is in our heart. If we ever did such a detestable thing then the Holy Spirit within us would cause us to fall on our face. If we destroy, God will destroy us. It's a promise, 1 Cor. 3:16-18 Let's don't ever be around anyone who speaks about a brother, especially prophets. God Himself says, "Do no harm to my prophets." 1 Chron. 16:22 If we speak against a brother God will hand us right over to temptation and you sin a sin unto death.

We are not selfish - we love and we lay down our lives for one another. If not we are not a son of God - make no mistake about it. In that case the love of Messiah does not control us. 2 Cor. 5:14,15 God is not mocked Gal. 6:7 We are here to build up the Body. This is just as much His Body as when He walked around on the earth. Don't harm it by harming one another; we are extensions of Messiah. Never hurt anyone in word or deed.

He knows what His children are doing every moment of the day and night. Prov. 15:3 If we don't know this we are not children of God. A believer never complains or murmurs - if he is abiding. If we are not abiding we are in death and our garments are being stained more and more and more.


The Priesthood

Our houses are getting filthy. Every house has a sexton who is working all the time to fix it up and keep it clean. If your house doesn't have a sexton don't go to work, just board up your windows and leave. Don't fool yourself - you are not a part of the Body of Messiah if your house doesn't have a sexton. Just go to the First Baptist Church, it has sextons, called janitors.

If we are keeping the Sabbath we are sensitive to all His commandments. What would it be like where God lives? Would there be holes in the wall we cover up with tapestries? Yahshua would come along and rip them down, exposing our true condition. What would it be like where God lives? What would you find there? Love.

Loves is action. Don't say you love your brother if you are not encouraging him Heb. 3:13, 10:24, 12:15. That brother knows you love him. 1 Jn. 3:14,15 If we don't love as He loved Jn. 13:34-35 then we are not His. He is going to make a distinction in these days between those who serve Him and those who don't, between those who are His and those who aren't. Mal. 3:16-18 The world will see our wonderful children, our fruit.

If we are a priest - Heb. 13:15 tells you what your occupation is. We are learning to pick up our voices like a trumpet and to understand and communicate what the Scriptures say. Priests praise with a loud voice. Heb. 13:1 is what a priest and priestess do. If you have thanks, offer them up. You have lips that are too, praise His name. Make no mistake about it, this is what a priest does. If you are not a priest you can cry out to Him for salvation.

The world is under a death sentence. Our Father has sent a redeemer in the world to free us, ransom us from that death sentence. Someday the whole world will bow the knee (Phil. 2:10), but we already have. When we say 'Yadah' we are to lift our hands in the air and praise Him. Halleluyah is a command to praise Yah. A prophet will lead the people by crying out these commands. The Holy Spirit has come to bring praise not to Himself, but to Yahshua, and Yahshua gives it to the Father. We don't worship a self-serving God. So we are like Him and we give praise and recognition to our brothers and sisters. Yadah! Halleluyah!


A Word of Instruction

At the start of our gathering, Andrew Lamb read Ps. 34:1-8. Lo-Nekar then started the song from these verses. Except for the chorus ha-emeq sang the words ha-Shem where before we had sung Yahweh or Yahshua. We still sang His name in the chorus. Yoneq instructed us afterwards that the Jews say ha-Shem, the name, for fear of using His name in vain. To take His name in vain is an unforgivable sin. So, except where it is fitting and appropriate to Yahshua, ha-Mashiah or Yahweh, we will normally say ha-Shem.

Yoneq spoke after the gathering about how love is hospitality and it will be in our houses. We won't live in our rooms and not talk to each other, this leads to back-biting, and to our guests from the Community and the world. These things reveal the hearts where love dwells.

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