Letter sent to Bob Pardon
from "Yoneq," Elbert Eugene Spriggs,
"apostle" of Messianic Communities/Twelve Tribes.


Sydney, Australia

April 26, `1996

Mr. Pardon:

First, I want to say to you that Proverbs 17:4 describes the character of persons deserving of the second death, and if you are guilty, Rev 21:8 is reserved for you, as well as Satan and his angels, and it would seem fitting to place you into the category of the ones in Rev 22:11, the unjust and the filthy who go to their eternal destiny. The righteous are awarded entry into the eternal nations (Rev 22:2 and 21:24), and the holy set-apart people of God enter into the Holy City, that is, those who have been made holy by the blood of Messiah (Rev 21:27). We see in the Amplified Bible that only the unjust and the filthy are not able to bring glory and honor into the Holy City, since they have no glory or honor and must remain outside as Rev 22:15 or Rev 21:8 says. The righteous will bring their glory and honor into it and the kings of the earth their splendor forever and ever (Rev 21:24, 26).

If you listen to a malicious tongue, you are a liar - and all liars go to the second death. I do not mean that if one has lied even many times - this is still not being a liar. Even many lies, since no one ever not lied except Yahshua, but this means one who makes his living by listening to spiteful tongues. An evil man has no part in the nations - all men have done evil, but that is not saying that he is evil as God reckons evil men. The lies he told did not do irreparable damage to a person's good name. This is the same as murder in God's sight (Lev 19:16; Rev 21:8). Taking a person's name and his life are the same to God in the final judgment (1 Tim 1:4, 10).

The liars in Rev 21:8 are the unjust in Rev 22:11 and people like you are the filthy who make their living by lying: defaming the character of Abraham's seed. You will even go beneath the blood of Messiah to bring up someone's past for your own profit. Your listening is with the dogs outside the city gates, where all worthless and useless things are thrown to be burned. Rev 19:2-3 - Read it. Read well. It is referring to you specifically and those like you. We are His servants - Yahweh's servants - and you are Satan's servant (2 Cor 11:15). That is, unless you can repent. That is, if you have not already done harm to God's servants in defaming their good character, trying your best to be the means of re-crucifying our Savior and hanging Him up to public shame and scandal.

Rev 22:15 speaks of those who prey on another's good name by lying about him and others believing it, even writing books. Rev 21:8 in the Greek (and the Amplified Bible) speaks of those who are ignoble and contemptible and unbelieving. Unbelieving (571) - not worthy of confidence, untrustworthy, unbeliever, one who disbelieves the gospel. They do not see that Messiah is credible, worthy of belief. 2 Cor 11:4, 15 presents a false Christ and a gospel by another spirit. The gospel is the power of God for salvation, but in the hands of a servant/minister of Satan it can be the power of Satan, a spirit deceiving the gullible to believe a lie (Jer 8:8), a false gospel.

All the liars are just waiting to hear from your evil lips. Know this, that whoever listens to you are only the wicked and the liars. This is necessary for judgment's sake (John 15: 18-22). Verse 22 is the basis of your advanced judgment (John 3:18-19; 17:18; 12:44-49). Today he speaks through His representatives who are on earth (John 13:20, etc.).

To us, you seem to have a depraved mind, even in delirium in your understanding concerning a tree bearing fruit. You have certainly been led astray by listening to those who have made themselves into enemies of God (James 4:4 and Pr 17:4). If we are the seed of Abraham, what then will be your judgment? Since Mt 10:41 cannot be attributed to you, nor verse 42, that leaves no other judgment (or alternative) except the lake of fire, since by listening to wicked lips or paying attention to malicious lips, this means you are like them.

