Judith K. Barba

Ms. Barba was born and raised in the Boston area. She graduated from the University of Massachusetts, Boston earning a B.A. in psychology and a certification in Elementary Education. Upon graduating she taught elementary school for twenty years in the Watertown, Massachusetts public school system. She later earned an M.Ed.in counseling from Cambridge College. During this time Ms. Barba was deeply involved in her commitment to the Lord. Through her involvement in a local church, she was able to serve Him over these years in many capacities.

Ms. Barba gave up her career in teaching to answer the Lord's call upon her life and, with four others, founded The New England Institute of Religious Research. As Associate-Director of the Institute, Ms.Barba meets regularly with members of a various religious and non-religious groups. She counsels those who have left destructive groups as well the families of those who are still involved. Her experience working with people in a multitude of capacities has only enhanced her ability to minister to those suffering from the effects of their involvement in abusive organizations.

As the Institute grows, by God's grace, Ms. Barba, along with its Director, Rev.Pardon, will also continue to inform and equip the local church regarding these abusive systems. They currently receive inquiries from around the world and speak in churches and at conferences across the United States.

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