Tuesday morning, 17 November 1992, Londrina, Brasil


Unjust suffering; Pearls before swine

[Yitsak can't lift up his hands because he is mad at some of the brothers who corrected him last night, telling him not to go around the guests.]


A disciple has to learn to take rebuke and correction and not judge the way others speak to them. Entrust yourself into the hands of our Father and take it - even if you think you are being mistreated. You will probably find out later that you were wrong. Our Master was mistreated. Earthly slaves are mistreated. We need to be like our Master when we are mistreated (1 Pet 2:23). Read 1 Pet 2:18-25. "…for it is commendable if a man bears up under the pain of unjust suffering because he is conscious of God…But if you suffer for doing good, this is commendable, for thus you were called…" And then it tells why in 3:1, "In the same way, be submissive to whoever your authority is and win them over by doing what they are telling you to do."

Yitsak reacted wrong because he was disobedient to the Word. He needs to see he is wrong and repent from it. We have to maintain the unity - with all humility, gentleness, patience, and forebearance. We do this because we love one another. If we do not love one another we cannot do this. But the only way we can maintain the unity, the bond of peace, is through humility and gentleness. We endure pain of injustice for the sake of our Master - for the sake of unity. Things will get worked out later - if there is something wrong to be worked out. Prov 14:6 - A wise man fears YHWH and shuns evil, but a fool is hot-headed and reckless. If Yitsak can understand these words, there is hope for him.

Matt 7:6 - This is the word of our Master. He said, "Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do they will trample them under their feet and tear them to pieces." So we cannot give spiritual teaching to those who are not willing to do our Father's will. Teaching, spiritual advice, spiritual teaching - the gospel is only given in accordance to a person's spiritual capacity to take it in and their willingness to receive. They have to be in a place where they are receiving; they have to be like a sponge. If they are not, do not throw your pearls before them , for they are likened to a dog or a pig. Dogs and pigs are the most unclean and therefore the lowest of creatures. That is what all humanity is falling further to. That is what we used to be - in our fallenness. If you throw your pearls before them, they will trample them to pieces. That is what our Master said.

We were sheep. We were easily led. Our Master says, "I know My own and My own know Me … My sheep hear My voice. I know them, they follow Me." Let's be careful to not cast our pearls before swine. We have to learn to tell if people are like dogs and pigs.

Insinuation is an artful device that such people use to interject words and to confuse you, to mix you up. It is a satanic principle. The Pharisees did this. Satan always insinuates. The serpent insinuated, bringing the downfall of mankind through Eve.

Prov 6:12 - A person, the lowest kind of person on earth, is bent toward evil, headed for destruction. He is not just mistaken in his way but he is artful, he tries to bring confusion, he is a scoundrel and villian, a worthless, evil person, satanic, he goes about with a corrupt mouth to bring destruction. There is no remedy for this type of person. He is an insinuator. He plots evil with deceit in his heart (v.14) - That is intentional. And he always stirs up dissension and always sows discord. Therefore disaster will overtake him in an instant and he will suddenly be destroyed beyond remedy. There is no way to correct this man. So let's be careful that we don't try to save people who will not let you say three words. We cannot answer a fool according to his folly or we will be like him. Such people are here for a clever purpose and a clever design. Wait for people who are willing and want to hear. Wait for people like you. Let's be wise. Let's not waste our time with people like that. Their intention is to stir up trouble. The7y're driven by Satan and they are clever, artful, serpent-like, cunning and crafty. They have evil intentions. We did not have evil intentions when we came. We just came when we were drawn.


Yitsak feels bad that those brothers said not to go around the guests all the time. You have to submit to the graces. You have to have sense. I don't always go to talk to the guests. I'm not the best. I submit to the greater graces. We've got to be submissive to one another out of reverence for Messiah. If we have the Holy Spirit and are living by the spirit, we will do that. Yitsak may be just living by the flesh and we have to bring him back to the spirit.

[After more talking, we gave Yitsak an opportunity to repent but he didn't want to.]

If he doesn't understand anything - if he can't take in spiritual things, then he's just led around by his instincts, like an unreasoning animal (Jude 10). We have to be led by our spirit. We cannot say, "If I'm not treated right I don't want communion with you people."

[Yitsak wants to stay here like a guest. He doesn't want to leave. Yoneq told him we would be working like a slave.]

Without the grace of our Master, you are working like a slave. !!!



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