Gal 1:6-8 - According to "us" there are 1 billion, 500 million deceived people on the earth today, thinking that they will go to heaven when they die - or at least have hope which is false hope, a great disappointment. We do not hate Christians. Rev 18:4 says that many belong to Him who must come out of her before verse 8 comes about, because Rev 19:2-3 is waiting for all of them who do not come out when the voice from heaven commands God's people to come out of her. Rev 18:8 is how they all die and Rev 19:3 is her doom for eternity. This is because of Rev. 18:23 - the whole world was deceived by her sorcery (false gospel) by another spirit (2 Cor 11:4). 2 Cor 11:3 is how the First Church was deceived - as the first Eve - and fell. The second Eve (the early church) also fell by the same kind of deception. Christianity began after the lampstand was removed from every place or locality and replaced by her. They were deceived into believing a false spirit, gospel (2 Cor 11:15; Rev 2:15; Heb 3:6).

God hates the clergy-laity system -- liturgical, prescribed worship. Heb 3:6 means that the outspokenness of the people was suppressed by the Bishop who conquered, and he became the main spokesman, the priest or preacher. Heb 3:6 speaks of confidence of the hope (#3954 in Strong's), the boldness of speech (as 1 Cor 14:25-26), the freedom to speak publicly in the assembly, unhesitating with frankness, speaking freely, saying all that one thinks, all that he is given utterance (1 Pet 4:11). Outspokenness -when the First Church lost this, they lost not only their freedom to speak, but their lampstand as well (Rev 2:1,4). The House fell (Heb 3:6). No longer was this church the Body of Messiah but it became Rev 18:2 -Christianity (from 100 to 300 AD the church changed beyond recognition).

It is no longer possible to obey Heb 3:6 or 13 because the church became a meeting instead of a community. Acts 2:44-45-All believers cannot be any other way, nor can the church. Heb 3:6 speaks of hope - their security that they were that house in all honesty, sincerity, boldness and confidence.

Bob, Paul said Alexander the coppersmith did me great harm or wrong. Yahshua will pay him back for his actions (2 Tim 4:14), since he opposed Paul very strongly and exceedingly. So, Bob, in John 3:18 those who have witnessed the light but loved darkness instead have been judged already. Verse 19 says because their deeds were evil, and Rev 20:12 says judgment was to determine this very thing - to see whether there would be those whose deeds were good and if so they would not be taken out of the book of life or proscribed for entry into the eternal nations.

So after the judgment, if anyone's name is not still found in the book of life, he is cast into the lake of fire, the second death, and if his name is found he is given a second life in the nations. Remember Heb 9:27 and Gen 2:9,17. The first death-to die once-is not a second death. The second death is only determined after one rises from the first death and goes to the White Throne judgment to determine whether he lived according to his conscience, the knowledge of good and evil (Rom 2:6). He would then have a second life, but if not, that is if he lived outside the boundaries of the instructions of Gen 3:16-19, he would be judged worthy of a second death which is ETERNAL - forever and ever.

Why would God go to the bother to give him a way to live out his life and live by His orders, as Gen 9:17, only to cast everyone into the Lake of Fire regardless? There are boundaries to Gen 3:16-19 and 9:1-7; sins committed within the boundaries could be atoned for by one's own death. The wages of sin is death. But if one went or lived outside the boundaries of Gen 3:16-19, then one would be not be able to pay for those kind of sins as Rom 1:26-32 speaks of by one's own death.

Yahshua paid for our sins, and by Eph 1:13 we are sealed with His Spirit and our names are already recorded in the Lamb's Book of Life. Our names are not in the book of life of Rev 20:15 now, but have been transferred to the Lamb's book of life as Col 1:13 speaks of. We do not even have to die or even see or taste death for our sins (John 8:51); we now know that we have passed out of eternal death and into eternal life (Eph 1:13-14; John 5:24-25; 1 John 3:14,16,23; Rom 5:5; 1 John 2:4,15; 3:17).

So, Bob, where will your name be found? Which book? And if it is not in the book of life, and has not been transferred to the Lamb's book of life either (for you are not our brother, for this we also know), then you will be cast into the lake of fire which is the second death, where Satan and his angels will be (Rev 20:10; Mt 25:41), since there will be no need to judge you, for in your case, given what you have seen and heard, you are judged already (John 3:18-19). You will (more than likely) be cast into the lake of fire at the end of your life and go right on to the second death as the beast and the false prophet are cast at the end of this age, since there was no need for their deeds to be judged either (Rev 19:20).

Satan is bound for the next age, 1,000 years, and then before the eternal age he is cast into the lake of fire where you already are with all others who have been judged in advance. When you confront a righteous disciple like David Jones (Yonah), you are judged and condemned if you do not receive him as a sent one (Mt 10:41; John 7:18), who is not seeking his own glory but the glory of the one who sent him.

John 7:17 - If you were willing to do God's will you would have been granted grace to know that Yonah was from God (1 John 4:5-6). But since you reject him and others also, you judge yourself unworthy of eternal life (Acts 13:46-47). If this is the case, there is no need for you to go to the second resurrection judgment after you die (Heb 9:27), since you are already judged (John 3:18).

Your name may be already taken out of the "Book of Life" since you may have already been judged, if God counted it as rejecting Him, unless He sees your heart and you can repent, but I don't know this yet - only God does. Only if you are willing to do the will of Him who sent Yahshua can you even be saved or chosen. Yahshua said, "as the Father has sent me, so I send you" (John 17:18; 12:36-50; 13:20; Rom 10:14-17; Luke 10:16; Mt 10:40-42; John 3:17-20).

So, regardless of whether you are committing adultery you can be forgiven for it, if you repent. You may lose your wife and children, job, home, possessions, but this is the price you pay to be a disciple (Mt 10:34-38, Mark 10:29-30). The sins you are guilty of are among those recorded in 1Tim 1:9-10 - even kidnapping you could someday be guilty of, which is listed along with other sins you are already guilty of, since your sins have not been forgiven.

Therefore, you must answer for all of them - by the judgment you may have already incurred by your rejection of David Jones, a prophet. So, we beg you, repent and be baptized for the forgiveness of your sins in the name of Yahshua ha Mashiyach and you too will be given the gift of the Holy Spirit and come to be devoted to (Acts 2:42, the starting point of your discipleship):

  1. the apostle's teaching
  2. koinonia
  3. breaking of bread
  4. the morning and evening sacrifices - prayer (1 Tim 2:1-8 and Rom 12:1,2)

and be a true believer in the place where he dwells (John 12:25-26; Acts 2:44-45), where the believers are together and share everything in common. For we have judged you as an unbeliever in the true son of God - Yahshua. So all the sins that are accumulated upon you makes us see you as now in 1 Cor 5:9-13. That you are not part of the commonwealth of Israel (Eph 2:12). So you are without hope, without God, and in the world, which is under judgment, unless you can come out of it, and come out of her (Rev 18:4) also.

Col 3:6 applies to you since you cannot obey Col 3:5. Eph 2:2 - Shall I say more?

In Messiah's love,

(a felled tree sprouting)


The way we know that your deeds are evil already is because you reject the light (John 3:19), and by Pr 17:4 which says an evil doer gives heed to wicked lips. We know that you are giving heed to wicked lips; we know that you are a liar because you listen to a spiteful tongue. The NKJV uses spiteful because a spiteful tongue is destructive, due to the grudges it holds, which come out in malignity, rancor, and defiance of or in contrast to the testimonies of those who eat His body and drink His blood, as John 6:53,56,66 says.

So those who leave, and speak against Messiah, have malevolence, hatred, etc., even venom. Wouldn't you if you had spent most of your youthful years in the community, only to be accursed because you did not love Messiah after all, 1 Cor 16:22? They loved the world (1 John 2:4,15; Rom 5:5; James 4:4; 1 John 2:19). These people who leave did not endure to the end (Mt 24:13). So, as a result of not abiding in Him - people are just not supposed to continue in His community - as John 6:53 very clearly states in our Master's own words. Verse 66 - Would not you withdraw also, of course?

1 John 2:19 speaks of those who leave the community and were in most cases not part of us, and in other cases are people who were sent away for committing sins unto death, which were public, while others leave also whose sin was not discovered. It is just as Mt 18:7 says. Sometimes our Father must turn us over to be tempted to expose our indifference, for discipline. This is why we pray so earnestly according to Mt 6:13, or the evil that comes upon us may be like Lam 1:14 says - He delivers those in the community over into the hands of those they are unable to resist or withstand as He did in many cases with those whose testimony you trust. God is purging His Body now as he always does and always will, just as John 15:1-6 promises. Of course we know that God is not tempted and He tempts no one and every one in the Edah knows that, for we know it is in His word and we know His character, but we also know His ways (Heb 3:10, Deut 8:2,3).

But you deliberately make me into a fool, and this is why you will fall in the pit you dig for me (Pr 28:10)! You misconstrue, misinterpret, misapply everything you can in order to sell a book, seeking your own glory. This is why you are a pervert and could be very soon a reprobate (Ps 15:4) - one who is despised in the eyes of God and His people who love Him.

We know that you listen to reprobates who have never receive the Holy Spirit. Ps 15 is a good psalm. But you do not have the power to read it right. If you could, you would listen to these kind of in Ps 15:2-4 who will be worthy of the Kingdom and the glory of Messiah (Rev 3:4). You can find the truth if you are seeking the truth, but if you are a liar, you want to listen to malicious tongues, wicked lips. You are an evil man and take your nature after your father, the Slanderer (John 8:44). You want to do his will; you want to carry out his will (John 8:47), but you think you are doing God a service (John 16:2). We know that you are deceived. You offer freedom to others while you yourself are a slave to sins you think only you know about.

You do not see what the Kingdom of Heaven is like. You do not understand the good news, nor the epistles, because 1 John 2:4 pronounces judgment upon you - that you are a liar and the truth is not in you. Nehemiah 6 is how we treat such evil workers as Sanballat. Sanballat was no threat to Nehemiah, for Sanballat was no peer to him -- Nehemiah 4. Ridicule's power is based on peer pressure. Sanballat had nothing to do with (no part or portion in) the commission Nehemiah was given to build the wall. So, Nehemiah was immune to Satan's ridicule. Satan is no peer to God. (Rev 12:11).

In 1 Cor 16:22, the Amplified Version reads, "if anyone does not love the Lord - does not have a friendly affection for Him and is not kindly disposed towards Him - he shall be accursed, maranatha." This means come now and cut them off, as Rev 3:3 says very clearly. Of course this was not speaking of His second coming but His turning them over to temptation to be accursed. Maranatha is used in this negative sense only in 1 Cor 16:22. Paul was not writing here for Messiah to return to earth before he had a bride as Rev 19:7,9 says. The condition of the Church in Corinth, contrary to the bride described in Rev 19, was the roots of Christianity (2 Cor 12:20-21; also in Galatia, Gal 5:19-21).

So, Bob, your standing in front of these men (Yonah, Qatan, Racham, Yoceph, Zerubabbel, and Hakam) has the same consequences as standing in front of the Son of God to be judged, as Rev. 20:21 speaks of. As Paul even said, the world will be judged by the elect disciples of Messiah (1 Cor 6:2-3). You stand in front of them and accuse and judge, and you are judged by your own words, and condemned (John 3:18). Satan will not be able to accuse God at the second resurrection judgment for he will be cast into the lake of fire forever and ever beforehand (Rev 20:10).

To meet with Messiah's representatives, His ambassadors, is of the same import as meeting with Him (Mt 28:18-20 - delegated). Why didn't you know this? God has all but sentenced you to the same place reserved for the accuser of the brethren (Mt 25:41; and according to 2 Cor 11:15, this will correspond to their deeds). Rev 21:27 leaves you outside because of the deeds you are presently engaged in, unless you admit and confess it publicly.

If it is possible for you to repent after this, please do not hesitate to make it public, not only to the Body of Messiah, but to those you have already corrupted by your slander (Neh 6:13,14).

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